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Here are links to articles on dog behavior, dog training, canine sports, dog intelligence, dog sports training, use of reinforcement and other strategies, and other topics of interest to dog owners, selected by WDW's editors over the years. New ones are being added in 2014. Some links are no longer active, but are listed as part of the Canine Link archive.

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Coaching the
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Dog Days:

Dispatches from
Bedlam Farm


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SOS Dog: The Purebred Dog Hobby Re-examined

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Nine Dog Winter
A tale of camping
in the Yukon


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Merle's Door:
Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

Merle's Door


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Therapy Dogs:

Training Your Dog
to Help Others

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Bark If You

Love Me


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Brown Eyes


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Dreaming in Libro:
How A Good Dog Tamed A Bad Woman


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Sandy and Garbo:
One family, one neighborhood, one
crazy dog


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A Good Dog: The

Story of Orson, Who
Changed My Life


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Dog DVDs


Lassie Come-Home:
Eric Knight's
1938 Classic


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Having Fun

with Agility


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For the Love

of a Dog


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The Dog


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The Siberian Husky: Live the Adventure

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Power of Positive
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Canine Links: 2004-2014

Enjoy this archive of articles on dog behavior, dog intelligence, dog training, canine sports and others of interest to people who have active dogs.

March-April 2014                                                        [ Top
Here are 6 Great Ways to Challenge Your Dog's Mind, preventing boredom and anxiety, from Cesar Millan - new toys, tricks, jobs and more

January-February 2014                                                 [ Top
Behavior: Do dogs understand pointing gestures better than young kids? and Dog Pointing Cue Test: Two Jack Russell Terriers Flunk but a Scottie Passes

November-December 2013                                           [ Top
"If I Could Talk to the Animals" - search to understand animal languages and create a "dog translator" to improve human-canine communication, and what we can do now

May-October, 2013                                                   [ Top
Forget about being alpha in your pack with your dog or dogs - this theory doesn't match dog origins. Focus instead on rewarding positive behaviors.

March-April, 2013                                                   [ Top
Dogs as Gamblers: use both variable and continuous reinforcement plus a "menu" of reinforcement options to turn your dog into a top performer.

May 1-May 31, 2010                                                [ Top ]
Power of Social Interactions as Rewards: When training a dog, use both high value treats and social contact as rewards.

March 1-April 30, 2010                                             [ Top
VIDEO: What do dogs understand? Meet Brian Hare at Duke who is studying how dogs learn through social interactions, more.

January 1-February 28, 2010                                       [ Top
Working Dog & Service Dog Stories: Enjoy inspiring stories of working, service, therapy and SAR dogs changing lives for the better.

August 1-December 31, 2009                                       [ Top
Dog Domestication Not in Asia? Research on African village dogs finds they are as gentically diverse as dogs of East Asia, overturning proof of domestication in Asia. Eurasian grey wolf reconfirmed as canid source.

May 1-July 31, 2009                                               [ Top
Motivation in Training: There are 4 main types of motivation to use in training dogs. A great trainer knows how to match each of them to their dog and the particular training situation.

April 1-30, 2009                                                    [ Top
Checklist for Establishing FOCUS: Follow these guidelines for making sure your pup is focusing on you in training, obedience. Consider this: keep one special toy as a reward for focus and good work!

March 1-31, 2009                                                   [ Top
Bama, the Dog Who Really Talks: teaching a search and rescue dog new ways to communication both enhanced the search work and provided a new window on Bama's intelligence. Fascinating!

February 1-28, 2009                                                [ Top
Peaking for Competition: No matter your dog sport - sled dog racing, obedience, tracking - you want your canines to reach peak performance at trials and tests, not during training. Here's how to do it.

January 1- 31, 2009                                                [ Top
Marking - Shaping - Linking Dog Behaviors: A long-time dog trainer discovers the benefits of "marking" desired dog behaviors as a benefit to training, and shares detailed how-to info in an 80+ page ebook.

November 1-December 31, 2008                                  [ Top
Using Positives AND Stress is a vital combination in training dogs for high achievement in competition. Dogs need to understand that doing is not optional. Appropriate strategies discussed.

October 1-31, 2008                                               [ Top
Building Hunt Drive in Search Dogs: Explore creative means to increase a dog's desire to hunt... search... or work. Discover techniques that allow you to increase a dog's enthusiasm and work intensity.

September 1-30, 2008                                           [ Top
A dog owner must learn about canine behavior, how to "read" their dog, how to handle a leash and more as vital first step before starting to teach his/her dog its first command. Emphasize teamwork!

July 1-August 31, 2008                                          [ Top
DNA testing can now determine which breeds are behind many mixed breeds or mutts, unless too many breeds are involved. And owners find it helpful to get an idea of behavior traits, health.

June 1-30, 2008                                                [ Top
Developing FOCUS for Obedience Training: Teach your dog to have full and intense focus on you, the handler. This will improve your dog's ability to learn other skills and perform at peak level.

April 1-May 31, 2008                                           [ Top
Leadership Basics in Dog Training: Learn crucial factors in ensuring that your dog considers you the leader, today and tomorrow, including control of "resources," proactive intervention and more.

March 1-31, 2008                                               [ Top
Lure / Reward Training provides a clear and direct means to bring your dog into the desired position - sit, stand, down - during training. Also learn about varying position changes to keep a dog's attention.

January 1-February 28, 2008                                   [ Top
New Tricks for Old Dog Trainers: Positive dog training means building
a meaningful relationship with your dog, and letting go of coercion, punishment, choke or prong collars, more! 
Ideas for the new year!

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 1-31, 2007                                     [ Top ]    
What agility training teaches you about dog training in general, such as teaching big routines in small segments, rewarding the behavior you want, and remembering to have fun with your dog!

November 1-30, 2007                                           [ Top ]        
Life is a dog-training opportunity: Guide your dog to better behavior using these valuable tips from trainer Caryl Wolff: learn to read your dog, give your dog a job - and reward, reward, reward!

October 1-31, 2007                                             [ Top ]
10 Tips for Best-behaved Dogs: Use this checklist of tips from Suzanne Clothier to help your dog be better-behaved in all situations and to increase your enjoyment of your canine companion.

September 1-30, 2007                                          [ Top ]
Hard to train? Dog breeds react differently to training for specific tasks. Suzanne Clothier offers a formula for assessing training of different breeds and advice to increase your training success.

August 1-31, 2007                                               [ Top ]
Teach new behaviors step by step to increase your dog training success. Well known trainer Patricia McConnell gives lively examples of dog training problems solved with this incremental method.

July 1-31, 2007                                                 [ Top ]
Too Much Fetch?   In our emphasis on giving dogs enough exercise, through activities such as fetch, we may well be overdoing stress experiences. Try mixing fetch with other training plus cooling down.

June 1-30, 2007                                                [ Top ]
Using Corrections Correctly: Dog trainers must use the correction that is most appropriate for the individual dog and situation. Make sure your dog understands a command before using corrections.

May 1-31, 2007                                                [ Top ]
Conditioning the Canine Athlete: Written with a small, active show dog in mind, the concepts of workouts, quality food and vitamins, and breaks from performance apply to canine athletes generally

April 1-30, 2007                                               [ Top ]
Eye Contact in 5 Seconds: Here is a simple yet effective exercise that builds and rewards eye contact as a key element of training. It begins with a pup sitting in front of you. Don't miss this one.

March 1-31, 2007                                             [ Top ]
Recognize & handle stress in working dogs: Working dogs and their handlers will experience many stressful situations. Learn to see signs of stress and handle it so your dogs can perform at their best.

Heart-Red-Sm.gif (159 bytes) February 1-28, 2007                                      [ Top ]
Listen to your Dog!
If you pay close attention, you can learn what your dog is trying to tell you with its various sounds and behaviors, what the author calls doggie charades. It could be important.

January 1-31, 2007                                           [ Top ]
Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks: This article starts with fetch, but moves on to more challenging activities to enhance your dog's training  such as hide and seek, obstacle course, and favorite tricks.

November 1 - December 31, 2006       [ Top ]
HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) Animals DO Have Emotions: more and more scientists believe that animals, including dogs, have basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, boredom and pleasure. Here's more on the latest thinking.

October 1-31, 2006                      [ Top ]
Checklist for developing focus:
In words and pictures, a trainer shows you how to teach your dog to focus on you, to pay attention, as the basis for all other obedience work.

Pleasurable-Kingdom.jpg (5829 bytes)
Pleasurable Kingdom:
Animals and the Nature
of Feeling Good

September 1-30, 2006                                        [ Top ]
Rewarding for calm behavior: You can use positive reinforcement (+R) with a young dog to achieve calm behavior and a willingness to lie down or sit without punishment (-P), a savvy trainer finds.

August 1-31, 2006                                            [ Top ]
How much does a dog's cooperation weigh?   Expert dog trainer Suzanne Clothier offers a new view of how it feels when a dog and its human are working in harmony - and when they are not.

July 1-31, 2006                        [ Top ]
Dog's Motives:
  We tend to attribute human feelings and motives to our dogs but are often wrong. This leads to problems in training and in our relationships with our pets!  Jon Katz offers a new view.

February -June, 2006                  [ Top ]
THINK DOG: Take a minute to examine some of your behavior from your dog's perspective -- and discover how simple changes can improve your dog's life and your relationship! 

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Katz on Dogs

January 1-31, 2006                                            [ Top ]
DOG FOOD RECALLED: Here are all the brand names of the Diamond dog foods recalled due to dog deaths from aflatoxin and all of the 23 states where the dogs have been affected. Important!

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HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 1-31, 2005                                   [ Top ]
Relationship-based Dog Training: Give holiday generosity a new meaning - read Suzanne Clothier on building a caring relationship with your dog as the basis for training and good living. Do read!

October 1-November 30, 2005                                [ Top ]
Canine "flu" appears in Florida: a new canine disease that has some similarities with "kennel cough" has been found in Florida. The new disease can be serious as dogs lack immunity to it. Do read!

September 1-30, 2005                                         [ Top ]
Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams of 25 people each are responding to the crisis to animals and people caused by Hurricane Katrina. Learn how they are helping and how you can help them!

July 1-August 31, 2005                                         [ Top ]
Prepare your pooch to be a therapy dog: there's great demand for therapy dogs for hospitals and nursing homes. Here are the stpes needed to prepare your dog for this rewarding activity!

June 1-30, 2005                                               [ Top ]
Pick a Breed - Pick a Working Personality:  You'll be more successful choosing a dog breed  if you really learn a breed's working style and how you can provide activities to keep that breed happy!

May 1-31, 2005                                                [ Top ]
Clever Canines: Did dogs get smarter as they were domesticated? What can we learn about dog training from the latest research on dog intelligence, reactions to human cues, communication, more?

April 1-30, 2005                                               [ Top ]
Enjoy Activities with Your Personal Dog: The greatest satisfaction comes from having a personal dog and doing dog sports together, plus picking a breed for and training a personal dog, even an older dog.

March 1-31, 2005                         [ Top ]
Romancing the Cookie: an experienced obedience trainer shares insights on positive training, use of food as reinforcers, a dog's attitude in training versus the obedience ring, and more.

Heart-Red-Sm.gif (159 bytes) February 1-28, 2005                 [ Top ]
Get Your Dog's Attention: Here are some great games and exercises to help your dog learn that watching you is the fastest way to the treat or reward - plus the important "walkaway game"!

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How to Behave
So Your Dog


January 1-31, 2005                                            [ Top ]
12 Commandments of Agility: Nancy Guyes and Scud share their top dozen pieces of advice on how to increase success in agility, be a great sport, and have fun with your dog!

December 1-31, 2004                                         [ Top ]
NOVA's Dogs and More Dogs: View an online slideshow on working dogs with wonderful photos, match 14 breeds to their environment, and discover more about dog diversity. Companion site to TV show.

November 1-30, 2004                                         [ Top ]
Teaching a Sled Dog To Lead: a musher who believes in "nuturing a dog's instinct" helps a talented young leader discover what it means to make decisions out front, and when to listen to the driver.

October 1-31, 2004                                           [ Top ]
What really motivates your dog? If you are planning to use positive reinforcement in your dog training, read what this trainer has to say about food treats, toys, praise and affection as motivators.

September 1-30, 2004                                       [ Top ]
DOG: Wolf & Myth & Hero & Friend: A look at aspects of the dog, from communication to dog genome project to dogs helping people to form and function of working dogs including endurance and more.

June 26-August 31, 2004                                    [ Top ]
Dog Training Wisdom
from a champion sled dog trainer and racer truly "in tune" with his dogs, the late Roland "Doc" Lombard, based on insights from his training journals, presented by Nancy Cowan.

June 1-26, 2004                                             [ Top ]
Maximizing Potential in Athletic & Working Dogs:
an introduction to dog conditioning, issues of heat and pains, assessing potential and setting realistic performance goals, and more.

May 1-31, 2004                                             [ Top ]
Beginners Meet Agility: Here's a great introduction to this popular dog sport by a couple with a young German shepherd. They offer training tips and a step-by-step look at developing their dog's skills.

April 1-30, 2004                                            [ Top ]
Top 10 Misconceptions about Clicker Training: Is clicker training "all positive"? Is a word better than a clicker? Can a clicker be used in a training class? Discover answers on this popular training method.

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March 1-31, 2004                                          [ Top ]
Canine Stress Signs: Reading your dog's body language - including signs of stress - is important for avoiding behavioral problems and seeing when your dog needs to learn to handle new situations.

February 1-29, 2004                                       [ Top ]
Meet musher & explorer Pam Flowers: enjoy WorkingDogWeb's own interview with a remarkable sled dog trainer and author who ran the Iditarod, mushed 2,500 miles across the Arctic and more!

Jan. 1-31, 2004                                            [ Top ]
Dogs Think in Images: Dogs may not think in words, but they do think in images and patterns, often of their human's behavior. See how to use this insight in your dog training and relationships.

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