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Famous Canine Cartoons
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Ever notice how many cartoons feature dogs?  Either as leading characters like Scooby Doo or Citizen Dog or Marmaduke?  Or as companions such as Electra or Odie?  And how their antics make us smile?  Get your daily chuckle right here!  And for updates on Cool Sites, Best Dog Free Stuff and more, sign up here for a FREE weekly newsletter. It's easy!  BOOKMARK US!

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Marmaduke & other famous canine cartoons

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Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford Tries
His Best! / Clifford's Schoolhouse


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The New Yorker
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Famous Canine Cartoons   [ Top

Cathy - and her beloved dog Electra
Citizen Dog
- and his funny human friend
Dogbert, Catbert, Dilbert
- and more zaniness
Garfield - and friend Odie the dog
Get Fuzzy - meet Rob, Satchel Pooch & Bucky Katt
Goofy - images and biography, starting as Dippy Dawg

Marmaduke - the lovable Great Dane

Mother Goose & Grimm - the dog's sometimes called Grimmy
Mutts - the dogs' unofficial home page as well as the official KingFeatures site for Mutts
Who is Scooby Doo? plus
Tribute to Scooby with friends Daphne, Freddie, Shaggy and Velma,
plus How Scooby was created and get free kids' coloring pages
Snoopy - and the Peanuts kids including Charlie Brown
2 Stupid Dogs - a cartoon from Hanna Barbera
Wiener Dog Art - from famous cartoonist Gary Larson

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Angus and Phil - a fresh, offbeat canine 'toon
Animal Cartoons
- dogs, cats and more

Bassetville.gif (2283 bytes) star-red.gif (874 bytes) Bassetville - an appealing canine,
    a funny 'toon
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Buckles - home page with fun features and more about this new canine cartoon Buckles, both with links to cartoons online
Dokie the Dog
-  enjoy cartoons with this funny dog
Dogtoons - from Hoflin Publishing
Dude Dog the Siberian Husky and cartoons he inspired including:
· Dude Dog's Snodance
· Clueless and Gee & Haw
· Sleddog Trail Thoughts
Farleigh's Funnies
- shaggy dog stories!

Hair of the Dawg - fun animated opening and new cartoons posted twice weekly featuring 3 dogs & a flea! HairDawg.gif (5139 bytes)

Off the Mark Dog Cartoons - the dogs are the heroes in this big collection of very funny cartoons
Oscar the Wiener Dog - and friends in Not in My Backyard
Skookum's North - to find samples of Doug Urquhart's Paws cartoons online, click on the Excerpts text link
Wallace and Gromit - funny, inventive man and dog new3.gif (284 bytes)
Yukon - It's a dog's life!

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) More Good Dog Humor   [ Top

Bad Dog Chronicles - canine tales of misdeeds
Canine Humor & Heart - from Chyndadn's Siberians
Dog and Cat Stories - including the popular Origin of Pets
Dog Astrology & Humor - includes Joys of Having a Dog
Dog Commandments - illustrated
Dog Humor - Gene's collection
Dog Humor - Mary Jo's collection

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this NEW Puzzle

Dog Mania
(1000 pieces)

Dog Humor - Shooter's collection
Dog Humor - Vom Waldenhaus collection
Dog Jokes
- big collection from
Dog Lightbulb Jokes
- find the view of your favorite breed

Dog Quotations - from Enid Bagnold, Ann Landers, Groucho Marx, James Thurber, Dave Berry, many more
Dog Quotes - from anonymous, Plato, Mark Twain, Robert Benchley, Ogden Nash, Elizabeth Taylor, many more

Dogs versus Computers - check out favorite food!


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for lots of

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Little Arfin' Annie

Funny Bones - dog cartoons, links and stories
Funny Bones from - real funny stories
Good Dog Christmas Links - fun stories & songs
Good Dog Jokes - check out "Help Wanted"!
Hidden Life of Dogs a la Dave Barry
Famous Dogs in the White House - see the great picture of President Lyndon Johnson and his dog Yuki! Plus All the Presidents' Pooches
Prehistoric Dogs? - award-winning, off-beat humor, great graphics
Rules for Dogs with a Yard to Protect
Rusty's Ridiculous Riddles & Jokes about Dogs

Shopping Dog
What we can learn from a dog
Why my dog won't use a computer

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Canine Toonograms - 16 funny dog cartoons for postcards
Huge Collection of Free Canine Postcards -
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50 Most Popular Dog Breeds - color drawings plus printouts that
you can color by yourself

Best Dog FreeStuff - FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE from with games, quizzes, online greeting cards, food offers, more!

Dog Museum - view photo and pedigree of canine champions and title-holders,
from Hoflin

Dog Cut-outs Project for Kids - ready to print and color

Free Dog & Pet Games, Screensavers, More - from Chazhound
Free Dog-related Activities for Kids - from Digital Dog

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