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Dog Days:
Dispatches from
Bedlam Farm

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The Dogs of

Bedlam Farm


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The Dog


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Puppy Smarts
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Canine Good


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Great Owners

Great Dogs

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The Racing Siberian Husky
newsletter online


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21 Days to a

Trained Dog

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Idiot's Guide to

Raising A Puppy


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An award-winning magazine of modern dog culture, Bark offers readers an entertaining mix of articles and stories that provide special ways explore the strong bonds between dogs and humans. Health, behavior, travel and recreation, plus art and literature - all with a unique, canine perspective -- are published here.
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Dog & Kennel is the bimonthly magazine for dog lovers and enthusiasts. It is your source for entertaining and authoritative information about dogs. Each issue is packed with fascinating articles, including breed profiles, medical reports, training advice, dogs at work and stories about special dogs, health care, feeding, grooming, bonding, events and the enjoyment of dogs.
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Dog Fancy is your complete guide to help you better understand, care for, and enjoy your dog. Every issue includes top canine healthcare information, grooming tips, expert training techniques, and in-depth breed profiles. Celebrate the bond between you and your dog with entertaining stories, and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue. Click to order Dog Fancy.
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Fido Friendly is a valuable guide if your dog goes just about everywhere with you. Sometimes called the travel magazine for canines, this helpful magazine aids in finding hotels where you and your pooch are welcome.
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DogWatch, the newsletter for dog people, is packed with proven techniques to improve your pet's behavior and ease  problems with training. You will also find keys to better canine nutrition, effective preventive medicine and valuable new ways to add health and vigor to your dog's life.
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Dog World lets you discover the wonderful world of purebred dogs. You'll receive 12 big issues a year, filled with expert advice on health, nutrition, grooming, training, showing, and much,  much more. The magazine helps you keep your dog in top form, whether he's a show ring champ or a cherished family pet.
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Gun Dog is edited for serious upland bird and waterfowl hunters who are enthusiasts of the popular pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds of hunting dogs. Named "Magazine of the Year" nine times by the Dog Writers Association of America, Gun Dog features columns and articles by top outdoor writers and gun dog authorities. Gun Dog is published bimonthly.
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Your Dog is the monthly report for caring dog owners from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. It is  an indispensable resource on the best care, training, diet, and health guidance for your dog. This canine periodical does not accept commercial advertising.
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Whole Dog Journal is the monthly guide to natural dog care and training. Whole Dog Journal advocates natural and holistic feed, health care methods and successful approaches to nonviolent training. The canine periodical does not accept commercial advertising.
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CatFancy.jpg (7742 bytes) Cat Fancy is the magazine is edited for general owners, professional breeders and show exhibitors of cats. Its feature articles include information on feline behavior, diet, grooming, exotic and domestic breeds, medical news and showing cats. In addition, it contains show schedules, new cat product listings and how-to ideas. Click to order Cat Fancy.
Horse and Rider is the premier magazine for Western- style horseback riding. Every issue features reader- friendly how-to information and new equipment reviews for advanced and beginner riders, and offers exciting graphics. The staff of performance horsemen and women provide practical tips on how to get the most this exciting endeavor.
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Horse Illustrated is your all-in-one source to help you better care for and enjoy your horse. Get important information about healthcare, nutrition and behavior, tips on grooming and training, and in-depth profiles of different breeds. Readers also enjoy the colorful centerfold poster and get expert advice on how to improve their riding skills.
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Practical Horseman is a how-to publication for the English-riding horseman interested in breeding, raising and training horses for show, event, dressage, or hunt field. Topics covered include step-by-step training and riding instruction, stable management hints, veterinary and breeding research, stable plans, money and timesaving tips, interviews with top winning horsemen.
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Practical training, conditioning, and health advice plus equipment evaluations to help horse owners make better decisions in horse care -- you'll find it all in the highly rated Horse Journal . Each page is packed with clear strategies and product recommendations.
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Alaska.jpg (8666 bytes) Alaska is the magazine for people who are stimulated by the wild beauty and exciting thrills of America's 49th state. Each issue canvasses the travel, adventure, lifestyles, and environment of the Alaskan region. Watch for coverage of sled dog racing -- including the Iditarod and Yukon Quest -- from time to time in this beautiful magazine. 
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offers treasures of the pharaohs. Inca mummies. Civil War battlefields. Lost cities. For 50 years, Archaeology has been the leader in its field, journeying across the Earth to bring you history's secrets and the remarkable lives of the archaeologists who lay them bare. Bimonthly issues deliver smart features, breathtaking photos, and breaking news.
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