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Featured Dog Activities   [ Top ]

Introducing Cani-Cross - a new dog sport from the UK for anyone who already runs with their dog or plans to. Learn about the basic equipment and the rules for competition.

Activities - Add a Web Site [ Top ]

Add a Dog Activity Site - to WorkingDogWeb Dog Links Directory
Add Dog Activities Sites
- to Open Directory - click Add URL
Add a Dog Event Listing  - for free at

Check Dog Activities Web Sites - at Open Directory

Exercise Opportunities [ Top ]

Camping with Your Dog - a handy guide
Dog Packing Guide - backpacking and hiking with your dog - find a dog park in the USA or Canada
Dog Parks - how to set up one in your community
Dogs Runs & Dog Parks - how can you create one in your town? 
Dog Walk Events - listing by state - working to give dogs room to exercise
Fun at the Dog Park - lots of ideas for you and your dog new3.gif (284 bytes)

Hiking & Camping with Your Dog - lots of tips
In-line Skating with Your Dog - find a dog park near you

Athletic Competition [ Top ]


Canine Activities - big list of activities and sports,with links to information on each one, from the Dogpatch
Canine Events Calendar - FIVESITE
- big listing and opportunity to add your own events, from
Dog Competition Schedules - for agility, conformation, obedience, schutzhund, skyhoundz, from Dog World Magazine
- having fun with your dog, agility to weightpull
Dog Scouts Activities - and links to more activities
Fun Activities with Your Dog - both informal activities and organized sports for dogs, with basic details new3.gif (284 bytes)
Fun & Games with Dogs
and Dog Sports & Activities - lists of ideas
to get you started doing things with your dog
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Getting Started in Performance Activities
- with your dog
Webrings for Dog Sports and Activities

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Beyond Fetch


ExcellingAtDogAgility.jpg (5814 bytes)
Excelling at Dog
Agility: Book 1:
Obstacle Training

AgilityExcelling2.jpg (5659 bytes)
Excelling at Dog
Agility - Book 2:

Sequence Training

AgilityExcelling3.jpg (5664 bytes)
Excelling at Dog Agility: Book 3: Advanced
Skills Training


HavingFunWithAgility.jpg (6952 bytes)
Having Fun

with Agility


AgilityTraining.jpg (6875 bytes)
Agility Training:

The Fun Sport
for All Dogs


[ Top ]

Agility - an introduction to the sport
- a newer dog sport, and Agility in Finland
- an introduction to this sport and to training styles in both Britain and America
Agility - an exciting and competitive sport for dogs and handlers
Agility as a Fun Sport
- from Australia
Agility Competition - your first show
Agility is Fun - introduction and training guide online

DogAgility.jpg (7259 bytes)
Dog Agility

Agility - A Dog Sport Guide - a wealth of online resources from new3.gif (284 bytes)
Archive of Agility & Obedience Articles

Dog Agility - overview of the fastest growing sport in North America and why dog owners should get involved  
Dog Agility Page - plus Agility FAQs -
FIVESITE all from
the Dogpatch

Dog Agility Pioneer
- with photos
- mixing elements of agility and fly ball
Iron Dogs
- high-performance dogs in agility and more
Sport of Agility - from the AKC

DogDriver.jpg (4279 bytes)
Dog Driver: A

Guide for the
Serious Musher

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Born to Pull

TheIditarod.jpg (7327 bytes)
The Iditarod
(Alaska Geographic


YukonAlone.gif (10076 bytes)

SkiSpotRun.jpg (6473 bytes)
Ski Spot Run: The

Enchanting World of
Skijoring & Related
Dog-Powered Sports

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21Days.gif (7210 bytes)
21 Days to a

Trained Dog


Carting, Skijoring, Weight Pulling 
[ Top ]

Carting & Skijoring & Weight-Pull new3.gif (284 bytes)
Carting with Your Dog
- information, resources
Drafting & Carting & Skijoring - hard-working dogs
Draft Test for Newfoundlands - six exercises
Draft Tests
- to demonstrate Newfie working ability
Draft Title from GSMDCA - testing the working ability of the
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Drafting Work with Newfoundlands - an owner's experience
Pac'N'Pull Photo Gallery
- Alaskan Malamutes in action in Canada

- dog mushing with a twist, using scooter not sled!
- from Sled Dog Central
- alternative to sledding, both the basic sport & skijor racing,
and more on
- popular winter dog sport
Skijoring - cross-country skiing with a privileged dog

Skijoring & Pulk Sledding - basics on getting started new3.gif (284 bytes)
Skijoring Resources - check out the training tips and photos new3.gif (284 bytes)

Weight Pulling
- an American Pit Bull in action
Weight Pulling Events
- links provided by ABSA
Weight Pulling FAQ - questions and answers
Weight Pull Rules
Weight Pull Training
- from Alaska Saint Bernards

Flyball, Frisbee  [ Top ]

Dog & Frisbee Sport - with animations
- with links
Flyball FAQs

Flyball Sport - origins, articles, links
Flying Disc Dog FAQs
and Flying Disc Dog Photos
Frisbee Page
- from the DogPatch
Frisbee Dogs in Action - FIVESITE with photo gallery

FrisbeeDogs.jpg (4924 bytes)
Frisbee Dogs:
How to Raise,
Train and Compete


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GuardDogTraining.jpg (7006 bytes)
Koehler Method of

Guard Dog Training

Schutzhund2.jpg (6254 bytes)
Schutzhund: Theory
& Training Methods


TopWorkingDogs.jpg (4353 bytes)
Top WorkingDogs:
A Training Manual

K9-SchutzhundTraining.jpg (4589 bytes)
K9 Schutzhund
Training: A Manual
for Tracking,
Obedience and


French Ring, Schutzhund, Protection Sports
[ Top ]

French Ring Sport - a protection dog sport and details on the
sport's scoring to earn a brevet

History of Schutzhund & Ring Sport
- the working dog trials that developed in Germany, Holland and Belgium new3.gif (284 bytes)
Schutzhund - obedience, protection and tracking
Schutzhund Articles - scroll down for articles, links, more on this
international sport

Schutzhund Articles & Winners
Schutzhund FAQ
- training, titles and more
Schutzhund Resources
- from USCA
Schutzhund Ring - introduction to "a real sport for real dogs"

Schutzhund Overview
plus Schutzhund Tracking - Levels 1, 2 and 3,
Schutzhund Obedience and Schutzhund Protection new3.gif (284 bytes)

greyhound-bk.gif (9826 bytes)
The Greyhound

Whippets.gif (15406 bytes)

Lure Coursing, Racing, Road Dog Trials  [ Top ]

Afgan Hound Racing
Greyhound Racing
- NGA schedule
Greyhound Racing
- a look at the sport by Harper's magazine
Greyhound Racing - history and status from Pitch magazine 
Greyhound Racing in Australia
Greyhound Racing in Ireland
Jack Russell Terrier Racing Competition

Lure Coursing - a newcomer's view and
Lure Coursing - a sport dogs love to play, from Australia
Lure Coursing
- how to get started

Lure Coursing Links from Dogpatch
Lure Coursing Sport
- from American Sighthound Field Association
Lure Coursing with Sighthounds
- helpful article
Pharaoh Hound Sports
- agility, lure coursing, tracking
Road Dog Trials
- for Dalmatians

Ready!SAR.jpg (6424 bytes)

Search & Rescue  [ Top ]

American Rescue Dogs - from ARDA
K9 SAR Training
- training articles
Tribute to SAR Dogs at Work - at Ground Zero in New York and
in Washington, D.C.
, after 9-11-2001, from WorkingDogWeb
- search and rescue dog resources

SAR Dog FAQ - in-depth info on dog, team and trainer requirements, training, finding a team, more
- K9 search and rescue information
UK Search & Rescue Dogs - air scenting search dogs
USA SAR Dogs Links
Water Tests for Newfoundlands

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Alaska Dog

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Click link to order Iditarod: Great Race to Nome
Iditarod:  Great

Race to Nome

FatherIditarod.gif (10106 bytes)
Father of
the Iditarod


SiberianHuskyMJ.gif (12967 bytes)
The Siberian Husky

or browse
Sled Dog Books


I-Dreams.gif (7053 bytes)
Iditarod Dreams


Iditarod-LGR.gif (5091 bytes)
The Last Great Race:
The Iditarod

or shop at our
SledDog Books


logo-Iditarod.gif (2414 bytes)
Iditarod Trail
Sled Dog Race


Sled Dog Racing 
[ Top ]

Overview of the Sport:
About Sled Dogs & Sled Dog Racing - from Stephen R. Lee
star-red.gif (874 bytes) All about Sled Dogs & Racing - in-depth guide to the sport, dogs and mushers, from

Conditioning, Training for Racing - with Samoyeds
- all the breeds & activities
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Heritage North Press - sled dog books, newsletters
Mushing Links
- from the North Star Sled Dog Club

Mushing Magazine Archives
- with sample online articles
Sled Dog Care & Kennel Standards
- essentials from
Mush with P.R.I.D.E.

Sled Dog and Sled Dog Racing FAQ
- great for beginners

Sled Dog Central -
FIVESITE mushers, dogs, races and schedules, equipment, interviews, kennel tips, more
- a British site
Sled Dog Racing Introduction
- sport overview from ISDRA, plus
a look at what makes sled dogs run
Teaching with musher Gary Paulsen's books

Worldwide Sled Dog Clubs & Races
- from Mushing Magazine
Worldwide Sled Dog Races
- plus links to races worldwide from
Sled Dog Central

Worldwide Sled Dog Racing
- extensive links
Worldwide Sled Dog Racing Results
- from BMA

Iditarod, the Last Great Race:     [ Top ]
Iditarod Guide at WorkingDogWeb
- in-depth links FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE 
-- official race site, and a look at the story of the
1,000-mile Iditarod trail plus a route map of the famous race
Iditarod 411
- with daily updates on the from Iditarod and related aspects of distance mushing
Iditarod & More
-- supersite for The Last Great Race and coverage of other races, with audio and video
Iditarod Siberian Huskies
- the famous racing Siberian Huskies at the Norris kennel in Willow, Alaska
Iditarod Trail Race History - with many lively articles plus a full listing of Iditarod Champions 1973-2004 & Jr Iditarod Winners 1978-2004
Iditarod 1998 Photoessay featuring racing Siberians
-- from
The Racing Siberian Husky Online

Iditarod 1997 - 25th Race -
FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE big series of stories about the Iditarod, its mushers and dogs at this key milestone
Teaching about Alaska & Iditarod
  - lesson plans, pictures, links

Sleddog-WDW.gif (6658 bytes)
Discover Sleddogs at WorkingDogWeb

Explore WorkingDogWeb | Browse BookShelf | Try Heritage North Press

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IditarodMemories.jpg (7052 bytes)
star-red.gif (874 bytes)  New Book star-red.gif (874 bytes)
Iditarod Memories


TrainYourSiberianHusky.jpg (5887 bytes)
How to Train

Your Siberian Husky


Winterdance.gif (5119 bytes)


More Mid- and Long-distance Racing, Adventures  [ Top ]
Alpentrail - stage race in Austria
Attaboy 300 - in Oregon
Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon - in Minnesota

Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Mail Run
- in British Columbia
International Rocky Mountain Stage Stop
- in Wyoming
Junior Iditarod Official Site - in Alaska
Kuskokwin 300
-- from Bethel to Aniak, Alaska, and back
Making of a Sled Dog
- Iditarod & distance racers
Marmora Snofest Races - in Ontario, Canada

Mid-Minnesota 150
Norman Vaughn's Serum Run - commemorating the famous 1925 run
to bring serum to Nome
Pirena - stage race in Spain, France, Andorra

Race to the Sky
- great Montana sled dog tradition, and kids' look at the 350-mile race
Seeley Lake 100 Sled Dog Race 1997
- a survival challenge
UP200 & Midnight Run
--in upper Michigan
Yukon Quest
- FIVESITE - as reported in detail by the
Daily News-Miner, Fairbanks
[scroll down to link on left]

Yukon Quest International Sleddog Race - official race site, and
more about
Yukon Quest history

WorkingDogWeb | BookShelf | Heritage North Press

Sprint Racing, Other [ Top ]
Alaskan Sled Dog Racing - from ASDRA
Anchorage Fur Rendezvous
- official site
British Sled Dog Racing Events
-- from ABSA
Midwest USA Race Schedule
- from the North Star Sled Dog Club
Nome Kennel Club Races - original sled dog racing club
North American Open Sprint Dog Races
- in Fairbanks, Alaska,
Paul Bunyan Sled Dog Races
- in Minnesota
Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club
- schedule of races
Priest Lake Race/Idaho - Inland Empire Sled Dog Racing Association
Sled Dog Racing Results
- from around the world
Sled Dog Race Schedules & Results
- on a detailed site for mushers,
including Sled Dog FAQ and Siberian Husky FAQ

Worldwide Sled Dog Clubs & Races
- from Mushing Magazine
Worldwide Sled Dog Races
- plus links to races worldwide from
Sled Dog Central

PS-bnr8.GIF (10449 bytes)

ClickerTraining.gif (9725 bytes)
Clicker Training

For Obedience

DogLogicObedience.jpg (5766 bytes)
Dog Logic:

Companion Obedience

AdvancedObedience.jpg (6901 bytes)

Advanced Obedience:
Easier Than You Think

CompetitiveObedience.jpg (7183 bytes)
Competitive Obedience
for Winners

ExpertObedienceTraining-Dogs.jpg (6670 bytes)
Expert Obedience

Training for Dogs,
Fourth Edition


Click link to order Switching Sides
Switching Sides:

Making the
Transition from
Obedience to Agility


Obedience Competition, Trials  [ Top ]

Obedience Training - How & Why - from Gwen Bohnenkamp
Obedience for Specific Breeds

AbsoluteBeginDogShow.jpg (8333 bytes)
The Absolute
Beginner's Guide to
Showing Your Dog

WinningEdgeShowing.jpg (6291 bytes)
The Winning Edge:
Show Ring Secrets


DogShowing.jpg (6594 bytes)
Dog Showing:
An Owner's Guide

ShowMe.jpg (9400 bytes)

Show Me!  A Dog
Showing Primer

DualRingDog.gif (11253 bytes)
Dual Ring Dog /
Successful Training
for Both Conformation
and Obedience


FieldTrialsJudging.jpg (5615 bytes)
Field Trials
and Judging


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Dog Videos

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pointers.gif (13081 bytes)


DogsJobs.jpg (5210 bytes)
Dogs with Jobs


TherapyDog.jpg (4432 bytes)
Working as a
Therapy Dog


DogsPoliceService.jpg (4514 bytes)
Dogs for Police

and Training


ani-bulldog.gif (2091 bytes)
at Comic
Canine Cartoons


Conformation Competition, Shows  [ Top ]

Actual Dog Show - what dog shows are all about
Beginners' Guide to Dog Shows - from the AKC
Dogs 'n' Shows - in Australia
Let's Go to a Dog Show - article with links to more resources, and an article about Showing your dog
Practical Advice to Entering Your First Show
new3.gif (284 bytes)
- with resources for breeders, exhibitors and judges
Showing in Conformation
- a beginner's guide & FAQ
The Virtual Dog Show
- an online judging
What Goes on at a Dog Show? - and why are dogs running in circles?

Working Competition, Field Trials  [ Top ]

American Hunting Dog Club Hunting Tests - including an overview plus
Hunting Instincts Test
[use left menu]
Apprentice Hunting Dog Test [use left menu]
Trained Hunting Dog Test   [use left menu]
Master Hunting Dog Test
  [use left menu]
Airedale Hunting & Working Competition

AKC & & CKC NAHRA Field Trials and Hunting Tests - all breeds,
from Working Retriever Central

Cow Dog Trials
- new Western sport, from CowDogCentral
Dog Field Trials new3.gif (284 bytes)
Earthdog Trials
- competitive event for dachshunds, terriers
Herding Trials - from Herding on the Web
Hunting Trials
- many links, from Dr. P
Iron Dog Challenge
- for working K-9 dogs
Jack Russell Terrier Events
- trial events, working certificates
K9 Competitions - from Western States Police Canine Association new3.gif (284 bytes)
Labrador Retriever Working Certificate Requirements
National Police Dog Field Trials - trial events illustrated
Sporting Dog Trials
- a Springer Spaniel trial, styled after
traditional pheasant hunts

Stock Dogs in Action
Tracking Page
- sport overview, links
Tracking Trials - in Finland, with competition in forests
Tracking & Other Performance Events - with Basset hounds
UKC Performance Events - 10,000 annually
Versatile Hunting Dog Tests - from NAVHDA
Working Dogs as Family Pets

Working Trials for Dogs in England and in the United States
Working Dog Program
- for Alaskan Malamutes, including team dog, lead dog and weight-pulling dog
Working Programs for Siberian Huskies: Sled Dog Degree Program and
the Working Pack Dog Program

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The Work Dogs Do  [ Top ]

Assistance Dogs - extensive links from Dr. P
Assistance & Service Dogs - extensive links
Avalanche Rescue Dogs and more about Avalanche Dogs
Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Work and Sport by Category
- many links
Disaster Search Dogs
- in times of earthquake, tornado,more
Dogs for the Disabled - in the UK
Dogs with Jobs
- meet working dogs, the working breeds
Dogs that Work - features career dogs
Dog's Work - many different jobs and sports for canines new3.gif (284 bytes)

Finding Pipeline Breaks
- Of Biosensors and Buddy's Nose
Herding Dog Resources
- from Herders-L 
Herding Dogs - from Herding on the Web
Herding Sheep
- the natural instinct of herding dog pup, and
a look at German Shepherds in Herding, with many resources

Herding with Shetland Sheepdogs or with Border Collies including the story, Nop's Trials
Herding Page
- from the DogPatch
Hunting with Hounds
Hunting with Retrievers - from Working Retrievers Central
K9s in the Classroom - teaching safety and K9 careers
Livestock Guardian Dogs
- what's their job? and Livestock Guardian Dogs
Military Working Dogs
Police Dog Service - in Canada
Police Working Dogs - dogs honored for valor

Police & Search Dogs - working Malinois
Protection Dogs not attack or guard dogs
- with diagram
Search and Rescue Dogs - honoring their contributions in the aftermath of 9/11/2001
and Search & Rescue Dogs and Water Rescue Work
Service Dogs
- basic information on canines assisting people with disabilities, plus official U.S. Service Animal Information new3.gif (284 bytes)
Service Dogs FAQ
- in-depth resource
Sheepdogs to gundogs to rescue dogs
- from Here Boy, a British
site with information from many working dog clubs

Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing - a guide from WorkingDogWeb
Sled-Dogs in Teams
- Arctic origins of mushing
Sled Dog Racing
- history, training
Therapy Dogs
- a primer
War Dogs - America's forgotten heroes
War Dog Program - U.S. Army's K-9 Corps
Working like a Dog - a look at dog activities today

Working Dogs FAQs - from Cindy Tittle Moore
Yahoo's Overview of Working Dogs

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