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Having Fun

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As a service to dog lovers, WorkingDogWeb fregularly updated
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Enjoy those free resources still online!

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Dog health care

Dog toys & treats
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Click link below to order The Art of Raising a Puppy
The Art of
Raising A Puppy


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Canine Good


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Puppy School:
Everything You Need
to Know to Raise
the Perfect Pup


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Bones Would Rain
From the Sky


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Click link to order Barron's Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds
of Dog Breeds


Click link to order New Encyclopedia of the Dog
The New
of the Dog

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at our
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Train Your Dog:
The Positive
Gentle Method

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turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Games & More Fun       [ Top ]
Adopt a PC Puppy Free - enjoy a virtual dog on your computer, with great ways to learning about dogs for the whole family

Animal Game
- all species animal cybergame

Big Brain Quiz on Canine Quotations - test how much you know about famous dog phrases
BigBrain Quiz on Dog Breeds - test how much you know about dog breeds & their work
BigBrain Quiz on Dog Sports - test how much you know about dog activities & sports
Big Collection of Games & Projects @ Kids&Dogs

Dog Breed Quiz - use clues to determine the breed - fun!
Dog Cut-outs Project for Kids - ready to print and color
FunFair Dog Games & More - for MatchMania game, pet postcards, pet wallpaper, other freebies from MyPetStop
Free Dog & Pet Games, Screensavers, More - from Chazhound

Fun & Freebies - check this category at
Guess the Dog Breed - do you know this bird dog?
HangDog - play this word game, or try Dog Trivia Contest

Kennel College Game - take interesting quizzes on dogs in seven groups from Herding Dogs to Toy Dogs to Working Dogs
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Dog & Pet Coloringbook - ready to print & color new3.gif (284 bytes)
Puzzle with Famous Dog Names
Puzzle for Kids with Famous Dogs
Virtual Dog
- here's a free computer pooch you can adopt
Westie Puzzle
- challenging, fun

Click to browse for Top Dog Books!

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turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Free Dog E-Postcards   [ Top ]  [ More Postcards by Breed ]

Animal Cards - huge collection of breeds, many with
multiple pictures to choose from, a must see! 

Animated Dogs & Other Pets - cute, colorful, fun!
Animated Dogs & Puppies Greeting Cards

Animated Musical Pet Greetings - includes dogs

Barking Postcards - send e-cards with any of 500 photos
Canine Toonograms - 16 funny dog cartoons for postcards
Cartoon Postcards - the humor of Not in My Backyard!

Christmas Dog E-cards - from Kate Connick
Christmas Dog Greeting Cards - many choices from Chazhound
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Dog & Pet Postcards - most popular picks at Fur All Over! new3.gif (284 bytes)
Dog eGreeting Cards - nice collection from WorkingDogWeb
Dog Greetings from Yahoo! - 21 choices from whimsical to
a racing sled dog team

DoggyPix Postcards - don't miss the German Shepherds!
E-cards with Dogs - free from Blue Mountain
E-Cards - Many Breeds -- choices from Basset to Wolfhound, including puppies and action photos, from HOS
Fun Dog Postcards
- working dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs and many more breeds, from KC
Funny Dog & Puppy Postcards
- and photo contest
Gidget Greetings - greeting for many purposes, featuring Gidget, an appealing pup part Lab, part beagle and part chow!
Hound House Postcards
- Beagles and more
- Basset, Beagle, Dachshund, Dalmatian and other dog  breeds, and many other critters including coyote and wolf

- greeting cards from the spunky little dog - fun!!
Multimedia Greeting Cards with Dogs
- 8 cute pictures

Multimedia Poochie Picks Postcards
- large and small breeds
Postcards of 24 breeds - from Dog Day Afternoon
Postcards of pet dogs - lots of choices from Anjie

Postcards of pet dogs - 300+ choices from Silly Chilly
Postcards of puppies, more - from
Postcards with Appealing Dogs - from
Postcard with Big Dog

Postcards with Cool Dogs & Funny Dogs & Big Dog Winners
Postcards with Delightful Dogs - appealing pictures!

Postcards with Dogs - from The Puppy Place 
Postcards with Dogs - send fast [normal] or fancy [applet]

including a sled dog team photo, from It's a Dog's Day
Postcards with 60+ dogs
- from Barking Buddies

Postcards with humorous dogs - scroll down to cats & dogs
Postcards with Portraits of Dogs - from a talented artist
Postcards of breeds & mutts - from Kipper
Postcards with pets
- including dogs - from 123greetings

Postcards of varied breeds
- handsome choices from Cardmaster
Postcards of varied breeds - selection from GreetSomeone
Postcards from the Hedge - 4 unique dog sketches 
Postcards with Wolf & Alaska Scenes

Puppy Dog Greeting Cards - from Chazhound
Puppy Dog Postcards - boxer, dalmatian, more
Puppygrams - from a large canine cardshop
Valentine's Precious Pups
Virtual Greetings - many links with dog postcard sites noted
Virtual Greetings - Pets   in Pastel - many choices of dogs, cats and horses, from the artist's own art work

Web Cards with Dogs - many choices from FreeWebCards
Wolf E-cards - all-occasion cards featuring dog's ancestor
Xmas E-cards - and more at WorkingDogWeb's HolidayMall

star-red.gif (874 bytes)Click banner to find great products for 135 breeds from Affenpinscher to Doberman, German Shepherd to Labrador, Rottweiller to Siberian Husky, Weimaraner to Yorkshire Terrier, more!  Thanks for your support.

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Free Dog E-Postcards by Breed   [ Top ] 

Dog Ecards - for 18 breeds from Akita to Border Collie to Dalmatian to Siberian Husky plus mixed breed canines
star-red.gif (874 bytes) E-Cards with Dogs & Puppies - with appealing Labs, Goldens and Dalmatians, plus card-playing dogs, free from Famous-Foto 
Dog eGreeting Cards - Beagle, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Doberman, German Shepherd, Schauzer, more

Postcards with 20+ Breeds
- from Afgan hound & Alaskan Malamute to Schnauzer & Yorkshire Terrier
Postcards with 100+ Breeds - this great collection offers breeds from Affenpinscher to Collie to Golden Retriever to Malinois to Siberian Husky to Yorkshire Terrier - all from Animal World
star-red.gif (881 bytes)
Postcards with Alaskan Malamute Puppies
Postcards with Boxers - 300 choices from BoxerWorld plus
many more Boxer E-cards from Kate Connick
Postcards with Bulldogs - from Global Bulldog Network
and more Bulldog cards from All Bulldogs

Postcards with Cockers & Pugs & Yorkies & More
Postcards with Corgis

Postcards with Coton de Tulears - many choices
Postcards with Dobermans
- many photos, from Equinox
Postcards with German Shepherds - many choices
Postcards with Golden Retrievers - 100+ choices
Postcards with Great Danes - from DaDane of the Week
Postcards with Great Danes - from Obi-Wan
Postcards with Greyhounds - from Greyhound Greetings

Postcards with Jack Russell Terriers - from the Jack Rack
Postcards with Japanese Chin - from Amaya's
Postcards with Keeshond
- 16 choices
Postcards with Labradors - from LabradorWorld and many
more Lab postcards
from Lov-a-Lab
Postcards with Leonbergers - 10 choices, from Planet Leo
Postcards with Pugs - from All Pugs
star-red.gif (881 bytes)
Postcards with Sharpei - featuring great photos of these
wrinkled dogs! and
more e-cards
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Postcards with Siberian Huskies
- 6 choices

Postcards with Siberian Huskies - 17 choices
Postcards with Sled Dogs & Huskies - 16 choices
Postcard with Yellow Lab - pup says happy birthday

Click link to order The Power of Positive Dog Training
Power of Positive
Dog Training

Click link to order Expert Obedience Training for Dogs
Expert Obedience
Training for Dogs

Click link to order How to Be a Dog's Best Friend

How to Be Your
Dog's Best Friend

Click link to order 101 Training Tips for Your Dog
101 Training Tips
for Your Dog


Click link to order Woof!


Click link below to order The Dog Whisperer
The Dog


Enjoy Comic Canine Cartoons!
Comic Canine



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free dog


Click link to order 21 Days to a Trained Dog
21 Days to a

Trained Dog



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Click link below to order Clicker Training
Clicker Training
for Obedience


Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
The Atlas of
Dog Breeds


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turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Canine Free Products & Stuff [ Top ]

2003 Free Dog Calendar - to print and use
Freebies for Pets - food, products, videos
Free Dog Treats - from Yappy Treats!
Free Natural Dog Treats - just pay modest shipping cost
Free Bag of Natures Recipe Dog Food

Free Dog Food Coupon - from Mighty Dog
Free Dog Food Coupon
- from Hill's
Free Dog Food Sample
- from Alpo
Free Dog Food Sample
- from Bil Jac
Free Doggy Bag Sample - convenient for waste removal

Free Dog Stories
- from Digital Dog
Free Dog ID Tag - from PetDex
Free Dog Stuff
- many for small dogs

Free Dog Tags & Lost Dog Service - for Australia only
Free Dog Vitamins
- samples of natural products
Free Magnetic Picture Frame - with pet designs
Free-n-Cool Pet Stuff - many items
Free Dog Names - 2,000 naming ideas
Free Nutritional Supplements - taste sample of Improve
Free Pet Name Ideas
- personalized for your dog!

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Free Puppy Starter Kit - from Pedigree with $8 in coupons
Free Puppy Names Ideas
- list of puppy & dog name sites
Free Pet Stuff - food, doggy bags & more
Free Pet Stuff
Free Puppy Kit Offer - coupons for free Pedigree puppy products plus a booklet on nutrition and puppy care
Free T-shirt Contest - Have your dog's photo pressed on a
T-shirt.  Great gift idea!  Enter our free T-shirt contest.

Pedigree Software Program - free to download
Pet Freebies - collection from
Totally Free Stuff for Pets

Virtual Pet Free Stuff
Wiener Dog Art Collection - Gary Larson cartoons

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Computer & Web Free Stuff   [ Top

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Free Add Your Dog Links - free publicity for your dog Web site from new3.gif (284 bytes)
Free Dog Album for Online Photos - for a pooch's pictures
Free Dog Banner Exchange
- from

Free Dog Banner Exchange - from Daniweb
Free Dog Banner Exchange - from
Free Dog Banner Exchange - from DogLink  
Free Pet Banner & Button Exchange - from PetLinkExchange

Free PetDiary Software
- download this Windows program for recording your dog's description, health records, more
Free Dog E-Book
& other free dog-related downloads 
Free Dog E-mail - your name
Free Dog E-mail - your name

Free Dog E-mail - your name or many other
choices from to

Free Dog E-mail - your name
Free Dog E-mail - your name
Free Dog E-Newsletter - for teachers and parents, from "How to Love Your Dog."
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Free Dog E-Newsletter - WDWNews with updates on dog behavior and training, dog free stuff, cool canine sites, more 
Free Dog-tips Newsletter - click here to subscribe to free weekly newsletter with dog advice, tips, recommended links
Free Pet Newsletter & More - click here for BriefMe weekly newsletters including Animals & Pets, Environment & Nature, more
Free Canine Web Graphics - page sets for breeds

Free Canine Web Graphics - page backgrounds plus postcards featuring German shepherd Dogs 
Free Doggie Downloads - cursors, icons, graphics, screen savers, wallpapers, Win themes, from DogOMania
Free Doggie Web Graphics - from Fuzzy Faces
Free Dog Graphics - sampler from WorkingDogWeb

Free Dog Graphics - including nice Spay & Neuter banners
Free Dog Graphics & Web Info - from WorkingDogWeb
Free Dog Screensaver - demo download with 75 breeds
Free Dog Screensavers - demo downloads for 20 breeds
Free Dog Screensaver - from Amy & Sam, chasing dogs
Free Dog Screensaver - from Barking Buddies
Free Dog Screensavers - from Chazhound
Free Dog Screensavers - with Golden Retrievers
Free Dog Screensaver
- featuring an adorable Golden puppy

Free Dog Screensavers
- 10 different choices
Free Dog Software - dog screensavers, wallpaper and computer themes to download, from
star-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Free Scooby-Doo Screensaver new3.gif (284 bytes)
Free Dog Wallpaper - collection of many breeds

Free Dog Wallpaper - featuring Bernese Mountain Dogs
Free Dog Wallpaper - pups and guide dogs for your computer
Free Dog Wallpaper of Boxers - and other Boxer freebies
Free Dog Wallpaper for Christmas - Happy Holidays!
Free Dog Web Page Backgrounds - 11 breeds
Free Dog Web Page - from Barking Buddies
Free Dog Web Page - from
Free Pet Web Page - from Pet Parade
Free Dog Web Page
- plus free scanning of pet photos

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Free Pedigree Generator - fill in the form, click "Generate" new3.gif (284 bytes)
Free Puppy Web Page
- send a picture, get a WhatAPet
Free Pedigree Generator - create dog pedigrees for your web page
Free Stuff - Dogs
- screensavers, wallpaper, graphics, more
FreeStuff4Pets - several categories

Free Stuff on the Internet -  free E-mail, Web pages, games
Kipper's Dog Photo Contest - with online voting
Search 4 Free Stuff - find the free stuff you want 
WebGuide - graphics, promotion, more for your Web site

Click link to order Dogs on dog origins and behavior



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For Real Free
- lists what's real & what's free online
- listings in more than 30 categories
Free Recipes & Humor & Newsletter & More - from Kieto
- free downloads, games, contests, coupons, products
FreeStuffLand - listings in many categories
Free-n-cool Stuff
- listings in many categories
Free Stuff - 3,000 offers in 90 categories
Free Stuff
- listing of sites at Open Directory Project
Free Stuff
- listing of sites at Yahoo
Free Stuff Central - CDs, mouse pads, pet stuff
More Free Stuff - coupons to e-mail accounts
merchandise, more from well-know brand name partners

Sassy Sue's Freebies - lots of freebies, many for women
Still More Free Stuff - education, holidays, sports, more
Ultimate Freebies Megapages
- 30 categories

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Doberman, German Shepherd to Labrador, Rottweiller to Siberian Husky,
Weimaraner to Yorkshire Terrier, more! 
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