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Editors Rick & Barb Petura

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The Siberian Husky:
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We founded Heritage North Racing Siberians in Northern Idaho, USA, in 1972 with Siberian Huskies from old Seppala, Gatineau, Bow Lake and Martha Lake stock. Over the years, we obtained, bred and raced dogs from all of the racing Siberian strains including Anadyr, New England and pure Seppala -- and wrote about them as well.

Rick raced first in limited class sprint throughout the Northwest including Idaho, Washington, Montana and Oregon, then switched to open class and finally mid- and distance racing.                                [ Click to continue ]

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Racing Siberian Huskies

Over the years, Rick competed successfully in mid- and long-distance races in Montana, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and western Canada, including the 300+ mile Montana Governor’s Cup.

In 1972, Rick and Barb traveled from Idaho to New England and back, visiting Siberian Husky kennels and meeting Doc Lombard, Short Seeley, Lorna Demidoff, Lloyd and Winnie Slocum, Roland Bowles and many more breeders and racers. We learned much about race and show Siberians.

The trip launched Barb's long-term research for a book on Siberian Husky history, including the dog's ancient origins among the Chukchi people of northeast Siberia. Work continues on the nearly completed volume.

Great Race to Nome


Heritage North Press Founded     [ Top ]

In 1983, we founded Heritage North Press with the  publication of  Cross-Strain Breeding of Racing Siberians, a small book Barbara wrote on the breed's founding strains, its derivative racing strains and cross-strain breeding for hybrid vigor. The book defines the Anadyr, New England and Seppala racing strains and discusses the value of genetic diversity to canine health.

The next year we launched The Racing Siberian Husky newsletter, which was read around the world for 15 years. HNP has also published other books including the HNP best seller, The Seppala Siberian by Douglas W. Willett, and Untold Tales: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Breeding Racing Siberians by Rick Petura, RSH Racing Editor. For details on the HNP books and back issues of RSH, please check here. While Heritage North Press has been closed for many years and its publications no longer for sale, they are available for research purposes.

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Rick’s professional background is in electrical and mechanical engineering, and he holds engineering bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  He reads widely in the biological sciences including genetics, anatomy, sports medicine and physiology, and attends university seminars in these fields. 

BarbaraPetura.gif (1821 bytes) Barb holds a bachelor's degree in English magna cum laude from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, with emphases in writing and literature. She reads widely in archaeology and anthropology, loves music, and over many years led communication staff for three universities until retiring in mid-2010. Launched     [ Top ] was created in 1997 as an in-depth source of information on dog topics of importance to mushers and all others who breed, train and work their dogs. Not surprisingly, Siberian Husky and sled dog racing resources are extensive and the sport was often featured.

The Racing Siberian Husky, a paper newsletter from 1984-1998, then became a section of, with articles added occasionally. In early 2007, we covered the dog and cat food crisis in America, the result of tainted food ingredients imported from China. Articles on topics like that appeared in WDWNews Online that ended in May 2007.

On occasion, we have accepted submission of racing Siberian Husky profiles and articles, as well as those especially relevant to active dogs and dog sports.

We were pleased to publish Togo's Final Journey by Lance Jensen as an example of articles we were interested in presenting. We again thank Lance for a meaningful partnership.

Click link to order Togo
. includes an extensive BookStore through Two specialty Bookstore sections -- one on Arctic books including Alaska and Siberia, and a second on wolf books -- opened in June 1998.  Since then, we've provided visitors with suggested dog videos, dog DVDs as well as dog magazines and many more dog products. We thank our visitors for their support when they shop through links on the site. also publishes a BookReview journal. Authors may submit review copies of new books that are for sale via Today only books about working dogs, about the human- canine bond, and volumes that explore dog origins are considered for review. Dog humor, care and training books are not reviewed. Not all books received are reviewed due to time constraints.

Some time ago, we reviewed a remarkable book,   Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog, by Ted Kerasote. This volume covers many of those topics a very special way.

Merles-Door.jpg (6989 bytes)
Merle's Door:
Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

On occasion we interviewed dog book authors and posted the interviews online. Examples include a discussion with authors Ray and Lorna Coppinger about their remarkable book, Dogs: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior & Evolution. This book was at the top of the best-seller list from our store for many years.

In the fall of 1998, we added more special features, including the popular Best Dog FREE STUFF! page as well as Comic Canine Cartoons.  Our goal was to provide guides to the best in serious information and good fun!

WDW News & Canine Link of the Week     [ Top ]

A popular feature of was our free newsletter, WDW News & Canine Link of the Week, with features on working dogs and their jobs, dog behavior and training, new free stuff, featured dog books and more. Click to read a sample issue online. It was published several times a year, but ceased publication in May 2007.

Starting in 1998, Barbara became involved in several new online dog communication activities. These included:

  • serving the founding editor of the Dogs Section of Newhoo, later purchased by Netscape and renamed Open Directory Project.
  • serving as an editor/contributor to the Pets & Domestic Animals Ezine, formerly sent weekly to hundreds of readers.
  • being selected as the founding "Guru," online name CanisMajor, for -- one of 400+ sites in family. Time prevented me from continuing this unique project for dog lovers.

Starting in 2003, pages were added to the site related to Barb's work on her book on the origins of the Siberian sled dog in its native land. This includes an array of topics including:  Paleolithic Background, Chukchi, Chukchi Origins, Eskimos, Siberia, China, Art and Artifacts, Jade, Pottery, Harpoons, and more. An in-depth guide to Northern Dogs including the various spitz dogs and a guide to Ancient Breeds as defined by scientists were added as well.

Recently, for fun, we added The Dogs of Paris based on our March 2004 travels to the capital of France, plus an essay on The Pleasures of Paris with thoughts on art, architecture, food and the beauty of the city.

Our Own Genealogy Too     [ Top ]

After many years of researching Siberian Husky pedigrees and origins, we decided it was time to research our own ancestry. You'll find our Family Heritage Resources in the A-Z Index. Barbara also created a WordPress blog called Relative Musings, about her adventures and advice on genealogy. Here is an index to the research tips and strategies in her blog postings. She also has a group called Finding Family for Free at GenealogyWise. Visit our Genealogy Bookshelf for helpful books you can purchase.

Heritage North Press Closed Down     [ Top ]

Due to the decline in interest in the racing and working Siberian Husky as a competitive sled dog, sales of Heritage North Press books and back issues of the Racing Siberian Husky newsletter ceased many years ago. We finally decided that it was time to close down Heritage North Press.

The WorkingDogWeb site continues because it has a much broader audience - all people interested in active and working dogs, no matter the breed, plus those interested in northern peoples, Siberia, Asian culture, genealogy and the other topics we present. WDW is owned as a personal project by its editors.

Now that the WorkingDogWeb editors are retired, features such as the DogBlog are active again. Check out our recent postings on the 2013 Iditarod including TeamBeringia and Mikhail Telpin running Chukchi sled dogs from Siberia. 

To connect with WDW editors you can:

  • Call 509/334-1777 between 6-9 p.m. in the evening and after 10 a.m. on weekends. We are on USA Pacific Time, the same as the time in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, so PLEASE calculate accordingly! An answering machine is available. Always leave your email address on the answering machine so we can contact you.

Again, we do all correspondence by email, so if you leave a voice message, please give your email address. Thanks!.

Thanks for stopping by. Let us hear from you!
Rick & Barb Petura

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