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star-red.gif (881 bytes) ALERT: Recall of dog food & treats widens. See our in-depth article - updated as of late May 2007 - tracing the health threat and including veterinary advice and resources on homemade dog diets. new3.gif (284 bytes)

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Guide to Dog Food, Nutrition and Recipes: from, with helpful resources from veterinarians, others. new3.gif (284 bytes)

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A-Z of Dog

Diseases &
Health Problems


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   Dog Health Articles: A-E  [ Top ] [ Next ]

Addison's Disease in Dogs - hypoadrenocorticism, a condition with lower than normal hormore production, and more onAddison's Disease
Anal Sac Discomfort or Scooting and more on
anal sac disease
Anesthesia - Hip Dysplasia - Lyme Disease - Heartworm - and
more from the United States Police Canine Association
Antifreeze Poisoning
new3.gif (284 bytes)  
Artificial Insemination - story of a French Bulldog and her puppies
Autoimmune Diseases - and how the immune system functions, and another look at autoimmune disease in dogs
Autoimmune Thyroiditis - common cause of hypothyroidism in dogs
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Bloat or Gastric Dilation - signs and symptoms, plus links
Bloat - the Mother of All Emergencies
new3.gif (284 bytes) 
Bloat - What Breeds are Susceptible? - from U of Illinois vet school
Bloat Research & Notes - from Purdue's veterinary school, including
the January 1998 issue emphasizing environment factors behind bloat
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Canine Bad Breath - plus dental health, vaccinations, more
Canine Heat Exhaustion - prevention for canine athletes, pets
Canine Parvovirus - in-depth information center,
Canine Parvo FAQ and more on this relatively new disease called parvo new3.gif (284 bytes)
Canine Thyroid Registry - addressing autoimmune thyroiditis

Cruciate Ligament Rupture - and treatment
Cushing's Disease in Dogs - or hyperadrenocorticism, the overproduction of the hormone cortisol, and more on
Cushing's Disease
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Dental Care for Dogs
Dental Health - plus vaccinations, more
Dermatology - itchy skin, allergies and more in dogs
De-skunking Remedy - and those that don't work
Diabetes - definition, treatment, and more on diabetes
Dilated Cardiomyopathy - a disease of the heart muscle
Distemper FAQ - from AVMA
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Early Spay/Neuter can be done as early as 8 weeks, and can be used by breeders for pet puppies and by humane society adoption programs
E-coli Food Poisoning Diseases in Dogs, Humans
Epilepsy in Dogs - and Treatment of Canine Epilepsy
Epilepsy and Seizure and Epilepsy in Dogs FAQ - an in-depth look plus a resource page on
Canine Epilepsy
Eye Diseases in Dogs Part 1
- basics including conjunctivitis, corneal trauma, entropion, d
istichlasis and cataracts
Eye Diseases in Dogs Part 2 -
Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA, with special emphasis on Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

HealthyDog.gif (5569 bytes)
Holistic Guide
a Health Dog

DogFirstAid.jpg (4661 bytes)
Dog First Aid: Emergency
Care for the Hunting,
Working, and Outdoor Dog

EmergencyCareDogs.jpg (5373 bytes)
Emergency Care for
Cats and Dogs: First Aid
for Your Pet

NaturalHealthDogs.jpg (8809 bytes)

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health
for Dogs & Cats


FirstAidDogsCats.jpg (7875 bytes)

The First Aid Companion for
Dogs & Cats


PetCareNewCentury.jpg (5885 bytes)
Pet Care in the New
Century: Cutting-Edge
Medicine for

Dogs and Cats


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      Dog Health Articles: F-N  [ Top ]  [  Next ]

First Aid for Dogs - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE for problems involving bleeding, breathing, burns, convulsions and more
Flea & Tick Control - click for treatment info
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Heartworm Disease FAQ - from AVMA, and Heartworm Disease - an article from the Dog Owner's Guide
Heartworm Treatment - new medication, Immiticide
Heart Valve Malfunction - mitral insufficiency
new3.gif (284 bytes) 
Herpes Infection & Stress & Infertility
Hip Dysplasia - reducing its frequency: a progress update
Hip Dysplasia: Facts & Myths - information from recent research provided by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, Inc.
Hip Dysplasia & Puppies - a look at joint laxity and stress radiography from the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, Inc.
How do you care for a Whippet? - the breed's special needs
Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism - from VetInfo
Hyperthyroidism and more on Thyroid Problems 
Hypothyroidism or low production of the thyroid hormone in dogs, and another look at hypothroidism
new3.gif (284 bytes)
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Illness Indicators for Dogs - from the Dog Owner's Guide
Immune System & Disease Resistance - by W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Intervertebral Disk Disease
Kennel Cough

blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Leptospirosis - helpful article
Luxating Patella - or slipping kneecap in dogs
Lyme Disease - carried by ticks, and more on
Lyme Disease
Lymphoma - or lymphosarcoma, a type of cancer 
new3.gif (284 bytes) 
Mange - from the Dog Owner's Guide
Neutering Dogs Early - benefits and possible adverse effects, and more on
Early Sterilization Programs or ESP
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Neuter or Spay Surgery - from Dog Owner's Guide

HolisticGuideHealthDog.jpg (6625 bytes)
Holistic Guide for a
Healthy Dog

HomeVeterinaryHandbook.jpg (6553 bytes)
Dog Owner's Home
Veterinary Handbook

FirstAidForDogs.jpg (7378 bytes)
First Aid for Dogs:  An
Owner's Veterinary Guide

FieldDogFirstAid.jpg (6554 bytes)
Orvis Field Guide to First
Aid for Sporting Dogs


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UC Davis
Book of Dogs


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Kennels and

      Dog Health Articles: O-Z  [ Top ]

Oral Diseases in Dogs
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Pannus - an eye disease
Parasites in Dogs
Parvo Virus - a helpful overview of the origin of this disease, how it spreads and prevention with vaccination
Poisons - Common Small Animal Poisons, from AVMA
Poisoning Prevention - Prevention of small-animal poisonings
Poisoning Treatments - what to do for a poisoned animal
Rabies and more on Rabies
Reproductive Problems - in bitches
Runt of the Litter - a discussion of possible causes for the smaller pup
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Salmon Poisoning Disease - caused not by the fish but by an organism carried in raw fish
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Tick Diseases in Dogs - a helpful FAQ

Urinary Stone Forming - in Dalmatians and Other Dogs
Vaccination Schedule - for puppies, dogs and another recommended
schedule for vaccinations
Vaccinations - are boosters needed annually? and other Q&A
von Willebrand’s disease - cloning of human gene leads to a
breakthrough genetic discovery on this disease in dogs
West Nile Virus - only one death from this disease known in dogs, and a set of FAQ on protecting pets from the disease
Yeast Infection - Malassezia dermatitis

PurinaDogCare.gif (10655 bytes)
Encyclopedia of
Dog Care


dog-sheltie.gif (1264 bytes)


CaringForYourDog.jpg (8185 bytes)
Caring for Your Dog:

The Complete Canine
Home Reference


DogHealthAndCare.jpg (5965 bytes)
The American Animal Hospital Association Encyclopedia of Dog Health and Care


HomeVet.gif (5934 bytes)
Dog Owner's

Home Veterinary


RaisingPuppy-sm.gif (5972 bytes)
The Art of

Raising a Puppy


       Dog Health Encyclopedias [ Top ]

The Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical
- many entries from Addison's Disease through White Dog Shaker Syndrome

Pet Education on Dogs - covering behavior, diseases, first aid, parasites, feeding and nutrition, with articles by veterinarians

Pet Health Library: articles from acupuncture through worms and dogs

VetInfo's A to Z Index - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE with answers to questions on many aspects of dog health and treatment

   Canine Health Links [ Top ]

Alternative Veterinary Medicine - complementary, alternative and holistic veterinary medicine resource
American Canine Sports Medicine Association
- check Tidbits
Animal Diseases
- with many links, from the Karolinska Institute,
Stockholm, Sweden

Articles on Dogs' Health - from chocolate to canine skin allergies to tapeworms and more
Ask the Vet - Dr. Chris Catena currently answers questions about dogs and their health, with archive of columns by Dr. Catena and earlier by Dr. Mark Cole, from Dogs Dogs Dogs! in Toronto
new3.gif (284 bytes)  
Ask a Vet - Dr. Jeff Werber answers questions, with sample replies shown plus an Ask a Vet Archive  
Ask the Vet with sample Q&A plus many dog questions & answers
Ask Our Vet - Dr. Susan Neary answers questions each month, with an archive on topics from accupuncture to West Nile Virus
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Canine Athlete - Conditioning
Canine Health Articles
- from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
Care for Pets - from the AVMA 
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Dog Health in the Yahoo Directory
Dog Health in the Open Directory Project

Dog Health Care Articles
- from
Dog Health Cool Links
- from Fuzzy Faces
Dog Health Information
- from diseases to first aid for dogs
Dog Health Information
- FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE from Dog Owner's Guide
or search for
Dog disease, health - in Dog Owner's Guide Index
Dog Health Spa - articles on health, breeding, genetics
Dr. Roen's Weekly Vet Column
and an archive of past columns
Emergency Elizabethan Collar
- how to make and use one new3.gif (284 bytes)
FDA Veterinarian Newsletter Online
- a wealth of information on drugs and food for dogs, animals generally
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Gun Dog Health & Nutrition  
Health & Genetics - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE from the Dog InfoMat

Health Links - from NetPets
Health News - articles on leptospirosis vaccinations, rabies update,
much more, from Kansas State University
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
National Animal Poison Control Center - help for poisoned dogs
NetVet Veterinary Directories - general directories, veterinary college directories and listing of veterinarians with websites  
Pet Care & Health Columns - with big collection of dog articles, from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
Pet Center - more than 200 articles on dog health
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Pet Education - Dogs - from practicing veterinarians
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Pet Health Topics - including dog diseases and problems, with video, from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Veterinary Information Service: Canine - from canine puppy stangles
to pannus to canine lymphoma
Veterinary Resources Online - helpful links
Veterinary Links & More - from Sarah's Vet Page
Veterinary Medicine Resources - from NetVet
Veterinary Medicine Schools - in Canada and the United States - use the interactive map to find vet schools
VetInfo - including dog and cat sections
Virtual Veterinary Center - listings of databases, dictionaries, journals, veterinary fields, veterinary schools with instructional materials online, more, from Martindale's

DogCatDiets.jpg (6525 bytes)
Home-Prepared Dog
& Cat Diets: the
Healthful Alternative

RawMeatyBones.jpg (5510 bytes)
Raw Meaty Bones
Promote Health


ASPCADogCareManual.jpg (8422 bytes)
ASPCA Complete
Dog Care Manual


NaturalNutritionDogs.jpg (7349 bytes)
Natural Nutrition for Dogs
and Cats: The
Ultimate Pet Diet


Click the link to order Canine Nutrition
Canine Nutrition:
What Every Owner,
Breeder and Trainer
Should Know


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Dog Books


NaturalFood.gif (14626 bytes)
Natural Food
Recipies for
Healthy Dogs

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    Feeding, Nutrition  [ Top ]

Building a Balanced Diet and Dog Nutrition and Diet & More
and Building Blocks of Canine Fitness - from Dog Owner's Guide
Dog Food Analysis: Part One - Label Info --
FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE by Earl Wolfe, plus his Part Two - Ingredients Explained showing contents
of dozens of dog food brands, and the site's
Home Page

Dog Food Costs - Premium & Economy Food Compared 
Electrolyte Solutions For Dogs - by Kurt Matushek, DVM, MS

blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine
- agency regulates manufacture,
distribution of food additives, drugs given to animals

FDA CVM Specific Subjects Index
FDA Veterinarian Newsletter Online
- a wealth of information on drugs and food for dogs, animals generally
Feeding Canine Athletes - tips from Philip W. Toll, DVM, M.S. and Arleigh J. Reynolds, DVM, Ph.D.
Feeding the Canine Athlete
- focusing on long-distance sled dogs who consume 12,000 calories per day while working 
Feeding the Canine Athlete for Optiumum Performance
Feeding and Watering Working Sled Dogs - from Mush with P.R.I.D.E.
Fish as Food for Working Sled Dogs
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
No-No Foods - what not to feed your dog, including chocolate
Nutrition & Skeleton Development in Young Dogs
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Nutrition Links -
Pet Food & Animal Nutrition - articles on different needs for difference sizes and types of dogs, proteins,
watering and much more

Six Basic Groups of Nutrients -
for a dog's diet - for
Weight Loss Diet for Dogs - using vegetables new3.gif (284 bytes)
What NOT to Feed Your Dog
- chocolate, onions, raw eggs, more new3.gif (284 bytes)
What's Really in Pet Food - an
extensive report from Animal 
Protection Institute

Animal Den - Gift Shop for Animal Lovers!

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BreedingShowDog.jpg (7077 bytes)
The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog

Click link to order Successful Dog Breeding
Successful Dog

DogBreedingComplete.jpg (7521 bytes)
The Complete Book
of Dog Breeding

CanineReproduction.jpg (4483 bytes)
Canine Reproduction:
The Breeder's Guide


BreedingALitter.jpg (6442 bytes)
Breeding a Litter:
The Complete Book


GeneticsDogBreeders.jpg (6923 bytes)
Genetics: An
Introduction for
Dog Breeders


StandardBookDogBreeding.jpg (5582 bytes)
The Standard Book
of Dog Breeding


         Breeding, Genetics  [ Top ]

Achieving Genetic Health by J.J. Bragg
Canine Coat Color - emphasizing Borzoi colors, by Bonnie Dalzell

Canine Diversity Project - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE on genetics in domestic
as well as wild dogs

Canine Eye Registration Foundation
- brochure about CERF, eliminating genetic eye diseases, and CERF home page
Canine Genetics & Health Links
Cloning Dogs - Missyplicity dog cloning project
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Dog Genome Project
Eliminating Genetic Diseases in Dogs - A Buyer's Perspective,
by Gary F. Mason
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Genetic Diseases - understand true genetic diseases
Genetic Studies Put Dog Origins in Asia
Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs
- info and links
new3.gif (284 bytes)
Genetics of Dog Behavior - canine genes shaped by human interplay
Genetics of Herding, Blue Eyes, Merle Coat - The Name of the Game is Genetics, by Megan Capon
Genetics Links for Dogs - at the Open Directory Project 
Genetics Primer for Dog Breeders
Guide to Congenital and Heritable Disorders in Dogs
- FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE with breed listings, from Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Hemophilia in German Shepherds - a genetic disease
Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals - Davis, California, now focusing on eyes and cancer, and more about the origins and aims of the Institute's Open Disease Registry
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - registry for 11 canine genetic and orthopedic diseases from hip dysplasia to thyroid to PRA
Principles of Genetics I - by D.H. "Denny" Crews, Jr., Ph.D.
plus Principles of Genetics II: Crossbreeding and Heterosis
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
Schnauzer Health & Genetics
Select against Genetic Diseases with Knowledge
Selecting Sires and more articles on breeding better dogs
Think Twice Before Breeding Your Dog
blu-soft.gif (924 bytes)
VetGen - doing genetic disease research and offering non-invasive genetic disease detection services to dog breeders, owners


Click link to order Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog
Genetics and Social
Behavior of the Dog

GeneticsDog2.jpg (4844 bytes)
The Genetics
of the Dog

GeneticsDog.jpg (4130 bytes)
Genetics of
the Dog

ControlCanineGeneticDiseases.jpg (6699 bytes)
Control of Canine
Genetic Diseases


star-red.gif (881 bytes)
Major book:
Canine Sports
Medicine and
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star-red.gif (874 bytes)
cipher-dog.gif (5087 bytes)
Best Dog


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   Care of Working Dogs  [ Top ]

Dog Care - from The Dog Owner's Guide
Preventing Dog Bites - strategies starting at puppyhood
Sled Dog Care Guidelines
- from P.R.I.D.E.
Temperature Adaptation in Northern Dogs - Ted Greenlee

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