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Siberia's Land & Cultures
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Clink link to order A History of the Peoples of Siberia
A History of the Peoples of Siberia:
Russia's North Asian
Colony 1581-1990


Overview | Geography & Maps | History | Peoples | Chukchi

Siberia is a vast land stretching from the Ural Mountains in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, from China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan in the south to the Arctic Ocean to the north. More than 85 groups of native peoples made their living as interior hunters and fishermen, coastal hunters of sea mammals, and interior reindeer breeders and herders.  Dogs played a role in the historic cultures of most groups.

Here are resources on the native cultures and landscapes of Siberia, a land of tundra, taiga, and steppe.

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EastOfTheSun.jpg (6768 bytes)
East of the Sun:
The Epic Conquest
and Tragic History
of Siberia


SiberiaSovietFarEast.jpg (3487 bytes)
Siberia and the
Soviet Far East:
Unmasking the Myths


TentLifeSiberia.jpg (3820 bytes)
Tent Life
in Siberia


Clink link to order A History of the Peoples of Siberia
A History of the Peoples of Siberia:
Russia's North Asian
Colony 1581-1990


BaikalSacredSea.gif (8115 bytes)
Baikal: Sacred
Sea of Siberia


ShamanicWorlds.jpg (5125 bytes)
Shamanic Worlds:
Rituals and Lore
of Siberia and
Central Asia


ShamansCoat.jpg (4747 bytes)
The Shaman's Coat:
A Native History
of Siberia


star-red.gif (881 bytes) ORDER star-red.gif (881 bytes)
The Forgotten
Peoples of Siberia

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CrossroadsAlaska.gif (11552 bytes)
Crossroads Alaska:
Native Cultures of
Alaska and Siberia


ArcticAdaptations.jpg (3781 bytes)
Arctic Adaptations:
Native Whalers &
Reindeer Herders
of Northern Eurasia

including Chukchi


JourneyOfMan.jpg (5015 bytes)
The Journey of Man:
A Genetic Odyssey


star-red.gif (881 bytes) MEET star-red.gif (881 bytes)
The Chukchi
& their Neighbors


Siberia: Overview   [ Top ]

Information about Siberia: size, geography, history, climate

Introduction to Siberia: the northern third of Asia

Siberia: regions, culture, peoples, economy, history, more

Siberia: History & Timelines

First Humans in Siberia: modern humans were in Siberia earlier than previously thought, and they helped people the New World

Ice Age Siberia: arrival of modern humans in the Asian Northland

Ice Age Siberia - Land of Wonders: introduction to Ice Age Siberia and early peoples, with pictures, maps and information

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Ice Age or Paleolithic Siberia: resources from WorkingDogWeb

Famous People of Siberia: many explorers from Bering and Middendorf to Krasheninnikov, Shelikhov and Wrangel

History of Russia & Siberia: with timeline

Experience Ice  Age
life of the first
people to migrate
from Siberia to

PeopleOftheWolf.jpg (6557 bytes)

People of the Wolf
(The First North
Series - Book 1)

Discover all the
First North
Americans Books

History of Siberia: from Russia conquest through the Russian Revolution, the Soviet period to today

Timeline for Russian Conquest of Siberia: 1582, a Cossack named Yermak conquers the Khanate of Sibir', then Russia claims Siberia

Siberia: Geology, Geography & Wildlife   [ Top ]

Geography of Eastern Siberia: home of Lake Baikal with 1/5th of all the melted fresh water on Earth, plus mountains, rivers and steppes, and more about Lake Baikal and its flora and fauna

Geography of Siberia: the three vegetation regions of steppe, taiga and tundra, and the four main geological areas, plus the mountains, mineral resources, rivers and lakes, agriculture, populations, more

Geography of Russia & Siberia: major regions, plains, mountains, rivers such as the Volga and Amur, sea coasts, with links to climate, weather

Geography of Russia & Siberia: together 1.8 times the size of the USA

Geography of Russia: map shows Siberia as about two-thirds of Russia with text covering land forms, climate, vegetation, population

Taiga and Tundra: home to the reindeer hunters and herders of Siberia

Wild Country of the Kolyma River: with nature photos, and a look at the the Birds of Chukotka with tundra and coastal landscapes,plus images of wild Kamchatka and more photo galleries of wild Russia

Siberia: Maps of the Vast Land   [ Top ]

Map of Asia: plus country maps including the Russian Federation and a large map of Russia & Siberia with mountain ranges, plains, cities

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Map of Chukotka: see the Chukchi Peninsula in detail, towns, rivers, capes and islands, the Bering Strait, the Chukchi Sea, and another map of Chukotka & Alaska as Beringia with links to research projects

Map of Eastern Siberia: see the Chukchi Peninsula, Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Island and Alaska in relation to each other

Map of Lake Baikal Region & North: see region of the deepest lake on Earth, basins of north-flowing Yenisei and Lena Rivers, and some rivers that form the east-flowing Amur River, and an early map with the locations of Russian forts built in Lake Baikal region in the 1600s

Map of Lake Baikal: in southern Siberia, the world's oldest and largest freshwater lake, and more about this deep Siberian lake and a map of Siberia showing the relationship of Lake Baikal and the Lena River

Map of Russia & Siberia: with, west to east, the Ob, Irtysh and Lena Rivers as well as Lake Baikal, the Amur River and Bering Strait

Map of Sakha - former Yakutia - Siberia: with, west to east, the Lena, Yana, Indigirka and Kolyma Rivers

Map of Siberia: with the route of the Trans-Siberian Express, the railway from Moscow to Vladivostok, and more on the Trans-Siberian Express trip

Map of Siberia - West: with cities including Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Magadan, Anadyr, and Map of Siberia - East with links to subregional maps

Map of Siberia: topographical map of mountains, rivers, and a topo map with mountain ranges and native peoples shown by using mouse

Map of European Russia & Siberia: with administrative regions

Maps of Siberia's Forests: including intact forests by region

Map of Siberia during the Last Glacial Epoch: 20,000 - 14,000 years ago

Map of the Arctic: including Siberia's Arctic, seen from the North Pole, with weather links, treeline, and another Map of the Arctic

The People of Siberia   [ Top ]

Ethnic Groups of Siberia: native peoples from the Nenent to the Evenk, Yakut, Chukchi, Koryak, with map

Siberia's People Today: most Siberians are Russians and Ukrainians, yet many diverse peoples from Finno-Ugrians to Paleo-Siberians live there

Native People of Siberia: Overview   [ Top ]

Map of Aboriginal Peoples of Siberia: including Paleo-Siberian, Altaic,  and Uralic, with main rivers, and more on Siberia's Indigenous Peoples

Map of Indigenous Ethic Groups: home areas for the Siberian Tundra Nentsi, Forest Nentsi, Selkups, Siberian Komi, Altais, Kets, Yakuts, Buryats, Evenks and Evens, Yukagirs, Chukchi and Asiatic Eskimos

Map of Important Early Archaeological Sites: Paleolithic Siberians

Map of Native Languages of Northeast Siberia: in relation to native languages of Alaska, the Northwest Coast Indians, and another map

Aboriginal People of the Russian North: links for many peoples from Aleuts to Chukchi to Kets to Yukagirs, and historic peopling of the Circumpolar North, 11,000 BCE to 500 CE, including map of Siberia with Altai and Sayan Mountains, Lake Baikal, Amur region, plus origins of reindeer herding, cultural development at Bering Strait

Arctic & Siberian Cultures: resources on 30 people, Altay to the Yukagir

Folk Tales of Eastern Siberia: stories of the Yukagir, Lamuts [Evens], and Russianized natived, collected by Waldemar Bogoras, plus the folk tales of the Siberian Eskimos and of the Chukchi

Indigenous People of Siberia: illustrations of native dress, lifeways for the Evens, Evenki and Dolgans of Eastern Siberia, Khanty, Mansi and Selkups of Western Siberia, as well as Nenets, Nganasans, as well as illustrations of shamans and their masks & bird figurines

Native People of Siberia: the Altaic, Uralic and Paleo-Siberian groups of peoples, with links to information

People of Siberia: info on 14 native peoples of northern Siberia from the Chukchi and Koryak to Samoyed peoples, with map, photos, and more on
the role of wild and domestic reindeer in their lives
· their domestic life including tents, reindeer sleds
· objects for hunting & domestic & religious life
· shamanism and shaman's coat & bird symbolism and
shaman's coat

People of Southern Siberia including a horseman of the Altai and one of these people's sacred places

Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire: info on 85 peoples of Russia and Siberia, Chukchi, Koryak, Itelmen, Eskimo, Yukagir, Evenks

Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North: news, events, library and a database on the origin,history and cultures of many peoples

AinuNorthernPeople.jpg (6478 bytes)
Ainu: Spirit of a
Northern People


SpiritOfSiberia.jpg (6592 bytes)
Spirit of Siberia:
Traditional Native Life,
Clothing and Footwear


Clink link to order Drawing Shadows to Stone
Drawing Shadows to Stone:
Photography of the Jesup
North Pacific Expedition

BetweenHeavenHell.jpg (6011 bytes)
Between Heaven & Hell:
The Myth of Siberia
in Russian Culture


FirstFishFirstPeople.jpg (10138 bytes)
First Fish, First
People: Salmon Tales
of the North
Pacific Rim

Story of the Ainu,
Ulchi, Nivkh,Salish,
Makah, Spokane
and more


Clink link to order Antler on the Sea
Antler on the Sea:
The Yup'ik and Chukchi of the
Russian Far East


RavenAndRock.jpg (6053 bytes)
Raven and the
Rock: Storytelling
in Chukotka


Evenkis.jpg (5737 bytes)
Gaining Ground?
Evenkis, Land
and Reform in
Southeast Siberia


IdentitySiberia.jpg (4199 bytes)
Identity & Ecology
in Arctic Siberia:
The Number One
Reindeer Brigrade


SiberianSurvivalNenets.jpg (6281 bytes)
Siberian Survival:
The Nenets and
Their Story


star-red.gif (881 bytes) ORDER star-red.gif (881 bytes)
The Vanishing Tungus: The Story
of a Remarkable
Reindeer People


AncientHorsemenSiberia.jpg (5437 bytes)
Ancient Horsemen
of Siberia


TuvanFolkTales.jpg (4384 bytes)
Shyaan Am!:
Tuvan Folk Tales


FirstAmericans.jpg (6541 bytes)
The First Americans:
In Pursuit of Archaeology's Greatest Mystery


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Native People of Siberia   [ Top ]

Northeast & Eastern Siberia

star-red.gif (881 bytes) The Ainu: People & Land & Culture: a guide from WorkingDogWeb

Ainu: native people originally of Sakhalin Island, the Kurile Islands and Hokkaido, Japan's northern Island, including the bear ceremonial, and more on Ainu Origins, and links between ancient Jomon and the Ainu

Ainu People from North Japan: photos and fishing techniques, and more on the Ainu of Sakhalin Island and Ainu & Nivkh & Orok of Sakhalin Island, and Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People exhibit online

Ainu Culture: part of the "Okhotsk culture" at southern end of the Sea of Okhotsk, with pictures of Ainu robes and a traditional Ainu house, and a look at the Ainu and the Okhotsk culture, the latter having "extensive trade routes which crossed these frozen waters, linking the Okhotsk peoples both to the Chinese Empire and to their far northern neighbours."

Chukchee People and Culture: the maritime and reindeer peoples, and more on the life of the reindeer Chukchi, with many pictures

Chukchi: from the Centre for Russian Studies, Norway, and more about the peoples of Russia & Siberia

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Chukchi & Neighbors:  people & environment, from WorkingDogWeb

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Chukchi Origins: what recent genetic research tells us, through mtDNA and Y chromosome research, from WorkingDogWeb

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Chukchi Origins in the Paleolithic: origins of Native Siberians and Native Americans, seen in archaeology, from WorkingDogWeb

Chukchi Photographs: and 130 photographs including sled dog teams, a pair of dogs helping a hunter haul home a seal, hunters and sled dogs

Chukotka: an ethnographic site with map, facts, photos including the Anadyr River, communities, reindeer camps, people, native dog

Crossroads of Continents Exhibit: Siberia & Alaska - meet the Chukchi, Koryak, Even, Amur River people in Siberia, Eskimo, Aleut, more

Ekven burial ground & settlement - Uelen, Chukotka: this 500 BC to 1000 AD site gives a look at Early Whale Hunter cultures, includes walrus ivory tools, human burial in a boat, dog burial. Ekven shamaness burial.

Evenk or Evenki: a people perhaps established through intermixing of Tungus and Yukagir people before the Russians arrived

Even & Itelmen of Western Kamchatka: a researcher studies their culture after the Soviet Union ended; photos of Even reindeer people

Itelmen: native people of Kamchatka, and more on the ancient Itelmen

Jesup Expedition to Northeast Siberia:  photographs of North Pacific peoples including the Ainu, Chukchi, and Itelmen of Siberia

Koryaks: history, language, culture of Koryaks, Chukchi's neighbors to the south, with photos of Koryak sled dogs, and a look at Kamchatka's Koryak and Itelmen and Evenk influence on Koryak reindeer herders

Native Folks of Siberia: Chukchi of Northeast Siberia, and the Ainu, Itelmen and Nivkh of Kamchatka and the Lower Amur River region, with photos of sled dogs of the Itelmen

Orochon or Orochi - Reindeer People of the Amur: a Tungus people, hunters and breeders of reindeer, who also hunted bear - many photos including Orochi, Koryak, Yukagir, with native dogs pictured

Peoples of the Russian North and Far East:  resources about the North Pacific peoples including the Chukchi, Koryak, Evenki and more

Rock Art in Russian Far East & Siberia: a window on ancient cultures, and comparison of Siberian native art from the Amur River, Chukotka areas

Yukagir: an ancient Siberian people, western neighbors of the Chukchi, and a short history of the Yukagir who once occupied a vast region

Western & Southern Siberia & Nearby Areas    [ Top ]

Cave Art in Siberia: changes in rock art in Southern Siberia over time reveals history, migrations

Indigenous People of Western Siberia: Finno-Ugrian, Ob-Ugrian & Khanty

Krasnoyarsk Peoples: peoples from the Siberian steppe north to the Taimyr Peninsula - Kets, Nagansans, Selkups, Samoyeds, more

Reindeer Herders of Siberia - Nenets: people of northwest Siberia near the Yamal Peninula

Reindeer-herding Forest Nenets and Khanty: among 15 reindeer herding peoples in the Russian Arctic, and their spiritual lives including the role of the bear in warding off evil, and a map of the Tundra Nenets'
summer migrations on the Yamal Peninsula

Reindeer People of the Mountain Taiga of Central Asia:  Tsaatan, Todji-Tuvin, Soyot, and Tofilar peoples, and the Evenki, with maps

Reindeer & Caribou: Rangifer tandarus, a vital source of  transportation and food for native peoples of Eurasia, and Reindeer Herding History

Sami People: reindeer herders of Scandinavia, and the Sami: People of Sun & Wind in the archives and Sami history as ancient reindeer hunters, and reindeer herding origins among Saami, Scandinavians 2,000 years ago

Sami People: herders of semi-domestic reindeer for 1,000-1,500 years, and adoption of large-scale reindeer herding in 16th, 17th centuries

Uralic-speaking Peoples: Nenets, Nagansans, Selkup, Kanty, Mansi, with a map, and another map of Uralic-speaking people in Western Eurasia, some of whom are reindeer people, and more on their cultures and languages

Peoples of Lake Baikal: Buryat, Evenk and Russian settlers, and the region's archaeological sites

Circumpolar People of Asia & North America

Ancient Circumpolar World: seeking connections between the ancient peoples of northern Asia and Native Americans

ArcticCircle: Links to Northern Culture & Peoples: includes Peopling of Siberia, circumpolar history timetables, portraits of Arctic peoples

Alaska's Native Peoples & Languages: with a clickable map, and more about Alaska's Native People

Alaska's Archaeology: links to key archaeological sites, more

Eskimo Peoples of North America: including archaeology, history

Eskimos: Arctic peoples of Siberia, Alaska USA, Canada and Greenland, known today as Yup'ik, Inuit and Inupiaq, with maps, history

First Societies of the Circumpolar North: resources including:
· Aboriginal People of the Russian North
· Aboriginal People of the North American North

Koniag Peoples of Kodiak Island: by 7,000+ years ago, maritime hunters were living on Kodiak Island and nearby Alaska Peninsula, and more on the peoples and cultural traditions of Kodiak Island and Alaska's gulf coast, and another look at native history in this region

Inuit of Canada: and their ancestors, the Dorset and Thule people, and more on Inuit art

Mammoth Trumpet Archives:  news of early Americans, connections with Asia and Siberia, from the Center for the Study of the First Americans

Native Peoples of Canada:  including ancient links to Beringia, Asia
· Paleoarctic or Beringian Tradition: a culture linking Siberia, Alaska
   and the Yukon as early as 13,000-10,000 BP
· Early Paleo-Eskimo Cultures: culture dated to 2,500 BC in Canada,
   with origins rooted in cultures of Neolithic northeastern Siberia
Middle Paleo-Eskimo or Dorset Culture: 1,000 B.C. to 500 A.D., an
   era of reduced caribou hunting, increased marine mammal hunting
· Thule Culture: classic Eskimo culture, 1000 A.D. - 1600 A.D.

Paleo-Eskimo & Dorset & Thule & Dene: native peoples - northern Canada

Russian Encounters with Native Americans of Northwest: including Aleut, Inupiat, Yupik Eskimo, Tlingit, Haida and more

Clink link to order The Palaeolithic of Siberia
The Paleolithic
of Siberia

Clink link to order Ancient People of the Arctic
Ancient People
of the

AncientEncounters.jpg (5238 bytes)
Ancient Encounters:
Kennewick Man and
the First Americans


SiberiaBound.jpg (5980 bytes)
Siberia Bound: Chasing
the American Dream
on Russia's Wild Frontier

AmericanBeginnings.jpg (4986 bytes)
American Beginnings:
The Prehistory and
of Beringia


WritingOnIce.jpg (5896 bytes)
Writing on Ice:
The Ethnographic Notebooks of
V. Stefansson


SacredHunt.jpg (5895 bytes)
Sacred Hunt: A
Portrait of the
Relationship between
Seals and Inuit


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Northeast Siberia & Arctic Environment   [ Top ]

Ancient Circumpolar World: with maps of Beringia and its ice shelves, productive hunting territory for early people

Ancient Circumpolar World - A History:  Peopling of the North

Arctic Nomads in an Icy World: basic lifestyle information on 22 native peoples of the Arctic, from Aleuts to Siberian Yupik to Polar Eskimo

Arctic Roadmap: with links to environmental and ethnological information, and more Arctic Links & Resources

Arctic Resources by Region: including Alaska and Russia, from PolarWeb

Beringia or Bering Land Bridge:  the Ice Age region at the Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska, home to ancestors of the Chukchi and the Siberian and American Eskimo peoples

Beringia:  more on this Ice Age land, with map and Bering Land Bridge, the Ice Age region connecting Siberia and Alaska

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve - Alaska: a segment of ancient Beringia and its plants, animals preserved on the Seward Peninsula

Chukchi Land and Sea: photographs of Chukota and people

Chukotka: a fine site on Chukota and its people, with a good map plus
· Chukotka Facts - including villages, detailed map
a visit to Anadyr - the capital city
a visit to Snezhnoe - a village 300 km up the Anadyr River from Anadyr
Chukchi walrus tusk carvings of native life, hunting, reindeer

Chukotka's Anadyr River: this major watershed is made up of three main rivers - Anadyr, Velikaya and Kanchalan - with important salmon runs

Chukchi Peninsula Tundra: information on ecosystem, photos

Chukotka - Ruins of a Whalebone House: at Avan near Provideniya

Chukotka Tundra & Village: photographs of the land

Kamchatka Peninsula: home to 29 active volcanoes, rich wildlife including Eurasia's major brown bear population, much more

Kamchatka: A Living Eden: PBS site filled with stories, photography, and more on Kamchatka Resources with natural resources, history

Kamchatka Photographs & Kamchatka in Winter:  snow-covered volcanoes

Sunrise & Sunset in the Arctic: see the amount of sunlight at the North Pole and the Arctic Circle day by day, year around

The Real Siberia: 1902 travelogue by J.F. Fraser available online

The Yupik of Western Alaska: how location and environment shape the traditional lifestyle including summer and winter dwellings, hunting

To the Totem Forests: paintings including Haida and Tlingit totems in their natural settings, and a map of the four cultures in the exhibit

InSiberia.jpg (5808 bytes)
In Siberia

Clink link to order Siberian Light
Siberian Light

Clink link to order A Legacy of Arctic Art
A Legacy of Arctic Art


Clink link to order Arctic Hunter
Arctic Hunter


SiberiaSiberia.jpg (5966 bytes)
Siberia, Siberia


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The Forgotten
Peoples of Siberia


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