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To make your life easier, here are free e-cards, favorite freebies and handy online shopping for everyone on your gift list.  Or treat yourself!  You'll find apparel, books, CDs, toys, videos, tools, housewares, cameras, electronics including televisions and VCRs and more -- all from trusted online merchants. And you support our many free services. Thanks! And please BOOKMARK US!

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Collegiate Dictionary
11th Edition


for Back-to-School Needs:

Back-to-School Bookstore

Education & Reference Software

Computers - All Types

Clothing & Accessories
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Scholastic Children's
Dictionary (Revised
& Updated Edition)

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Harry Potter and
the Order of
the Phoenix



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for books, CDs,
videos & DVDs,
electronics &
many more great



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Dog Book

Click link to order The New Work of Dogs
The New Work of
Dogs: Tending to
Life, Love, Family


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Comic Canine



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Dog Book

Click link to order New Encyclopedia of the Dog
New Encyclopedia
of the Dog


Dog Breed Book

Click link to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
Dog Breed Atlas


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turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Consumer Electronics: All the latest in digital cameras, VCRs, camcorders, personal digital assistants such as the Palm V at right, and much more from

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Canon PowerShot A70 3MP Digital Camera

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The Call of the Wild:
Dog of the Yukon

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Videos:  Order videos of movies & TV
plus topics from cooking to dogs to fitness,
sports and travel, in VHS, from

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) DVDs:  Order movies & many more topics, in DVD, from

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Toys & Games:  Big selection of toys and
games, puzzles, learning projects and more,
by age, from the top online store,, in partnership with Toys 'R' Us.

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Grow to
Pro Golf

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Words to Live By Necklace

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Apparel & Accessories:  Large selection of clothings for men, women and children, plus accessories from jewelry to sunglasses and more, from the top online store,, in partnership with famous name retailers.

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Melitta MEMB1B Mill & Brew 10-Cup Coffemaker

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Everything for your home and garden, tool shop and yard, including:
   Coffee, Tea & Espresso  
   Small Appliances
   CD Players & Recorders
   Garden & Patio Gear
   Cordless Tools
   Landscaping Tools

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Music CDs:  All your favorite music from jazz, blues and country to rock, rap, hip-hop and new age to the latest in pop and easy listening to holiday, classical & more, all from the trusted online store,

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Fireworks! Red Hot & Blues - Jim Cullum

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turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Recommended DVD Player:
Sony DVP-NS325B DVD Player (Black)

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Books on dog breeds, A to Z

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Books on dogs, training, sports, more

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Best-selling dog books at

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Books on any topic - search here

Click link to order Winterdance
Winterdance: The Fine
Madness of Running
the Iditarod

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Books on sled dogs, Siberian Huskies, other sled dog breeds including Alaskan Malamutes, the famous Iditarod and Quest sled dog races, much more.

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Books on the Arctic & Siberia, including history, native peoples and more

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Books on wolves & wild canids including coyotes, foxes, wild dogs and more

ShamansCoat.jpg (4747 bytes)
The Shaman's Coat: A
Native History of Siberia

turq-vsm.gif (523 bytes) Products from Heritage North Press: books on Siberian Huskies and sleddogs, husky notecards, and back issues of The Racing Siberian Husky


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offering free
Holiday eCards


Click link to order The Dog Whisperer
The Dog


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The Racing Siberian Husky
newsletter online


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Dog books, posters  
Dog collars 
Dog health care

Dog toys & treats
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Weather Forecasts



Click link to order The Last Great Race: The Iditarod

Iditarod: Great

Race to Nome


GreatRaceNome.jpg (7762 bytes)
The Great Race to
Nome: An Alaskan
Adventure Across
the Curriculum


Virtual PostCards to send free!    [ Top ] 

123Greetings: for all occasions
1001 Postcards: for every holiday, many special days too
Cards for all Purposes
and Dog Breed Cards from Cardmaster
Cards of 24 dog breeds: from Dog Day Afternoon
Cards with Siberian Huskies: & other breeds, from Sleepy's
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Dog Postcards: huge collection from WorkingDogWeb
E-greetings: from Open Directory Project
Free Cards for Lovers: plus birthday, wedding cards
Free-E-Cards-Online: birthdays, holidays, love, more
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Free Postcards: from
Good Morning eCards: from
Greetings from Care2: 25,000 choices
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Greetings: from Yahoo! & Yahoo's directory of

Holiday Cards: from StarNet
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Many Holiday Ecards: from WDW's HolidayMall
Many More Postcard sites: from Mining Co.

star-red.gif (874 bytes)Click banner to find great products for 135 breeds from Akita to Corgi, Doberman to German Shepherd to Golden Retriever, Poodle to Siberian Husky, Yellow Lab to Yorkie & MORE!

Free Software & Web Stuff    [ Top ] including software from basics such as WinZip and Adobe Acrobat to spam interceptors to browsers and much more, free or free to try new3.gif (946 bytes)
Free Downloads: including software, screensavers, from well-known ZDNet
Free Stuff Center: including software, screensavers, games, graphics, sounds, wallpaper, Webmaster tools
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The Free Site - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE computer & web freebies
WebGuide: free dog graphics, web site promotion tools and much more, from WorkingDogWeb

Webmasters' Resources: guide to the best sites, tools, also from WorkingDogWeb

Free Stuff to treat yourself!  [ Top

#1 Free Stuff: many categories of freebies
A to Z Free Stuff:
FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE from a great online resource, My Reference Desk
Cool Freebie Links: many categories
Free Stuff:
many categories
Free Stuff: from Open Directory Project
Free_Stuff: big
listing of sites at Yahoo!

Free Stuff Center: coupons, games, email, more
Free Stuff Central:
coupons, samples, digital postcards

Link 'R Us:
for free stuff from Clickets lots of choices
Totally Free Stuff: many categories

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star-red.gif (881 bytes) Best Dog FREE STUFF! from - find many more freebies for your pooch!
Dog Cut-outs Project for Kids: ready to print and color
Free Add Your Dog Links: free publicity for your dog Web site from
Free Dog Album for Online Photos: for a pooch's pictures
Free Dog E-mail: your name

Free Dog E-mail: your name
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Free Dog E-Newsletter - WDWNews with updates on dog behavior and training, dog free stuff, cool canine sites, more
Free Dog & Pet Games, Screensavers & More
Pet Freebies: food, products, videos

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Click link to order The New Work of Dogs
The New Work of
Dogs: Tending to
Life, Love, Family

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