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Sled Dog

Overview | Race History | Iditarod Trail | Dogs & Mushers
News Media Coverage | Equipment & Strategy | Iditarod in the Classroom
More Guides: Sled Dog Racing | Yukon Quest | Siberian Husky World

Called the Last Great Race on Earth, the Iditarod is the world's most famous sled dog race. The trail, about 1,000 miles from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, draws racers each year from several continents. Follow this endurance race at the Official Iditarod site or via Alaska newsmedia or on Twitter at @Iditarod or @IditarodLive. And use our guide below. There are 72 mushers registered for the 2014 Iditarod that begins March 1. The 2014 race season in Alaska is now underway. The new Top of the World 350 race from Tok to Eagle and return, set for Dec. 27-31, was cancelled due to lack of snow and warm conditions. Updated for 2014.

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The Iditarod (Alaska

Geographic Series)


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Official Site

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Siberian Husky


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Iditarod Memories


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Guide to the

Yukon Quest

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Overview: The Last Great Race  [ Top ]

Iditarod Official Site - with musher
  biographies, race results, news, more
  and a description of
the race

Iditablog: Alaska native Josh Rogers gives
  reports on the big race, shares photos
Iditarod Trivia, Facts & Traditions - from
Iditarod Facts, Data & History - in the
  Education Portal

Click link to order Iditarod: Great Race to Nome
Iditarod: Great
Race to Nome

Iditarod Education Portal - for Teachers, Students
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - on Wikipedia
Iditarod Fast Facts - CNN
Facts & Legends of the Iditarod plus a
race overview
Facts not Fiction about the Iditarod
- illustrated overview
Junior Iditarod
- the race attracting a new generation of
  distance mushers,and Cali King's
Junior Iditarod experience
Iditarod Overview
Iditarod Resources - based on the 2001 running
Iditarod Air Force - pilots who assist race management

pawprint.gif (974 bytes)  Iditarod Art & Photography  [ Top ]

star-red.gif (874 bytes) Art of the Iditarod - 25th Anniversary Poster from 1997
  by Jon Van Zyle, and more of his Iditarod & Mush posters
  and prints
- see his Iditarod book at left
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Slide show with audio interview of Rose Albert, Alaska
  artist and first Native woman to complete the Iditarod,
  accomplished in 1982. See her handcarved cedar boxes.
Iditarod 2004 Photo Gallery - 15 pages of pictures
Iditarod Photo - Anchorage start, 2001 
Iditarod Photo Gallery - from Willow restart
Iditarod Photos - official start of 1996 race
Iditarod News Photos - 114 pictures from 2002 race, plus
  links to pictures from 2001, 2000 - Anchorage Daily News 

Iditarod Posters - view several of Jon Van Zyle's Iditarod
  posters from 1993 - 2003 races -
see his book at left

Junior Iditarod Photo Gallery

Click link below to order Iditarod Fact Book

Fact Book

Click link to order Storm Run
Storm Run: Story of the
First Woman to Win the
Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Click link to order Iditarod Country
Iditarod Country:
Exploring the Route of
The Last Great Race


Click link to order Iditarod Dreams

IditarodFansGuide.jpg (4242 bytes)
Fan's Guide
to the Iditarod


Running-with-Champions.jpg (6944 bytes)
Running With Champions:

A Midlife Journey
on the Iditarod Trail


KianaIditarod.jpg (6562 bytes)
Kiana's Iditarod


Click link to order The Last Great Race: The Iditarod
The Last Great
Race: Iditarod


pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Iditarod Race History  [ Top ]

History of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, from the official race site, edited in 2012
Iditarod Race History
- how Dorothy Page, Joe Redington and colleagues founded a now famous race to save Alaska's sled dogs
Origin of the Iditarod - role of the Serum Run, plus some of the traditions linked to the race
The Great Serum Run tells about the sled dog "race" that inspired the Iditarod, and about the famous mushing pair Seppala and Togo plus Balto, the husky that symbolized all of courageous sled dogs
  Iditarod recalls Nome Serum Run -
article on the historic 1925 sled run that saved hundreds of lives, then inspired the Iditarod
Iditarod History & Photos

RacingIditarodTrail.gif (12120 bytes)
Racing the
Iditarod Trail

IditarodSilver.gif (8467 bytes)
Iditarod Silver

History of the Iditarod Trail Race - FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE with several articles and search for Past Racers by year with links to individual musher profiles
Iditarod History & Aims - a celebration of the loyalty and courage of the sled dog
Junior Iditarod Race History starting with the dream of a group of young mushers
Headquarters of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race  in Wasilla,Alaska, including its museum - and a history article titled "Togo's Final Journey" on how Togo returned to Alaska for display at Iditarod headquarters
Wasilla - Alaska - photo, race history, city info from the home of the Iditarod Trail Committee

 pawprint.gif (974 bytes)  The Iditarod Trail  [ Top ]

Iditarod Trail - Route for 2003 - Fairbanks restart
Iditarod Trail Map - including large scale map with
clickable checkpoints to information
Iditarod Trail
- northern & southern routes, mileage
Iditarod Trail - even-numbered years
Iditarod Trail - odd-numbered years
Iditarod Trail Map
- clickable map, trail challenges, and a chart of distances between checkpoints
Iditarod Trail Maps - map of Alaska, map of the southern route, and map comparing trail distance to New York-Miami
Iditarod Trail Route - article and maps
Iditarod National Historic Trail
- history of the network of trails designated as a national historic trail in 1978, plus trail maps and links to illustrated trail history  
Reopening the Iditarod Trail - Joe Redington, Dave Olson and the U.S. Army reopened the trail in 1972
Weather Forecasts - Alaska Updated
- conditions and forecasts for Anchorage, McGrath, Nome, more

TrailToIditarodTrail.jpg (4859 bytes)

The Trail
to the
Iditarod Trail

IditarodClassics.jpg (5379 bytes)
Iditarod Classics: Tales of
the Trail from the Men and
Women Who Race
Across Alaska


IditarodClassicsMore.jpg (4951 bytes)
More Iditarod Classics:
Tales of the Trail from the
Men & Women Who
Race Across Alaska

OneSecondGlory.jpg (6044 bytes)
One Second to Glory:
The Alaska Adventures
of Iditarod Champion
Dick Mackey

Click link to order Dogs of the Iditarod
Dogs of
the Iditarod


Click link to order Honest Dogs
Honest Dogs


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RSH Interview:
Karen Ramstead

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Siberian Husky


         pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Iditarod Dogs [ Top ]
Alaskan Husky Origins
Anadyr Siberian Huskies - famous kennel frequently has teams running the Iditarod
Consumate Working Animal: the dogs of the Iditarod
Dude Dog - for fun, sled dog cartoons

Dogs of the Iditarod - Jeff King looks at racing sled dogs, plus a look at  Jeff's Iditarod dogs 

AkiakIditarod.jpg (6926 bytes)
Akiak: A Tale
from the Iditarod


Dogs of the Iditarod - links to various Iditarod teams of the past and present
Real Iditarod Champions - The Dogs - a look at the dogs and how mushers keep them in top form, including feeding and conditioning them, and why Alaska needed the Iditarod
The Making of Sleddogs - including Iditarod race dogs & distance racers
Martin Buser's Dogs - for 2002
The Husky Still Reigns
- history of the types of dogs used in sled dog racing from Malemutes to Huskies, more
North Wapiti Siberian Huskies running 2007 Iditarod, driver Karen Ramstead who ran six previous races 
Howl 'n' Wind and Troika Siberian Huskies, driver Donald Smidt, running the 2007 Iditarod 
Sled dog psychology & the Iditarod - keeping attitudes positive is a key to successful dog teams
Veterinarian comments on Iditarod dog care
Researchers study blood serum of long-distance sled dogs before and after competition  
Iditarod dogs studied in 2007 by Oregon State University veterinary researcher to see how they mobilize enough energy for the long endurance sled dog race

Click link to order My Lead Dog was a Lesbian
My Lead Dog
Was a Lesbian

GreatSerumRun.jpg (5208 bytes)
The Great Serum Race:
Blazing the Iditarod Trail


IditarodDream.jpg (4066 bytes)
Iditarod Dream: Dusty and
His Sled Dogs Compete
in Alaska's Jr. Iditatrod


Click link to order The Iditarod: Story of the Last Great Race
The Iditarod:

Story of the
Last Great Race


BackPack.jpg (4824 bytes)
Back of the Pack:
An Iditarod Rookie
Musher's Alaska
Pilgrimage to Nome


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Mushing Book:

The Speed
Mushing Manual



Click link to order Father of the Iditarod
Father of

the Iditarod

about Joe
Redington Sr.


Click link to order Race Across Alaska
Race Across Alaska



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Mushing Book:

The Speed
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The Racing
Siberian Husky

newsletter online,
including Siberian teams in the


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E-mail List

E-mail List


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IditarodCurriculum.jpg (6602 bytes)
Iditarod: The Last
Great Race to Nome:
Curriculum Guide


IditarodAirForce.jpg (6360 bytes)
Adventures of the Iditarod Air Force:
True Stories About
the Pilots Who Fly
for Alaska's Famous
Sled Dog Race


Click link to order Yukon Alone
Yukon Alone

or browse more
Sled Dog Books


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Guide to the

Yukon Quest

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Iditarod Mushers  [ Top ]

Iditarod Race Winners 1973-2002 - plus times, multiple winners, records, and search for Past Racers by year
Awards for Iditarod racers including top-finishing rookies, the champions & red lantern winners and, for the winning lead dogs, the Golden Harness Award. Others are the Spirit of Alaska Award, Leonard Seppala Humanitarian Award

Iditarod 32 in 2004 - from Anchorage Daily News, with insert on 2005 plus links to five years of race photos
2003 Iditarod Musher Biographies
- at
2002 Iditarod Mushers
- from Anchorage Daily News
2002 Iditarod Hall of Fame - from Anchorage Daily News

Iditarod Talk Forum - including one one where you can root for your favorite musher 
Bob Chlupach racing in the Open North Americans 2004; he ran the Anadyr Siberian Huskies in the 2001 Iditarod 
DeeDee Jonrow - placed 2nd in 1993
Devan and Judith Currier - he ran the Lara-Ke Siberians in 2001, more on Devan; she ran in 1999 and is running their Alaskans and Siberians in 2005
Doug Swingley - Montana musher wins in 2001, 2000, 1999 and 1995, retires but returns in 2004 and 2005. Pictures of the Swingley team, a 2001 interview and more on his dogs
Jeff King - 1998, 1996 & 1993 winner & photographs of his Iditarod dogs and a look at Jeff's Iditarod Kennel
Joe Redington - Father of the Iditarod and his entry in the Anchorage Daily News Iditarod Hall of Fame and Dorothy Page's biography of the famous Joe Redington Sr.
Karen Ramstead - running North Wapiti Siberians in 2004 Iditarod, following runs in 2000, 2001 and 2003, and more on Karen & dogs and RSH Online interview with Karen
Libby Riddles - first woman to win the Iditarod plus an interview with Libby Riddles
Martin Buser - winner in 2002, 1997, 1994 and 1992, and Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award winner, and an interview with Martin Buser
Mitch Seavey - profile of the 2004 champion, and a visit to his home site in Seward

Ryan Redington - '99 Junior Iditarod winner andgrandson of Iditarod founder, the late Joe Redington Sr.
Rick Swenson - leading Iditarod champion with five wins in 1991, 1982, 1981, 1979, 1977; 4th in 1999 and 2001; entered in the 2003 race.
Shawn Sidelinger  - ran Anadyr Siberians twice in Iditarod including his run in 1998
Susan Butcher - first three-time winner, now four-time champ, shown here with her famous lead dog Granite, and her biographical entry in the Iditarod Hall of Fame
Wayne Curtis & Team Stormwatch - ran Siberians in the 2001 Iditarod after running 1997 & 1995 Iditarods and the 1999 Quest. Now he's readying for the 2004 Iditarod. Here's more about Wayne as he trains for 2004.
Women of the Iditarod - a tribute to women mushers DeeDee Jonrow, Susan Butcher, Libby Riddles and Mary Shields

SusanButcherIditarod.gif (13923 bytes)
Susan Butcher and the

Iditarod Trail

AlaskaGreatRace.jpg (4963 bytes)

Alaska's Great Race - Video

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Selected Media Coverage  [ Top ]

Cabela's Iditarod - with pre-race coverage and daily race reports, presented by Cabela's Outfitters FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE - radio supersite for the Iditarod,with audio
and video musher interviews, coverage of other top races including the Yukon Quest

Latest Iditarod News - with daily updates on all aspects of the Iditarod, Iditarod mushers, dogs and more
Mitch Seavey wins 32nd Iditarod in 2004 - and the history of the Nome Serum Run, the inspiration for the race
2003 Iditarod faces warm weather and thin ice
- Anchorage Daily News coverage for the current year as well as:
Iditarod 31 - 2003 - the Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod 30 - 2002 - the Anchorage Daily News
- Iditarod 29 - 2001
- the Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod 28 - 2000
- the Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod 27 - 1999 - the Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod 26 - 1998 - the Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod 1997 - 25th Race - big series of stories about the Iditarod at this key milestone FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE
Iditarod 1997 -- from Alaskan Public Radio Network

Sleddog-WDW.gif (6658 bytes)
More Sleddogs @ WorkingDogWeb

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Dog Care, Training, Gear, Strategy  [ Top ]

Iditarod Dog Care - and training , preparation for Iditarod mushers and veterinarians
Iditarod Race Equipment
- for Iditarod teams, and a list of articles on racing gear
Iditarod Training Log - for a 2001 Iditarod musher
High Blood Pressure in Dogs & Normal Blood Pressure
Latest Gear Lightens the Load - Anchorage Daily News
Sled Dog Care Guidelines - from P.R.I.D.E.

Sled Dogs Have Big Hearts - Alaska Science Forum

Iditarod Dogs Well Cared For - says a teacher who observed first-hand

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Teachers Use Iditarod in Class  [ Top ]

Alaska & Iditarod  - lesson plans, pictures, links
Annual 7th Grade Iditarod Race - final event of Iditarod lessons including Alaskan history, heroes and pioneers
Educating with the Iditarod
- ideas include creating a musher picture dictionary, tracking the trek for geography and math, writing musher profiles and race progress
ExploreNorth Resources - resources on
the Arctic
Iditarod Dog Sled Race - Enchanted Learning

GreatRaceNome.jpg (7762 bytes)
The Great Race to
Nome: An Alaskan
Adventure Across
the Curriculum

Iditarod Challenge - students use the Iditarod in their studies, with Martin Buser as "their musher"
Iditarod Classroom Resources - annotated links to useful Iditarod resources for teachers
Iditarod in students' eyes
- as seen by a New Jersey class
Iditarod Education Expedition
- a fun activity center
Iditarod Mini-Unit - from the Teacher's Corner
Iditarod & Sleddog Resources - and student projects
Iditarod Talk Forum - including one for teachers
Iditarod Teacher on the trail - current year's winner
Iditarod Trivia Quiz - fun facts
Iditarod "wallpaper" for computers - 2 options
Innovative Teaching Newsletter 2002 Iditarod Edition with  WorkingDogWeb's Iditarod Guide among the recommended resources. See their award to our Iditarod guide.

Iditarod Teachers' Guide -
FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE - in-depth site with lesson plans, activities, objectives, glossary, print-outs
Iditarod Brrrreaths Life into Class - Brrr! - with ideas for literature, language arts, geography, history, spelling, math, & 7 more segments on Iditarod Ideas for Teachers
Interview with 2004 Teacher on the Trail:  Jeff Peterson talks about the Iditarod and teaching math, science, and his suggested lesson plans
Math & the Iditarod for teachers from PBS

Mushing Educational Materials
Social Science Lesson Plan & the Iditarod
Teaching Gary Paulsen Books - including DogSong, Woodsong with sled dog themes
V.E.T. in the Classroom - Iditarod classroom resources, including an IditaREAD contest

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