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  Dog Breeds - Add a Site  [ Top ]

Add a Dog Breed Web Page - for free at
Browse Dog Breed Web Pages - for free at

Add a Dog Breed Web Page
- for free at Open Directory
Browse Many Dog Breed Web Pages - at Open Directory

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"Please, Oh Please
Can We Get A Dog":
Parents' Guide to
Dog Ownership


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Why We Love the
Dogs We Do : How
to Find the Dog
That Matches
Your Personality


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       All-Breed References [ Top ]
Choosing a Breed

Best DOG - find the best breeds for you
Choosing the Right Dog
- things to consider when adopting a dog
Dog Breed Information Center
- take the breed selector survey to find the right breed for you and your family FIVESITE
Dog Breed Selector
- answer the survey to get a list of suggested breeds

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Paws to
Choosing the
Right Dog

Dog Breed Selector - click on "breed selector?" link and then answer the questions to get a list of recommended breeds
Recommended Breeds for Families
- ranking breeds good with kids, and a list of breeds good with children and those less good with kids

Selecting a Breed - Answer 11 questions, set accuracy level and click for a listing of breeds for you, from the Canadian Kennel Club

Select Smart Breed Assessment
- Just answer a short survey of dog qualities, get a list of best breeds for you! 
Top Dog Breeds for Families
- top 20 breeds from Golden Retriver and Corgi through Pug and Whippet
Urbanhound's Breed Finder
- Answer 8 quick questions
When You're Considering a Breed
- here are steps for getting to know that breed to be sure it's right, and then finding your purebred pup

All Breed Sites

All-Breed Gallery at The Dog Place
All-Breed Links
- 2,000 links from Yahoo
All-Breed Listings
- from A Dog Owner's Network
American Kennel Club Breeds
- more than
150 AKC breeds, with FAQ, club listings, more
, and complete breed list

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The Ultimate
Dog Book

A-Z Dog Breeds Alphabet - an encyclopedia of dog breed information and related resources
Breeds of Dogs
- 100s of breeds including rare ones
Canadian Kennel Club Breeds
- 160 breeds from the CKC
Continental Kennel Club Breeds
- 423 breeds in 10 categories
Der Hund - The Dog - Le Chien
- Europe's dog breed site
Dog Breeds
- from Dog Breed Info
Dog Breeds
- by breed categories, from Purina
Dog Breeds - breeds from A to Z or in show groups, from Digital Dog
Dog Breeds
- from Open Directory Project
Dog Breeds Directory

Dog Breeds by Intelligence Ranking
Dog Breed Links
- from Electronic Zoo/NetVet
Dog Marks
- a big breed list from A to Z, and more

FAQs for Dogs & Breeds
Glossary of Dog Breeds and Terms
- most of them as defined
Canine Lexicon, by Andrew De Prisco and James B. Johnson
United Kennel Club Approved Breeds -
a listing from the UKC
UK Dogs
- British Dog Breed Information Page
What is a breed? & Breed Profiles - from Dog Owner's Guide

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Breeder Listings - many breeds, in the WorkingDogWeb Directory
where you can add your kennel listing
for free
- find purebred dog breeders near you - listings of dog breeders
Breeders & Kennels
- find dog breeders at
Breeders at Dog Breed - find dog breeders
- find dog breeders in the United Kingdom
- find dog breeders 
- listings of dog breeders 

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Dog Breeds

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The Legacy
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Atlas of
Dog Breeds


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Encyclopedia of
Dog Breeds



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The Truth

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Dogs: A Startling
New Understanding
of Canine Origin,
Behavior and


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Book of the
Chow Chow


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Hunting Laika
Breeds of Russia


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History of Dogs
in the
Early Americas


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The Dalmatian:
Owner's Guide


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The Book of the


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Selected Breeds [ Top ]

50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in USA - illustrated, year 2000
AKC Breed Registration Statistics
- number of dogs registered in the most recent years available
Bird Dog Breeds - 18 breeds, Airedales to Weimaraners

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Breed Profiles - a growing collection of breeds are profiled, with a description and breed resources, including Labrador Retriever, Chow Chow, Corgi, Siberian Husky, more
Breeds of the Working Group
- with links,from
Collection of 100 Breeds
- from PetNet in Australia
Discover Dogs - gundog group, hound group, utility group, pastoral group, working group and more, from The Kennel Club
s UK
Dog Breeds - Colored Sketches
- with coloring book printouts
Great Dog Breed Pages
- Akitas to Whippets
Livestock Guardian Dogs
- with a breed gallery plus a history of guardian dog breeds written by Catherine de la Cruz
Molosser Breeds - Akbash, Turkish shepherd dog, to Xochaso, farm dog of Madeira, and many other rare breeds
star-red.gif (881 bytes)
Northern Dogs - Northern and Spitz dogs, both well known like the Chow Chow and Siberian Husky and rare like the Jindo and Shikoku
Rare Breeds - listed by the American Rare Breed Association
Rare Breeds - dozens of little known breeds, working dogs

Rare Breeds - includes working dogs, from Dog Owner's Guide
Spitz Breeds - rich collection of sites on 40+ spitz-type dogs
Versatile Hunting Breeds
- they point, retrieve, track
Working Dogs & Their Senses - learn about breeds by their senses and the work they do

Sampling of Working Breeds  [ Top ]

American Breeds of Dogs - such as the Alaskan Malamute and the Boston Terrier, and more on each of the 11 American breeds
Australian Breeds
- including Australian cattle dog and Australian kelpie, from Dogs Downunder
Bearded Collies  
- in Germany
- sled dog breed created in New England USA
Finnish Spitz
- in America, with origins and characteristics
Gordon Setter
- and more on Gordons, Scotland's only national bird-dog
Iceland Sheedog
- another spitz dog, here in Denmark, and another look at the Iceland Sheepdog that originated in Scandinavia
Irish Water Spaniel
- in Denmark
Japanese Native Dog Breeds
- Hokkaido, Kai Ken, more 
Karelian Bear Laikas - Finnish hunting dog, description & origins and their work in bear control programs and more on bear dog work
Laika Breeds - Russian hunting dogs
Livestock Guardian Dogs - pictures of Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Akbash and Kangal Dog, many more
Nederlandse Schapendoes
- a little Dutch shepherd dog
Norwegian Buhund
- history and character as a herding dog
Portuguese Water Dog - known in its native land as Cao de Agua
or "dog of the water" or as Portuguese Fishing Dog or the Diving Dog
Scandinavian Dog Web Sites - click "racer" for "breeds"

Spanish Dog Breeds
- more than a dozen recognized breeds
Swiss Dog Breeds
- seven breeds including the Swiss Hounds such as the Lucerne Hound and and the Bernese Mountain Dog

Ancestral Dogs, Dog Origins  [ Top ]

Dog Origins from Asian Wolves and the first peoples in the Americas brought their dogs from Eurasia and the research article in Science
Canaan Dog & Dingo & Pariah Dog: explore role of these and other semi-tamed dogs in the origin of domestic dog breeds
Researchers Find "Genetic Fingerprints" for 85 Breeds and also find 14 ancient breeds and three other groups: guarding,herding and hunting
Ancient Breeds -
FIVESITE - a guide to the 14 ancient breeds determined by genetic research, including Afghan Hound, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Basenji, Chow Chow, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Saluki, Samoyed, Shar-pei, Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu, Siberian Husky and Tibetan Terrier

Researchers on Dog Origins - brief bios of many individuals from Julia Clutton Brock to Robert Coppinger to Robert Wayne whose research and writing helps us understand our canine companions

Alaskan Malamute - ancient dog of the Arctic
- the ancient African hunting dog
Broadmouthed Dogs of Briton
- and the history of bulldogs
Canaan Dogs
- ancient Middle East dogs, related to the pariah dogs
Carolina Dogs
FIVESITE so-called dingoes of North America, perhaps the companions of the first Americans, and another look at this possibly ancient dog, plus a genetic research project, a profile in Dog Fancy and an article from Smithsonian Magazine including the basic mtDNA results, the "great arc of the red dog" and role of thyroxine in domestication
- the ancient dog of Asia and Australia, arrived "Down Under" more recently than once thought, 5,000 years ago, and their lack of genetic diversity suggests few dingoes, maybe one pregnant female, made the trip from Asia. Dingo distribution in southeast Asia. Is it wild or feral? And a dingo photo & profile and more on the dingo
Dog Breed Evolution
- researchers find "progenitor breeds" for 10 dog types: working/guard, herding, northern, sight hounds, scent hounds, flushing spaniels, water spaniel/retrievers, pointers, terriers, and toys; more on 10 types and on the role of greyhounds & mastiffs and elkhounds and Maltese & Canaan Dog type in breed creation
Dog Breed Origins & Evolution
- including comparisons of skulls, from the Albert Heim Foundation for Canine Research, Switzerland
Dog Origins
- from Digital Dog
Dog Origins - Stalking the Ancient Dog
- from Science News
Dog Origins from Wolves
- including behavior traits, for kids
Dog Origins from Wolves
- influential article from Science
The Dog Within Us - article on domestication of the wolf,
by Sapir Weiss, from Digital Dog
Earliest Dogs - two skulls found in western Russia, 14,000 years old
Egypt's Ancient Dogs - spotted dog from the Tombs at Beni-Hassan,
dating about 2200-2000 B.C.

Molosser Breeds - origins of rare working breeds
Palestine's Ancient Dog
- the Canaan dog, a breed redomesticated
from the pariah dog, and more
breed history

Pariah Dogs of Asia
- with links to the dingo, Thai Ridgeback, and evidence the Thai Ridgeback type is at least 3,000 years old
Pharoh Hound
- considered by some the most ancient dog
Primitive & Aboriginal Dog Breeds
- worldwide listing 
Siberian Husky, ancient Asian breed
Spitz Breeds of Asia & Europe and Nordic Spitz Breeds
- a widespread dog family including original German Spitz, Samoyed in northwest Siberia, the Laika Breeds of Russia, and Siberian Husky of northeast Siberia
Thai Bangkaew Dog - said to be 100 years old, but of ancient spitz type; and Bangkaew pictures, larger photo, dogs & puppies [Thai text] and a group of 20 stray Bangkaews train as forest guard dogs
Turkey's Ancient Dogs
- including Akbash dog, pariah dog
Wolfdogs & Wolf-like Dog Breeds
- Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Saarloos wolfhond, Kugsha Dog and more
- very close relative and source of all dogs, a scientific view based on molecular genetics held by UCLA Professor Robert Wayne and more on his views on dog origins and more on canid genetics showing why wolves and dogs are now considered the same species
Wolves & Dogs - Robert Wayne's paper "Molecular evolution of the dog family" and wolf origin of dogs - paper by Wayne et. al. "Multiple and ancient origins of the domestic dog" and
summary of research

Wolves & Wolfdogs - discussion, links from The Wolfdogs Resource
Xoloitzcuintli Dog
- or Aztec Dog and origins of this ancient
hairless Mexican dog, and
photo gallery

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Breeds A-E  Breeds F-J  Breeds K-O    Breeds P-T   Breeds U-Z

Assistance, Service Dogs   [ Top ]

Beagles and Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Shelties and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are among service dog breeds  
Bouvier - this stock dog is now used as assistance, therapy dogs
- carriage adn fire house dog, more on the Dalmatian including breed qualities, need for exercise, plus a look at Dalmatian qualities
discussing: Can Real Dalmatians Survive The Movie?
German Shepherds - in action as an assistance dog, more
Golden Retrievers - assistance, therapy and service dogs
Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles are often chosen as assistance dogs, while Shetland Sheepdogs, Schipperkes, Miniature Poodles, Smooth Fox Terriers are picked for hearing dogs
Leader Dogs - German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers typically trained as Leader Dogs

Spinone Italiano - temperament good for therapy dog work, more

Service Dogs - various breeds, resources
Therapy Dogs - typical breeds include Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, and Collies

Guarding & Watch Dogs  [ Top ]

American Bulldog - its origins in the Southeast United States, and more on the development of modern version of this breed
Chow Chow
- origins in China as a guarding and hunting dog
Doberman Pinscher
- origins as a police dog, guard dog
German Spitz
- various German spitz dogs, often watch dogs for home and farm, and relatives, plus white German spitz now known in the United States as the American Eskimo Dog
Jindo - origins in Korea as a guarding and hunting dog

- barge watchdog and family companion and breed history and a discussion of breed history including varied coat colors
Olde English Bulldogge
- restoring an old working breed
Newfoundlands - lifeguards and therapy dogs, more

Rottweiler - powerful guarding dog
St. Bernard
- a rescue and life-saving dog, its origins and history
Standard Schnauzer
- farm guard dog, as well as an introduction
to the
Giant Schnauzer
Tibetan Mastiff
- origins as guard dog, war dog, and Tibetan Mastiff - by nature a guardian dog
Tosa Inu
- guard dog of Japan, and breed history including pictures of this unique breed in ceremonial garb  

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Water Spaniel


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    Hunting Dogs  [ Top ]

Afghan Hound - standard, characteristics,history
Airedale Terrier
- a hunting dog
Akita - origins of this Japanese hunting dog
Basenji - Dogs of the Pharaohs, and more thoughts on this
African breed, and
new African imports

Basset Hound
- and early breed history
Bloodhound Dogs
- origins, uses, photos, more 
- the Russian hunting and coursing dog, including breed characteristics, and a Borzoi historical time line
Brittany Spaniel Dogs
- and a look at its fascinating history
Catahoula Leopard Dogs - stockdog and tree-minded hunting dog
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Chow Chow - a hunting dog of ancient China, seen in an in-depth guide from WorkingDogWeba
Coonhound Breeds including the Black & Tan, Bluetick, English Coonhound, Plott Hound, Redbone Coonhound, and Treeing Walker Coonhound
- a versatile hunting dog
- small hunting dog also called dachsbrachen
- dachshunds and smaller terriers, and how they are tested
German Shorthair
- by Jim McCue
Golden Retrievers - An Introduction and Golden Retriever
in Cyberspace, rescuing this popular breed
Great Blue of Gascoigne
- hound of southern France
- with pictures, history, links
- scent hound bred for hunting hares, foxes in large packs
Irish Water Spaniel - lots of breed resources
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Labrador Retriever - an in-depth guide from WorkingDogWeb, and more about Labrador Retrievers
Norwegian Elkhound - Norsk elghund ["Norwegian moose-dog"], ancient hunter of moose and bear; more on the breed plus elkhound history
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
- a Canadian breed
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
- French rabbit hunting hound
Pharoh Hound
- activities, care, history, more
Rhodesian Ridgeback
- characteristics, standard and history
- ancient hunting dog known by Arabs as El Hor, Noble One
Scottish Terrier
- breed resources at CyberScots
Shikoku Dog
- ancient Japanese spitz-type hunting dog
Small Munsterlander Pointer - a bird-hunting pointer
Thai Ridgeback
- a natural hunting dog, its history
- versatile hunting dog, and breed origins
West Siberian Laika
- a spitz hunting breed, and breed origins
- origins of the breed born to run!

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Simon & Schuster's
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The Ultimate
Dog Book

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The Border Collie


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Guide to Owning
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Welsh Corgi


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Dog Behavior &
Training Books:

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Don't Shoot
the Dog


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Clicker Training
for Obedience


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The Whippet


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This is the
Alaskan Malamute


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The Siberian Husky

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    Livestock Dogs  [ Top ]

Herding Breeds - dogs bred to herd sheep, cattle, other livestock and more on herding dogs and the herding dog tradition, one of the oldest professions of canines
Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds
- plus links organized by country and breed
Livestock Guard Dogs for Predatory Control 

Akbash Dog - a livestock protection dog, and breed origins
Anatolian Shepherd Dog  
- the shepherd's guardian
Appenzell Cattle Dog and Entlebuch Cattle Dog - two Swiss breeds
Australian Cattle Dog
, breed origins and more on this breed
Australian Kelpie
Australian Shepherd and breed history
Bearded Collie or "Beardie"
Belgian Shepherd Dogs
- Belgian Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois,
Laekenois - and more on
Belgian Malinois

Border Collie - working sheep dog
Bouvier des Flandres - originally a cattle and carting dog
Canaan Dog
- including breed history and other look at breed origins and more breed information
Catahoula Leopard Stock Dog - including breed origins
Caucasian Sheepdog
- ancient livestock guardian also called
Caucasian Ovcharka, Kavkazskaya Ovcharka

star-red.gif (874 bytes) Corgi - Cardigan & Pembroke - in-depth guide from WorkingDogWeb
Dutch Shepherd Dog
- Hollandse Herder
English Shepherd - an American breed
Entlebucher Sennenhund
- a Swiss cattle dog
Fila Brasileiro
- large Brazilian dog used for cattle guarding, hunting, tracking and protection
German Shepherd Dog
- plus German Shepherd history & breed varieties
and GSD Illustrated Standard
Great Pyrenees
- with history, from Holland plus Pyrnet with breed resources, and breed history & pictures
Greek Sheepdog - all-white dogs used by Greek shepherds 
Hungarian Shepherd Dog or Komondor
& related breeds such as Kuvasz
Icelandic Sheepdog - a sheep dog that came with the Vikings
Kangal Dog - livestock guard and Turkey's national dog,
and breed

- the prototype shepherd breed and Belgian Malinois
Maremma and Abruzzo Sheepdog
- Italian sheepdog
Polski Owczarek Nizinny
- Polish Lowland Sheepdog ["PONs"]
in America

Schipperke - and its origins as the smallest Belgian shepherd
Shetland Sheepdog
and Sheltie history by Sue Ann Bowling
Welsh Corgi
  - devoted to Cardis and Pems alike
White Shepherd
- and the history of the white German Shepherd

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       Racing & Coursing Dogs  [ Top ]

Greyhound - an introduction
Italian Greyhounds in lure coursing
- a natural
sport for them, and more on
Italian Greyhounds
- in the US, this hunting breed is active
in lure coursing

Sighthounds - including Borzoi, Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Pharoh Hound, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Whippet
Sighthounds -
lure coursing

Saluki-Complete2.jpg (7095 bytes)
The Complete

Sighthounds and Lure Coursing
Sighthounds and Lure Coursing
- typical breed participating
- origins of the breed and of Whippet racing plus more on
this speedy breed including history, show dogs, race dogs, more 

Sleddog-WDW.gif (6658 bytes)
Discover Sleddogs at WorkingDogWeb

       Racing, Working Sled Dogs  [ Top ]

ALSO: Iditarod | Siberian Huskies | SledDogs | Yukon Quest

Alaskan Husky - non-registered working or racing sled dogs - and
another look at
Alaskan Huskies and sled dog racing
Alaskan Malamute
and the working Alaskan Malamute plus a
set of
Mal links
and comparison of Malamute & Groenendael
Arctic or Northern Spitz Dogs - with breeds by working type, herding dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs, and Nordic Spitz Breeds including Alaskan Malamute, Inuit or Eskimo Dog, and Siberian Husky
Canadian Eskimo Dog - the history of these working dogs, plus breed characteristics and illustrated standard
Canadian Inuit Dog
- the Sherman tank of sled dogs
Chinook Dogs
- new sled dog breed created,in New England
- new sled dog breed created by merging European
and Asian spitz dogs

Inuit Sled Dog
- a multifaceted working dog plus more about Samoyeds and more about the original Samoyed and varied colors
Seppala Siberians - Arctic-type working dog with at least 93% of its background stemming from these 10 dogs, many also Siberian Husky foundation stock: Kree Vanka, Tserko, Harry, Smoky, Togo, Kolyma, Nome, Pearl, Dushka and Sonia. 

Siberian Husky @ WorkingDogWeb - FIVESITE -- in-depth page including racing, show and companion Siberians
Siberian Husky FAQ and
a brief breed history in North America
Siberian Husky Colors - 600 photos of some 250 Siberians showing the breed's diversity of colors, markings & Siberian Husky FAQ

Siberian Husky History - and comparison with Alaskan Malamute
Sled Dog Breeds
- from SledDogCentral
Sled Dogs
- FAQ about dogs used for sledding, racing, and about the sport, plus photos of racing sled dogs

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So Your Dog's
Not Lassie

CultureClash.gif (8510 bytes)
The Culture


RaisingPuppy.gif (5972 bytes)

The Art of
Raising A Puppy


GoodCitizen.gif (5378 bytes)
Good Citizen

FirstDogs.gif (5944 bytes)

First Dogs


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Books on
Arctic & Siberia


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   Famous Dogs, Stars, Heroes  [ Top ]

All the Presidents' Dogs - American's "First Dogs"
- one of the sled dog heroes of the famous Nome Serum Run, now a famous cartoon movie star, and Balto's statue in Central Park
Celebrity Canines - famous canine movie stars & cartoons
Dogs in the Arts - many resources
Eddy the Eco-Dog
- with eco-activities for kids!
- FDR's famous dog in the White House
Famous Dogs
- Rin Tin Tin, Laika, Greyfriars Bobby
Famous Dogs & Their Presidents
- feature story with pictures including Kennedy's Welsh Terrier Charlie, Lyndon Johnson's hound Yuki
Famous Dogs Index
- in history and in fiction
Famous Dogs Links - at Open Directory
Hunting dogs, antique
- Bibliotheque nationale de France
Lad and Lassie
- famous collies
- Russian dog famous as the first living creature in space, and two more Russian canines - Belka & Stelka
- Juneau's famous canine greeter
Puzzle with Famous Dog's Names
and Famous Dogs Puzzle
Rin Tin Tin
- a canine movie and television star, and more on
famous canine star
Snoopy & Friends in Peanuts Cartoons
- the story of Seppala's famous lead dog, and a guide to the stories of lead dogs Balto and Togo
White House Pets - dogs like Fala, Buddy and other animals

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