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For dog books,
posters,  videos,
beds, collars, food,
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turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) OTHER GRAPHICS turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) WEB TOOLS
turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) BANNER ADS & RINGS turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) WEBBOARDS
turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) CANINE FEATURES turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) DOG BOOKS

We offer a collection of links to graphics, design ideas, web tools and web promotion including awards, banner ads and rings, plus fun canine content for your site. Please follow the designers' rules for graphics use. Some sites are no longer available. Click for more Webmasters' Resources, a companion to WebGuide.

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Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
Atlas of
Dog Breeds


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Clip Art:


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Dog Graphics

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Animated Dogs


LongGoodBoy.jpg (6636 bytes)
The Long Good Boy:
A Rachel Alexander
and Dash Mystery

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Dog Graphics & Icons  [ Top ] 

Animal & Dog Clip Art - from Best of Web
Animal & Dog Clip Art Guide - including dogs, puppies
Animated Dogs
- from Best Animated Animals
Animated Dogs - click on Doggies for animated canines

dog-sheltie.gif (1264 bytes)

Animation Library
- the Dogs collection
Aussie Christmas Graphics

Basenji Graphics
- background sets & clip art

Border Collie WebSets - four different sets
from Tails A Waggin'

Boxer & Scottie & Other Breed Backgrounds - for
your site

Clip Art - Abquisto

Breed-Specific Dog Graphics - 12 breeds including Papillon,
Norwegian Elkhound, Smooth and Rough Collie

Breed-Specific Web Sets - for Airedale, Collie, more

Breed Web Sets - many breeds, from Graphics by Barbara
Canine Graphics - two page of dog graphics from CyberKitten
Canine Theme Web Sets - several breeds, from Zanara Designs
Canine Web Graphics
- big collection of links at the Dogs
Section of the Open Directory Project

Canine Web Graphics - links to dog graphics
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Graphics
- animations, lines, more
Clip Art by David Taylor
- of Not in My Backyard fame 

Clip Art: Bernese Mountain Dogs
Clip Art: Dalmatians - large & small
Corgi Corner - all Corgi graphics
Dog Backgrounds for Web Sites - from Angela's Background Sets
Dog Graphics - huge collection featuring Shelties
Dog Graphics from Subtle Setters - backgrounds, sets, holiday items

Bernese Wagger
Clip Art: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Doggy Graphics - from Fuzzy Faces FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE
Dog Graphics - Backgrounds & Borders - from Ellz Place
Doghause ASCII Animal Art - the web Art Gallery here
is closed,but enjoy this collection of art for e-mail
Doghause Clip Art Collections - black & white clip art to download
Dog Icons & More - small icons of dog breeds

Dog Sketches - black & white sketches, several breeds
Dog-Themed Graphics Resources - big collection of links to great
canine graphics, from Caryn
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Free Dog Graphics Sampler - plus links to more
Free Canine Graphics
- Web page sets with Rottweilers,Boxers, German Shepherds, Samoyeds, Westies, more

Free Dog Graphics - including agility - K-9s Rule
Free Dog Show Graphics - ribbons and more
K-9s Rule Free Graphics Page - dog graphics including agility, holidays, equipment, more
Tribute to Dogs Free Graphics
- Shelties & more 
dog-running.gif (1239 bytes)
Animal Web Graphics

PupSketch.gif (11563 bytes)
Tribute to Dogs

Click link to order Culture Clash
The Culture


Click link to order The Art of Raising a Puppy
The Art of
Raising A Puppy

Click link to order Canine Good Citizen
Canine Good

Corgi-b-merle.gif (4724 bytes)
Corgi Corner


tibbiehome.gif (1853 bytes)
Clipart by Taylor


dog-brown.gif (9325 bytes)
Dog Clip Art


Golden-jump.gif (2775 bytes)
K-9s Rule


WebStyleGuide.gif (7298 bytes)

Web Style



WebCommunities.jpg (6659 bytes)
Community Building

on the Web


WebUsability.jpg (3124 bytes)

Web Usability


Click link to order The Dog Listener
Dog Listener


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for Web books

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Click link to order Dogs on dog origins and behavior


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The Racing Siberian Husky
online newsletter



HavingFunWithAgility.jpg (6952 bytes)
Having Fun

with Agility

The Great Race to
Nome: An Alaskan
Adventure Across
the Curriculum


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) General Graphics & Icons  [ Top ] 

#1Free Clip Art - animals, holidays, nature, much more

#1FreeStuff Web Builder
- from graphics to guest books
to promotion, everything for a great canine web page
Animated Gifs - Resources

Animation Factory - free featured samples, more
Backgrounds - from
Background Textures & Borders
- 2,212 and growing
Ball Boutique - from balls and buttons to words

Rott-pup.gif (2785 bytes)

basset.gif (754 bytes)

Icon Bazaar

Barrys Clipart Server - many graphic resources
Canine Web Graphics
- a large listing, and other dog resources
Clipart@TheLinks - big set of links to web graphics sites - animations, backgrounds, bars, bullets, button-maker, fonts, icons, graphics and more
Doggy Graphics Gallery - images, lines, backgrounds's Pagekits
- free Web site graphics kits and design tips plus free graphics from's image kits
Free Art from - very stylish icons, snowflakes, alphabet, and more to download and unzip

Free GIFs - more than 3,500 free GIFs for your site
Free Graphics
- animations, backgrounds, much more
Free Web Graphics - from ScreamDesign
Texture Station - 392 backgrounds from around the world
Whole Internet Guide to Clip Art
- scroll to search box
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Web Rings for Graphics -  a great resource star-red.gif (874 bytes)
Yahoo Clip Art Directory - find more graphics resources

Click to browse for Top Dog Books!
star-red.gif (874 bytes) CLICK ABOVE to order best-selling dog books - thanks!

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Web Design, HTML & Tools   [ Top ]

Alertbox - collected columns on Web useability by Jakob Nielsen, well known expert on designing sites people can use
Color Chart - 216 browser-safe
Web colors
Color Chart
- find the codes for the color you want
Color Chart
- super chart from ZSPC
Color on Web Pages - easy tutorial and color chart
Counter from - get valuable statistics about your site's visitors free, password protected
Counter from - in-depth data about your site's visitors, open for visitors to see
Fabulous Freebies
- CNET's free Web software downloads
Fill-in Forms - get visitor feedback free, from Freedback
Guide to Resources for Webmasters - companion to WebGuide, with links to many top web resources pages star-red.gif (874 bytes) RECOMMENDED star-red.gif (874 bytes)
HTML - Easiest Guide for Beginners
HTML Guide for Beginners - plus graphics
HTML Guide with Advanced Features
HTML Interactive Tutorial - for beginners
Internet/Web Tips
- tons of tips on topics from awards to
counters, marquees to meta tags, .wav files to web rings  

NetMechanic - reduce size of gifs, tune up your web site FREE! - articles, design guidelines, more
Top 10 Good Deeds in Web Design
Top 10 Mistakes in Web Site Design
- a classic
Top 10 NEW Mistakes in Web Site Design
Top 10 Lists: Good and Bad Design
Top 15 Mistakes in First-Time Web Design - from the DogHause
Web Building Resources - from
Web Design and Development - many links from Open Directory

Web Resources Free
- links to banner exchanges, chat rooms, forms, counters, message boards - scroll down to Webmaster area
Web Resources Free - graphics, counters, HTML, more
Web Tools Free - banner exchanges, graphics, HTML editors, site promotion, traffic analysis, more 
Yahoo's World Wide Web - links to all aspects of the Web

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Promotion: Awards  [ Top ]

A-Z Award Information for Web Sites - great place to start
Awards for Web Sites - listings of some of top awards
Award Resources - listing of 500 award sites plus worksheet
Best of the Pet Sites Award - from Kipper the Corgi
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Canine Web Awards - big collection of links at the Dogs
Section of the Open Directory Project
FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE 
Cool Canine Sites - check the winners, then submit your site for consideration for this honor from WorkingDogWeb [see below] 
Cool Dog Sites - e-mail Chazhound & ask for a site review
Cool Dog Site of the Day  - view, apply for Dogmark's award
Dog Gone Good Award - the DogHause award is no longer given, but you can browse the archives of past winners
Family & Animal & General Awards - list of award-giving sites
Paws-R-Us Award -- for noncommercial sites 
Top Dog Award -- apply here
Web Site Promotion - large collection of links on all aspects of Web site promotion from the Open Directory

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Promotion: Banner Ads, Rings & More  [ Top ]

#1FreeStuff Web Builder - from guest books to graphics to
promotion, it's all here to help you promote your canine web page

14 Laws of Banner Advertising - from Banner Co-op
Animation Online for Banners & Buttons - free
Banner Ad Design Tips
-- series of articles
Banner Ad Tips -- for successful banner ads, plus index to a series
of articles on
Designing Effective Banners

Banner Blanks - 1,000 free blanks ready for your message, plus a link to a helpful tutorial on completing your banner

Banner & Button Maker - free online
- 1-for-1 banner exchange
Banner Creation - you make basic banners free online
Banner Exchange - 4:3 banner exchange, banner advice, more
Banner Exchanges - 200+ banner programs listed at Open Directory
Banner Exchanges - big listing of banner programs at Yahoo
Banner Generator
- you make more complex banners free online
Button Blanks - 5,000 free blanks ready for your message


Ani-Book.gif (1625 bytes)
for ANY book
or CDs, DVDs
and more!


Shop @ the
WorkingDogWeb BookShelf
for great dog books

line-trq-short.gif (1991 bytes)

Online Graphics Tools - big collection of free online tools for creating banners, logos, more
- free service lets your visitors recommend your site to friends, including your traffic

Webrings - search for rings on any topic
Web Site Promotion - large collection of links on all aspects of Web site promotion from the Open Directory
WWW Signboard Factory - produce simple banners online


2gifts.gif (1752 bytes)

ENJOY easy online shopping for books, CDs, videos, electronics, gifts and more at the
FunMall -- CLICK HERE!

sammy-sm.gif (3135 bytes)
Critter Graphics


catnip-dog2.gif (5146 bytes)
Catnip Calico
Dog Design


star-red.gif (874 bytes) star-red.gif (874 bytes) star-red.gif (874 bytes)
cipher-dog.gif (5087 bytes)
Best Dog

star-red.gif (874 bytes) star-red.gif (874 bytes) star-red.gif (874 bytes)


book-stack.gif (5069 bytes)
on the books above
to find books on

ANY topic!


pawprint.gif (974 bytes)
your start page


Click the link to order this important new dog health book!
Dog Health&
for Dummies

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Promotion: E-mail Discussion Lists   [ Top ]

ADogNet Forum - post messages about your site on purebred dogs
Canine E-mail Lists - for assistance dogs, dog health and more
Complete Dog E-mail List - from Cindy Tittle Moore
Dog Chats & Forums - listing at Open Directory
Dog Discussion & Chat - listing of sites from the Pawtel
Dog Internet Forums - list of chat forums, news groups & both general and breed listservs at AcmePet
E-mail Lists & Discussion Groups - with short reviews
- free moderated Internet discussion group with an archive you can search on dog topics
Liszt - search the directory of 84,792 mailing lists, from Topica
Publically Accessible Mailing Lists - or PAML - use the search function to find dog and canine mailing and discussion lists
Tile.Net - search for dog e-mail information and discussion lists
Yahoo Groups - search for dog-related groups

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Submit Your URLs [ Top ]

Add a URL to Dogs Directory - be part of this free Web database from Open Directory Project
Submit Free - free search engine submission plus other web site online promotion tools
Add Me - free submission to 34 search engines - free submission to 20 search engines
Bruce Clay on Search Engine Ranking
- advice on placing high in search engine ranking results
Easy Submit - star-red.gif (874 bytes) RECOMMENDED star-red.gif (874 bytes) for free, easy-to-use
URL submission to 28 top directories

Exploit Submission Wizard - free & registered versions
Free Advertising Directory - at Grandfather of All Links
Free Classified Ad Sites - check the top sites
Free Webmaster Tools - six tools for webmasters: site submission, banner exchange, link checker, more, from bCentral
META Tag Analyzer
- are you META tags done right in order to improve your listing in the search engines?
META Tags - guide from SearchEngineWatch - check your site's ranking on keywords
Search Engine Secrets - useful articles, resources
SearchEngineWatch - monitor changes in search engines that impact your site's placement in the results
Submit-It! Free - add your site to search engines, at bCentral
SubmitPlus Free Top 10 Submission and more Free programs including submission to the Best 100, load test, meta test

Submit URL Free - add your site to 25+ search engines
Submit URL to
- one of the best search engines today
- find keywords for meta tags, search engine ads

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Special Features to Add for Visitors    [ Top ]

Best Dog Free Stuff  - free samples, digital cards, screensavers
Comic Canine Cartoons - find all your favorite dog cartoons plus many new, up-and-coming cartoon K9s
Dog Humor
- directory of links to humor, jokes

Dog Trivia Contest
- for some fun, from DogSaver
Pet & Animal Games
- and more games, free
Pet Recipes
- biscuits, food, treats, more
Pet Recipes & Canine Nutrition
- a yummy link from Francis' Dog Hpuse


logo-helpw-t.gif (2214 bytes)

line-trq-short.gif (1991 bytes)

star-red.gif (874 bytes)Click banner to find great products for 135 breeds from Affenpinscher to
Doberman, German Shepherd to Labrador, Rottweiller to Siberian Husky,
Weimaraner to Yorkshire Terrier, more! 
Thanks for your support.

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Dog WebRings
& PetRings


Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
Dog Breed

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