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Northern people in Eurasia and North America for centuries used their dogs as working partners. In early times, dogs helped in hunting and alerting people to dangerous animals such as bears. Later, they pulled sledges and boats and herded reindeer. Now, sled dog racing and other sports are among their many activities. And, of course, the spitz-type dogs are wonderful if strong-minded companions. Meet the breeds.

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Finnish Spitz:  A

Owner's Guide


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pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Northern & Spitz Dogs: Overview  [ Top ]

· Asian and European Spitz Breeds - introducing the Akita Inu, Shiba
  Inu, Hokkaido dog and others plus the German spitz breeds, and also
  introducing the
Nordic Spitz Breeds including the Alaskan Malamute,
  Siberian Husky, Samoyed, the Elkhounds, Laikas, more
· Dingo & Pariah Dogs - likely ancestors to the spitz breeds, plus two
  Northern breeds: Karelian Bear Dog and Norbottenspetz - photos 
· Nordic Breeds Ring - more than 170 sites on northern breeds
· Nordic Spitz Dog Breeds - grouped in categories including bird dogs,
  elkhounds and herding dogs, and more Nordic or spitz breeds
· Northern Breeds - history, functions and characteristics,and much
about the Northern Dogs with typical characteristics
· Northern Spitz Dogs - with breeds listed by working type, herding
  dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs, from Finland

· Spitz Dog Breeds of the World - with mini profiles, small photos of 35
  breeds or groups of breeds including the Ainu, Canaan Dog, Eurasier,
  the Russian laikas, Siberian Husky, many more
· Spitz Dog Family Relatives - links to 41 breeds including northern

  breeds from the Ainu Dog to the Swedish Vallhund
· Spitz-like Breeds - versatile dogs used for hauling,herding, hunting,
  listed by size
· Spitz Group or Group 8 - Canadians aim to bring all spitz or northern
  breeds into one group for show judging, including these breeds, with a
  puzzle based on silhouettes to test your knowledge of 26 breeds

· 14 Ancient Breeds - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE genetics researchers have identified
  14 ancient breeds including the Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow Chow,
  Samoyed, Shiba Inu and Siberian Husky among the spitz-type dogs,
  and more on discovery of genetic fingerprints that identify these dogs

· Restoration of Russia's Northern Breeds - a search for aboriginal dogs
  in Northeast Siberia; photos of Inuit dogs from Chukotka, Canada, and
  more of The Russian Connection linking Asian, American Inuit dogs
· Temperature Adaptation in Northern Dogs - how northern breeds can
  handle extremes of hot, cold climate

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Book of
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This is the
Alaskan Malamute


A to Z Breeds:

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Akitas: Complete
Pet Owner's Manual


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New Owners Guide
to Alaskan Malamutes


AlaskanMalamuteNew.jpg (7393 bytes)
The New Complete
Alaskan Malamute


Dingo.jpg (4914 bytes)
The Dingo: In Australia and Asia


FinnishLapphund.jpg (6229 bytes)
Finnish Lapphund:
A Comprehensive
Owner's Guide


abc --  [ A to Z Index | BookSearch | Top ]

· Ainu Dog or Ainu Inu - a spitz-type dog from northern Japan, also
  called the Hokkaido Dog plus Ainu Dog photos and more photos
· Akita Inu - in-depth guide, and more on the Akita Inu, its ancestral
  stock tracing back to prehistoric Japan, plus a look at the native
  Akita Dog, at origins in shellmound period, plus Akita history and photos
  from the 1940s-1950s, and U.S. and Japanese Akita types, breed's
  development on Honshu Island and formal origin in the 20th century
· Alaskan Husky - native dog, racing dog, including its history, and more
  about the Alaskan husky of "husky type" and Alaskan huskies of various
  types including the Aurora husky, "hound type" huskies, and more on
  this dog type, not breed, called Alaskan Husky
· Alaskan Klee Kai
- history of this miniature husky, a new dog breed,
  and the
UKC standard for this small version of the Alaskan husky
· Alaskan Malamute
- a freighting dog with a look at its origin, more on
  this powerful dog  and its history plus many Malamute links
· American Eskimo Dog - history of this small white spitz descended
  from the German spitz dogs, and more on the breed known as Eskie

· Bali Street Dog - while these feral dogs of Bali, Indonesia, are not
  northern dogs, they are closely related to the Chow Chow and Akita
  as well as the Australian dingo. Read more here.

· Canaan Dog - Israel's ancient herding dog that was
  redeveloped in the 20th century, a spitz-type dog
  of the desert, its
history & pariah dogs links
· Canadian Eskimo Dog - the history of these sled
  dogs, plus illustrated standard, breed qualities, and
  more on Canadian Eskimo Dogs
· Chinese Foo Dog - or Happiness Dog or Sacred Dog,
  a spitz breed in  three sizes
· Chinook Dogs
- new sled dog breed created in New
, and more on the breed in action and more
  on the Chinook Sled Dog

CanaanDog.jpg (6541 bytes)
Canaan Dog
(Kennel Club Dog
Breed Series)

· Chukotka Huskies - sturdy working dogs from Northeast Siberia that
  raced in the Yukon Quest and Iditarod in 2013 [see slideshow]

· Chow Chow - origins in China as a guarding and hunting dog, and more
  on breed
history & FAQ and an Illustrated Standard slide show, and an
  early pottery Chow Chow and rough- and smooth-coated Chow Chows

defg  --  [ A to Z Index | BookSearch | Top ]

· Dingo & Primitive Breeds - explore qualities of the Dingo, New Guinea
  Singing Dog and other primitive breeds and the spitz breeds in a guide
  from WorkingDogWeb that includes unique Thai and Korean spitzes

· East Siberian Laika - compared to the West Siberian Laika, Karelian
  Bear Dog and Jamthund or Swedish Elkhound, see Laika for more
· Eurasier - new spitz breed combining Wolf Spitz, Chow Chow and
  Samoyed, with photo gallery, and a look at development of the Eurasier

· Finnish Lapphund - one of three Lapphund
  reindeer herding breeds, the others Swedish
  and Lapponian, plus description & photos
· Colors of working Finnish Lapphunds with many
· Finnish Spitz - with history, characteristics,
  plus a brief breed history, an in-depth history
  plus a breed profile
· National Dog of Finland - Finnish Spitz
· Life with a Finnish spitz including a breed
  description and action photos

FinnishSpitz-AKN.gif (16064 bytes)
Finnish Spitz

· German Spitz - various German spitz dogs, often watch dogs for home
  and farm, and more on the German Spitz plus on the white spitz now
  known in the U.S. as the American Eskimo Dog and the relationship of
  the German wolfspitz to the
Keeshond and the matter of coat colors

· Greenland Dog or Greenland Eskimo Dog - as described by explorer
  Fridtjof Nansen in 1897, and the standard from The Kennel Club in UK
  and more on the Greenland Dog.  See also Canadian Eskimo Dog.

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Chow Chows

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Book of the Chow Chow


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Japanese Dogs:
Akita, Shiba, and
Other Breeds


KeeshondenComplete.jpg (7833 bytes)
Complete Owner's


KarelianBearDog.jpg (8712 bytes)
Bear Dogs: Canines
With a Mission


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  --  [ A to Z Index | BookSearch | Top ]

· Hokkaido Dog of Japan, also known as the Ainu Dog, and another look
  at the origins of Hokkaido Inu or Ainu Inu

· Iceland Sheepdog - another spitz dog, here in
  Denmark, and more on the Iceland Sheepdog
  that  originated in Scandinavia
· Icelandic Sheepdog,
dog that came with Vikings
  to Iceland
· Inuit Sled Dog - from Canada and the Inuit Dog,
  companion for survival to the Inuit people, once
  called Eskimo, and a look at this sled dog breed
  working in fan hitch, plus the Inuit Dog List. See
  Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog
· Israel Canaan Dog, see also Canaan Dog, above

IsraelCanaanDog.jpg (5569 bytes)
The Israel
Canaan Dog

· Jakutischer Laika - also called the Yakut Laika or Yakoot Laika
  [see below], seen in a sled dog team with Samoyeds. This native
  sled dog, some with blue eyes, was from the Kolyma River area of
  Northeast Siberia [see photo of sled dog team from 1912] as well
  as the Lena River in the region once called Yakutia, now Sakha.

· Jamthund - Swedish elkhound, and more on the Jamthund and Swedish
  spitz-type breeds such as the Swedish Lapphund, Norrbottenspets,
  Swedish white elkhound, Halleforshun, and Jamthund photos
· Japanese Native Dog Breeds
- Akita, Hokkaido, Kai Ken, more, and a
  look at
Japanese spitz-type dogs and more on traditional Japanese dogs
ncluding Akita, Kisyu, Sikoku, Shiba.  Profiles of Japanese breeds -
  with photographs - Ainu, Akita, Kai, Kishu, Shanshu or Mikawa, Shiba
  and Shikoku. 
Genetic study of Japanese breeds shows similarities. See
  individual breeds.

· Japanese Spitz - descended from German spitz
  dogs, and the
standard from The Kennel Club
· Japanese Spitz with origins in Siberia
· Jindo
- origins in Korea as a guarding and hunting
  dog, pictures of the Jindo in America

· Jindo, its appearance and its recent history
· Jindo and its relation to other Asian spitz breeds
· Kai Ken - a Japanese spitz-type dog, and profile
  and photographs

JapaneseSpitz.jpg (4632 bytes)
Japanese Spitz

· Keeshond - watchdog and family companion and breed history and a
  look at breed history including varied coat colors and a Keeshond profile
· Karelian Bear Dog - Finnish hunting dog,and its work in bear control,
more on bear dog work, profile of breed also called Karelian Bear Laika
a brief history of the Karelian Bear Dog and the related breed,
  the Russo-European Laika, and the Karelian Bear Dog FCI standard
· Kishu Inu - a Japanese spitz-type hunting dog, and a photograph plus
  the Kishu FCI standard
· Koryak Dog - a dog of the native Koryak people of northeast Siberia
  can be seen in the far right of this photograph 

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NorwegianElkhound.jpg (5209 bytes)
The Norwegian

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AmericanEskimoComplete.jpg (6475 bytes)
The Complete
American Eskimo


HuntingLaikaBreeds.jpg (5216 bytes)
Hunting Laika
Breeds of Russia


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The New
Complete Samoyed
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SamoyedToday.jpg (6198 bytes)
The Samoyed


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The Complete
Shiba Inu


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The Siberian



Born to Pull


lmno --  [ A to Z Index | BookSearch | Top ]

· Laika Hunting Dogs - Russia's spitz-type hunting dogs including
  West Siberian Laika, East Siberian Laika, Russo-European Laika and
  Finno-Karelian Laika. More on the latter breed, the Karelian Bear Dog,
  comparing it to the Russo-European Laika. Also see Northeasterly
  Hauling Laika.
· Lapphunds - and overview of the three types of lapphunds - Finnish,
  Swedish & Lapponian - and another look at the three breeds of the
  Lapps or Sami people of northern Scandinavia. See Finnish Lapphund.
· Lapponian Herder - the reindeer herding dog in Finland,and a profile
  with photos of this breed also called Lapinporokoira and more on the
  and original Lappland Reindeer Herder and 10 photo galleries

· Mackenzie River Huskies - a freighting dog

· Norrbottenspets - a Swedish hunting dog
· Northeasterly Hauling Laika - of the six breeds created during the
  Soviet era, this one is solely for sled dog work. Considered to be an
  amalgation of breeds, this large dog is also called the Northeastern
  Sleigh Dog. Not a Siberian Husky.
· Norwegian Buhund
- role as a herding dog and history and character,
  and the Buhund FCI standard  
· Norwegian Elkhound or Norsk elghund
, "Norwegian moose-dog," an
  ancient hunter of big game such as moose and bear, and more on
  the Norwegian elkhound characteristics plus elkhound history with a
  comparison of the Gray Elkhound,White Elkhound, Finnish Spitz,
  Karelian Bear Dog and Jamthund
· Norwegian Lundehund - a dog for puffin hunting, and a photograph
  and Lundehund FCI standard

pqrs --  [ A to Z Index | BookSearch | Top ]

· Pungsan Dog - white- or cream-colored hunting dog of North Korea
  and a photo gallery of the breed, also called Poongsan Dog

· Russian-European Laika - Russian hunting dog, see Laika

· Samoyed - originally of northwest Siberia, and more on the Samoyed,
  a multifaceted working dog plus Samoyed Colors
· Seppala Siberian Sleddogs - based on the Seppala strain of working
  Siberian Huskies, they are being dual-registered with this standard

· Shiba Inu and Shikoku, two Japanese native
  spitz dogs, a
· Shiba Inu profile and a quick look at this small
  native hunting dog, and Shiba FCI standard
· Shikoku Dog
- ancient Japanese hunting dog,
  and a
quick look at this spitz-type breed
· Shikoku photograph, profile and FCI standard 
· Standard for 6 Japanese Breeds of varying
  sizes, including the Shiba Inu, Shikoku

ShibaInus.jpg (5900 bytes)
Shiba Inus

· Siberian Husky @ WorkingDogWeb - FIVESITE -- in-depth page
  on racing, show and companion Siberians, plus
Siberian Husky FAQ and

  a breed history in North America and Siberian Husky Colors with some
  600 photos of 250 Siberians and
another Siberian Husky FAQ

· Siberian Husky History - and comparison with Alaskan Malamute
· Sled Dog Breeds
- from SledDogCentral
· Swedish Elkhound   or Jamthund, compared to the East Siberian Laika,
  West Siberian Laikia and Karelian Bear Dog
· Swedish Lapphund and Swedish native spitz type breeds such as the
  Jamthund, Norrbottenspets, Swedish white elkhound, Halleforshund,
  and more on the Swedish Lapphund
· Swedish Vallhund - a spitz-type herding dog with a build like a corgi,
  and more Swedish Vallhund information and history

tuvwxyz  --  [ A to Z IndexBookSearch | Top ]

· West Siberian Laika - compared to the East Siberian Laika, Karelian
  Bear Dog and Jamthund or Swedish Elkhound, and more about the
  three laika breeds - East Siberian laika, West Siberian laika and the
  Russo-European laika. A profile of the West Siberian Laika and a photo
  of two West Siberian Laikas with a Karelian Bear Dog, and a side profile
  picture of a West Siberian Laika. Also see Laika.

· Yakoot Laika - as described in the 1800s by Prince Andrew Shirinsky
  Shihmatoff who sought to identify all native dogs of northern Russia
  and Siberia, with this type considered to be similar to the dogs of the
  Chukchi and Koryak, also spelled Yakut Laika. Yakutian sled dogs are
  again being imported into North America. Some were imported for
  Leonhard Seppala. Also see Jakutischer Laika and Laika.
· Yukagir Dog - photo of a native Yukagir woman and dog in front of a
  tent on the upper reaches of the Kolyma River, northeast Siberia

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The Savvy


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The Great Race to
Nome: An Alaskan
Adventure Across
the Curriculum

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Alone Across
The Arctic

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Husky Back Issues


pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Sled Dogs & Mushers   [ Top ]

About Sled Dogs & Sled Dog Racing - Stephen R. Lee's FAQ
Dogs of the Iditarod
- articles & interviews, including champion
Jeff King's look at
Iditarod dogs
  new3.gif (284 bytes)
Iditarod 25 - Features
- from the Anchorage Daily News, on both
the dogs and mushers

FAQ on Sleddogs & Sled Dog Racing - Margaret Bonham's FAQ
Mushing around the World in Photos - from Everything Husky
Mushing with Samoyeds

Names for Sled Dogs - more than 1,800 naming ideas

Racing Siberian Husky Online - news & features
Siberian Husky World - FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE - this area of WorkingDogWeb offers in-depth look at this famous sled dog
Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic - from Nature on PBS
Sled Dog Basics - an introduction from ISDRA
Sled Dog Expedition - Pam Flowers' trek from Barrow, Alaska, to Repulse Bay, NWT, the first woman to make the trip solo with sled dogs
What makes sled dogs run?
- from ISDRA
Who invented sled dog teams? - from Alaska Science Forum

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Sled Dogs -- Add a Site   [ Top ]

Add a Dog Web Site - to WorkingDogWeb's Add a Dog Link new3.gif (284 bytes)

Add a Dog Web Site - to Open Directory [add URL]
Add a Sled Dog Site - to Open Directory [add URL]
Add a Sled Dog Racing Site
- to Open Directory [add URL]
Check Dog Web Sites
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Fact Book

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Dogs of
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Gold Rush Dogs

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Iditarod: Great

Race to Nome

PuppiesDogsBlueNorthers.jpg (5138 bytes)
Puppies, Dogs,
and Blue Northers:
Reflections on Being
Raised by a Pack
of Sled Dogs


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pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Iditarod, the Last Great Race   [ Top ]

Iditarod Links at WorkingDogWeb FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE an in-depth site with many links to mushers, dogs, race information
Iditarod Facts not Fiction - an illustrated overview addressing various issues about the race
Iditarod Trail Race - official site for the race

Iditarod 1998 Photoessay with racing Siberians
- from
The Racing Siberian Husky Online

Iditarod Trail Race - in-depth coverage from the Anchorage Daily News, plus a look at the trail itself on a large annotated map
Iditarod & More
- supersite for Last Great Race,
Iditarod Race Winners 1973-2002 - plus times, multiple winners, records
Real Iditarod Champions - The Dogs - a look at the dogs and how mushers keep them in top form, including feeding and conditioning them, and why Alaska needed the Iditarod

Click for a Super Sleddog Site

Click here for lots more about Sleddogs!

pawprint.gif (974 bytes)  More Mushing Links  [ Top ] - with sled dog racing news
Everything Husky
- breeds to mushing to races
Mushing Links
- from the North Star Sled Dog Club
Mushing Terminology - from new3.gif (284 bytes) - in Swedish
new3.gif (284 bytes) 
- new sport or training method
- another alternative to sledding, and more

SledDogCentral - musher interviews to race listings
Sled Dog Discussion Lists & Chat
Sled Dog Sport or Schlittenhundesport - in German new3.gif (284 bytes)
Teaching Musher Gary Paulsen's "Woodsong" - and other Paulsen
resources for teachers
Working Activities for Alaskan Malamutes
- many ideas
Sled Dog & Mushing Links Worldwide
- extensive collection of links


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