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Ancient Breeds from:  China | Japan | SiberiaAlaska | Middle East | Africa

New discoveries in 2004 identified "genetic fingerprints" for 85 purebred dog breeds; 14 breeds are of an ancient type, with genetic fingerprints similar to the wolf, the ancestor of dogs. Most have Asian homelands. They are Afghan Hound, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Basenji, Chow Chow, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Saluki, Samoyed, Shar-Pei, Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu, Siberian Husky and Tibetan Terrier.  Meet all the breeds.

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Ancient Breeds: China & Tibet   [ Top ]

Canine genetic research published in the journal Science in May 2004 showed that 14 of 85 breeds examined have a "genetic fingerprint" with considerable similarity to the wolf and form a cluster considered most like the early domestic dogs.  However, according to two analyses, seven of these 14 have the oldest genetic patterns.  These are the Chow Chow and Shar Pei [China], Akita and Shiba Inu [Japan],  Basenji [Africa], the Siberian Husky [Northeast Siberia] and the Alaskan Malamute [Northwest Alaska].

ChowChowCare.jpg (5429 bytes)
The Proper Care
of Chow Chows


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Chow Chow

Chow-Chow - A Profile from WorkingDogWeb

Chow Chow Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club, and more about the Chow Chow, The Kennel Club, UK

Illustrated Chow Chow Standard:  a slide show

Coat Colors:   cream, cinnamon, red, blue, and black

Chow Chow Origins as a guarding, hunting dog

Chow Chow History & FAQ

Chow Chows, both rough- and smooth-coated

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Book of the
Chow Chow


LhasaApso.jpg (5750 bytes)
The Lhasa Apso:
An Owner's Guide


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Lhasa Apso   [ Top ]

Lhasa Apso Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club

Lhasa Apso, The Kennel Club, UK

Coat Colors in the Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Information Source

Origin of the Lhasa Apso

Searching for the True Tibetan Apso

LhasaApsos.jpg (6253 bytes)


PekingeseComprehensive.jpg (5376 bytes)
A Comprehensive


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Pekingese   [ Top ]

Pekingese Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club

Pekingese, The Kennel Club, UK

Coat Colors in the Pekingese: many colors from white and cream to sable and red to black, more

Pekingese History & Legends

Pekingese FAQ

History & Links among Pekingese, Pug and Shih Tzu

PekingeseComplete.jpg (5969 bytes)
The Complete Pekingese


Shar-Pei-Chinese.jpg (7229 bytes)


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Shar-pei   [ Top ]

Chinese Shar Pei Standard, American Kennel Club

Shar Pei, The Kennel Club, UK

Shar Pei Illustated Standard

Coat Colors in the Shar Pei with 20 recognized hues in shades of creams and reds, and more on coat color

Shar Pei History with a note that the breed has a blue black tongue like the Chow Chow

Shar Pei Profile, Dog Breed Info, and Search Engine

Shar-Pei-Comprehensive.jpg (5939 bytes)
Chinese Shar-Pei: A
Comprehensive Guide


ShihTzu-Living.jpg (6573 bytes)
Living with
a Shih Tzu


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Shih-Tzu   [ Top ]

Shih Tzu Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club

Shih Tzu, The Kennel Club, UK

Colors of the Shih Tzu in shades of red, gold, blonde, champagne and brindle, all colors permitted

Shih Tzu Profile, Dog Breed Info

Shih Tzu in Action:  a slide show

Shih Tzu Realm with 600+ links, clip art, more

ShihTzu-Official.jpg (5522 bytes)
The Official Book
of the Shih Tzu


TibetanTerrier.gif (15718 bytes)
Tibetan Terrier:
A Complete and
Reliable Handbook


turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Tibetan Terrier   [ Top ]

Tibetan Terrier Standard, American Kennel Club

Tibetan Terrier, The Kennel Club, UK

Tibetan Terrier Profile, Dog Breed Info, noting that all colors and patterns are allowed

Tibetan Terrier FAQ including why it's called a terrier

Tiberan Terrier Characteristics

Tibetan Terrier Care including coat care. All colors are allowed from pure white to jet black, with golden, silver, brindle, fawn, parti-color, and tri-color coats known.

TibetanTerrier-PL.jpg (6633 bytes)
Tibetan Terrier
(Pet Love)

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Akitas: Complete
Pet Owner's Manual


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The Complete
Shiba Inu


Ancient Breeds:  Japan
    [ Top ]

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Akita

Akita - A Breed Profile:  from WorkingDogWeb

Akita Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club and a
look at the Akita, the Kennel Club, UK

Coat Colors in the Akita: all colors allowed including the unique brindle [many photos], and a color list

Akita Inu ancestors trace to prehistoric Japan, and more on native Akita Dogs and Akita origins in shellmound period, and its development on northern Honshu Island

Akita history and photos from the 1940s and 1950s

Akita types in the U.S. and Japanese today

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Shiba Inu   [ Top ]

Shiba Inu Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club

Shiba Inu, The Kennel Club, UK

Coat Colors are red, sesame, black and tan, and white or cream, although not all registries accept all colors

Shiba Inu profile and a quick look at this small native Japanese hunting dog, and Shiba links

Shiba Inu & Shikoku, Japanese native spitz dogs

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Japanese Dogs:
Akita, Shiba, and
Other Breeds

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The New
Complete Akita

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Book of the Akita

SamoyedToday.jpg (6198 bytes)
The Samoyed


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The Essential
Siberian Husky


Ancient Dog Breeds:  Siberia
     [ Top ]

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Samoyed

Samoyed Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club

Samoyed, The Kennel Club, UK

Coat Colors in the Samoyed:  white, cream and biscuit are allowed in the purebred dog, but Nenets' native dogs can be white with black patches or all black

Samoyed Resources including the working Samoyed

Samoyede People & their Dogs

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Siberian Husky   [ Top ]

Siberian Husky, American Kennel Club

Siberian Husky, The Kennel Club, UK

Colors of the Siberian Husky:  all colors allowed, many special markings shown in more than 250 pictures

Siberian Husky World, a major WorkingDogWeb guide with resources on racing, show and companion Siberians

Siberian Husky Characteristics

Siberian Husky Profile, Dog Breed Info

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The Savvy


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The Siberian


AfghanHounds2.jpg (6477 bytes)
Afghan Hounds: Everything About Purchase, Care,
and Training


Salukis.gif (16221 bytes)



Ancient Breeds:  Middle East  [ Top ]

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Standard, American Kennel Club

Afghan Hound Standard, The Kennel Club, UK

Afghan Hound Coat Colors: any color allowed, and a diversity of colors exists

History of the Afghan Hound, dog of Afghanistan

Afghan Hound Profile, Dog Breed Info

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Saluki   [ Top ]

Saluki Standard, American Kennel Club, with coat colors white, cream, fawn, golden, red, grizzle and tan, tri-color (white, black and tan), and black and tan.

Saluki, The Kennel Club, UK

History of the Saluki

Saluki Profile, Dog Breed Info

Saluki Hangs on in Arabia, National Geographic

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Saluki-Complete.jpg (7140 bytes)

The Complete


Basenji-Africa.jpg (4322 bytes)

The Basenji: Out of
Africa to You:
A New Look


Ancient Breeds:  Africa   
  [ Top ]

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Basenji

Basenji Facts & Standard, American Kennel Club

Basenji, The Kennel Club, UK

What is a Basenji? & What Colors? four official colors are red and white; black and white; tri-color that includes black, tan and white; and brindle and white.

Basenji Profile, Dog Breed Info

Basenji FAQ

Basenji-Complete.jpg (7166 bytes)
The Complete

AlaskanMalamutes.jpg (7751 bytes)


Ancient Breeds:  Alaska
     [ Top ]

turq-vsm.gif (920 bytes) Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Standard, American Kennel Club, with coat colors from light gray to black, sable, and red, with the only allowed solid color being all white

Alaskan Malamute, The Kennel Club, UK

Alaskan Malamute Origins  as a freighting dog and more on its history as a powerful working dog in the Arctic plus many Malamute links

Alaskan Malamute Profile, Dog Breed Info

Alaskan Malamute & Siberian Husky Comparison

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This is the
Alaskan Malamute


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he new
canine genetic research that led to the designation of these 14 breeds as members of an "ancient cluster" of breeds touched on many breeds in the "spitz family" or the "northern breeds" of dogs.

Surprisingly, some breeds such as the Norwegian Elkhound did not fall into this ancient cluster, leading to the idea that it is a more recent breed created to look like the ancient northern dogs.  Other breeds of this spitz family, such as the Canaan Dog of Israel, simply were not included in the study.  So there many be more discoveries in the years ahead.

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CanaanDog.jpg (6541 bytes)
Canaan Dog
(Kennel Club Dog
Breed Series)

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Book of
the Akita

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The New
Complete Akita


AlaskanMalamutes.jpg (7751 bytes)


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This is the
Alaskan Malamute


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Chow Chows

KarelianBearDog.jpg (8712 bytes)
Bear Dogs: Canines
With a Mission


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Click link to order Keeshonden


HuntingLaikaBreeds.jpg (5216 bytes)
Hunting Laika
Breeds of Russia

KeeshondenComplete.jpg (7833 bytes)
Complete Owner's Guide


FinnishSpitz.jpg (5505 bytes)
Finnish Spitz:  A

Owner's Guide

Click the link to order New Owners Guide to Siberian Huskies
New Owners Guide
to Siberian Huskies

Click the link to order this Siberian Husky guide
Guide to Owning
a Siberian Husky

NorwegianElkhound.jpg (5209 bytes)
The Norwegian

Click link to order Norwegian Elkhounds

AmericanEskimoComplete.jpg (6475 bytes)
The Complete
American Eskimo


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