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  Dog Training: Add Site URLs   [ Top ]

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Browse Dog Training Web Pages
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Teach Your Dog
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Power of Positive
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  Featured Training Sites   [ Top ]

Intelligent Diversions & Creative Play - positive outlets for a dog's curiosity and energy
Training & Socializing Puppies
- links from Dr. P

  Athletic, Temperament Assessment
  [ Top ]

Canine Character Test - from the Dog Owner's Guide
Canine Good Citizen Test
- a certificate program, and details on the
test's procedures from the American Kennel Club

Choosing a Basset Hound - for field trials
Choosing a Puppy for Conformation or Obedience - this detailed article gives you questions to answer as well as puppy asssessment tests
Choosing the Right Dog for Search & Rescue new3.gif (284 bytes)
Evaluating a Retriever for Advanced Field Work

Evaluating a Potential Therapy Dog
- and related topics
Evaluating Temperament of a Potential Rescue Dog
The Finnish Mental/Character Test for Dogs

Herding Instinct Test
- a Rottweiler's experience, with photos and a look at what to expect from the Herding Instinct Test
PAWS Working Dog Evaluation

Puppy Aptitude Test - by Joachim & Wendy Volhard 
Puppy Personality Test - check potential for a companion dog
Puppy Personality Test - check for dominance, activity, more
Selecting the Right Dog for You - deciding about breeds, right sizes for your spaces, and much more new3.gif (284 bytes)
Selecting a Working Dog Puppy
- FAQs for Schutzhund dogs,
other dog sports

Temperament Test - assess puppies' temperaments starting from three days old, with tests for retrieving and interest in birds
Temperament Test - outline of the test from the American Temperament Test Society [ATTS] aimed to improve canine temperaments
Testing & Evaluating Hunting Dogs
- choose "Test Overview" for the 4 levels of tests from HDC, from hunting instincts to master hunting dog
VDD Testing Program
- for Deutsch-Drahthaar, a hunting dog
Versatile Hunting Dog Tests - four tests offered by NAVHDA
Working Dogs: Components of Strong Working Dog Temperament
Working Dogs: In Praise of Working Dog Temperament
- a look at the important of nerve and resilience


Click link to order So Your Dog's Not Lassie
So Your Dog's
Not Lassie

Click link to order No Bad Dogs
No Bad Dogs:
The Woodhouse

Click link to order Applied Dog Behavior and Training Volume 1
Applied Dog
Behavior and
Training Vol. 1


Click link to order Applied Dog Behavior and Training Volume 2
Applied Dog
Behavior and
Training Vol. 2

Click link to order Good Dogs, Bad Habits
Good Dogs
Bad Habits


Click link to order Dogs - a new book on dog origins and behavior
Dogs: A Startling

New Understanding
of Canine Origin,
Behavior & Evolution


Click link to order Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dogs
Genetics and the
Social Behavior of
the Dog

  Dog Personality & Training [ Top ]

Aggression - how to handle, plus Q&A on Aggression in Dogs new3.gif (284 bytes)
Aggressive Dogs & Dominant Dogs
- by Roy Hunter,
Off Lead magazine

Alpha Dog Primer
- a dog trainer's diary by Carol Benjamin
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program
Basic Canine Behavior Patterns
- and training implications
Basic Personality Types
- six types described
Canine Intelligence & Training with Ranking

Canine Personalities and Behavior Problems
Canine Personality Profile
- the Volhards' test profiles 10 dog behaviors important for training, and more on the Canine Personality Profile
Dog Behavior and Training
- understanding dog behavior
Dog Behavioral Problems - questions & answers from VetInfo
Dog Behavior Resources

Dog Drives & Personality Testing
Doggie Door to Canine Behavior
- FIVESITE including articles, Q&A, chat, much more
Dog Personalities Linked to Breed Group
- understand the typical behaviors of each dog group as you choose a dog to train
Sensory & Social & Emotional Development of the Young Dog
- a scientific look at puppy development issues important to dog owners
You vs. Your Dog Personality Test
- do for fun & understanding
Your Dog's Personality
- based on behaviors clustering around three basic drives: prey, pack and defense

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21 Days to a
Trained Dog


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25 Stupid Mistakes
Dog Owners Make


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The Dog


CompleteDogBook.jpg (6693 bytes)
The Complete Dog
Book: A Practical

Care and Training
Manual and Encyclopedia
of World Breeds

    Training Basics  [ Top ]

Dog Training from Dr. P - FIVESITE from Dr. Mark Plonsky, psychology professor, and his Dog Training Library - articles and a wealth of links on basic to advanced working training
Dog Training with Uncle Matty - with solutions for dog problems and problem dogs, from growling to jumping on furniture

Dog Training Links - from The Tame Beast
Gentle Method with the Sound Leash
- basic, advanced training
Help Your Dog Be a Good Visitor
- building a dog's confidence in varied settings
How to Love Your Dog - including basic training, just for kids

Manners for the Modern Dog -
with 20 topics,
Rover, Come Here ! - training the recall, plus canine-human communication
by Gwen Bohnenkamp

Click link to order The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior
The Evolution of
Canine Social

Teaching Dogs Basic Tricks
Three S's of Puppy Training
- short, simple, successful
Tips on Dog Training & More

Training Articles - from Susan Clothier at FlyingDogPress
Training Your Dog
-  an in-depth discussion in FAQ format
including conditioning, training, rewards and corrections

SEE FEATURED CANINE LINKS for many articles on dog behavior, dog
intelligence, K9 training, conditioning, dog sports training, and more.


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Your Athletic
Dog - Video


  Athletic & Work Conditioning   [ Top ]

Aerobic Exercise & Training - basic definitions, comparison to anaerobic training, strategies and nutrition information
Aerobics FAQ
- questions and answers
Canine Fitness in the Backyard,
Canine Fitness
- important with so many canine athletes competing in sports - article by Chris Zink DVM
Conditioning the Canine Athlete - including the competitive show dog
Conditioning Your Canine Athlete - for dogs in agility, other sports
Conditioning the Overweight Canine Athlete
  - by Chris Zink DVM
Exercise Physiology Primer
- by Dr. Stephen M. Pribut - including information on overtraining
The Conditioned Canine - more on exercise and conditioning
Long Run for Endurance
- importance of long runs in training for marathon and other distance athletes
Managing the Canine Athlete - including canine sports medicine
Muscles and Metabolic Conditioning
Optimum Performance in Canine Athletes & Working Dogs
Sled Dog Mental and Physical Conditioning
- from P.R.I.D.E.

Strength & Conditioning - both aerobic (endurance, oxygen utilizing), and anaerobic (strength, "without oxygen") or interval training at near maximal performance levels, are important for canine & human athletes
Stretching for the Canine Athlete - including flexibility, warm up and cool down, with illustrations new3.gif (284 bytes)

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Clicker Training
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101 Training Tips
for Your Dog


Train your dog
for sports with
books from



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Excelling at
Dog Agility

HavingFunWithAgility.jpg (6952 bytes)
Having Fun

with Agility


TherapyDog.jpg (4432 bytes)
Working as a
Therapy Dog


Click link to order Hey Pup, Fetch It Up
Hey Pup, Fetch
It Up!


FrisbeeDogs.jpg (4924 bytes)
Frisbee Dogs:
How to Raise,
Train and Compete


  Training Agility Dogs  [ Top ]
12 Commandments of Agility Training
Agility FAQs
- training for all the exercises
Agility Page - from the Dogpatch
Agility Training - from Agility Ability

Agility Training Locations - from AgilityZone
Agility Training Tips - from Agility Ability

Agility Training Tips - from Pawsabilities
Clicker Training for the Weaving Poles
Train Like You Compete - agility training advice

Click link to order Introduction to Dog Agility
Dog Agility

  Training Assistance, Therapy Dogs [ Top ]

Assistance Animals Training Resources
Assistance Dog Training
- with ideas on owner-training
Guide Dogs Training - with phases of guidework training 
Guide Dog Training
- starting with puppy raising
Guide Dog Trainers & Instructors
- a satisfying career new3.gif (284 bytes)
- a Golden Retriever in training to be a guide dog
Profile of an Appropriate Therapy Dog
Raising a Guide Dog
- by Noreen Sila
Therapy Dog Team Training Program 

  Training Field Trial & Hunting Dogs [ Top ]

Training a Basset Hound for Field Trials - by Peggy Sutton
Training Retrievers
- Richard A. Wolters's method
Training the Versatile Gun Dog
- from the Otter Bench
Upland Birddog Training Forum
- articles & discussion

  Training Frisbee & Flyball Dogs [ Top ]

Introduction to Canine Frisbee Training
Disc Dog Moves in Pictures
- with training tips for each
Flyball Training
- an introduction, and teaching flyball to dogs at home
Frisbee Dog - Getting Started - basic training guide, pdf format
Frisbee Training
- so your dog will love it! and what it takes to train a dog to be a frisbee champ
Frisbee Dog Training FAQs - event types, training, more

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Herding Dogs


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  Training Livestock Dogs [ Top ]
Australian Cattle Dog Training Tips - training and temperament
Canaan Dog Personality, Training
- for herding
Kuvasz Training and Personality
- by Gregory Barrett, Canada
Sheep Dog & Stock Dog Training Tips - dogs' work behavior influenced by their strong side and weak side, more new3.gif (284 bytes)

Sheepdog Training Introduction
Sheepdog Training Terminology - what to
learn before you train

LivestockProtectionDogs.jpg (5847 bytes)
Livestock Protection
Dogs: Selection,
Care, and Training

Stockdog Training Secrets Part 1 plus Part 2 and Part 3
Training Anatolian Shepherd Dog - must be motivational

Training a Sheep Tending Dog - starting a German shepherd pup,
and Phase Two of Sheep Tending Training

Training Livestock Guardian Dogs - a collection of articles, and
more on raising a
Livestock Guardian Dog and training one

ClickerTraining.gif (9725 bytes)
Clicker Training

For Obedience

DogLogicObedience.jpg (5766 bytes)
Dog Logic:

Companion Obedience

AdvancedObedience.jpg (6901 bytes)

Advanced Obedience:
Easier Than You Think

DogObedienceTraining.jpg (7005 bytes)
Dog Obedience

ExpertObedienceTraining-Dogs.jpg (6670 bytes)
Expert Obedience

Training for Dogs,
Fourth Edition


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Dog Videos

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  Training Obedience Dogs
  [ Top ]

Dog Obedience - from DogLogic
Dog Obedience and Training Page
Importance of Obedience Training

Obedience Training - How & Why - from Gwen Bohnenkamp
Obedience Training
- the basics
Obedience Training
- articles from Cheryl May
Obedience Training
- collection of articles from K-911
Obedience Training Articles
- and much more, including a look at the
key motivational steps to all dog training
Obedience Training
and Obedience Training Your Dog - articles from
The Dogpatch and the Dog Owner's Guide

Raising a Puppy to Enjoy Obedience
- from Chris Wallen
Selecting an Obedience Prospect
- from Kay Green, and more articles about obedience training
Understanding the Types of Obedience Training
What to Do When Your Dog Won't Come - looked at from a dog's
perspective, plus creative solutions

GuardDogTraining.jpg (7006 bytes)
Koehler Method of

Guard Dog Training

K9PersonalProtection.jpg (6402 bytes)

K9 Personal Protection: A

Manual for Training
Reliable Protection Dogs

TrainingProtectionWork.jpg (6572 bytes)
Training Dogs
for Protection Work

TopWorkingDogs.jpg (4353 bytes)
Top WorkingDogs:
A Training Manual

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The Dog


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  Training Guard, Police, SAR Dogs  [ Top ]

Basic Training of Avalanche Dogs and Squaw Valley's Avalanche Dogs including a slide show, and more on Avalanche Rescue Dogs
Canine Training Articles - from United States Police Canine Association
K-9 & Police Dog & Protection Training
- plus scent work
K-9 Training: What & When & Why
Operational Search Dog Development
- starting with the puppy
Police & Protection Dog Training
- a series of articles
Salute to SAR Dogs - recognizing their role post September 11, 2001, plus SAR dog resources, links
Search and Rescue Dog Training
- from the Search and Rescue
Search & Rescue Dog Training - many helpful articles
Trainers Digest - K9 Academy for Law Enforcement
Training a Water Search Dog Team
Water Rescue Training for Dogs - from Dog Scouts

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  Training Tracking, Scenting Dogs [ Top ]

Agriculture's Beagle Brigade - trained detector dogs that sniff
out prohibited fruit and meat in baggage arriving from overseas

Early Development of a Tracking Dog
- the self right dog new3.gif (284 bytes)
Scent & Tracking Articles
- in the K9 Trainers Digest
Schnauzer Trained To Detect Skin Cancer
- a well developed
sense of scent indeed!

Tracking Offline or Online in Police Work
Tracking Training
- from Dr. P
Training Logs for Tracking Dogs
Training Bassets for Tracking
- dogs young and old

  Training Racing & Coursing Dogs
[ Top ]

American Sighthound Coursing
Azawakhs Coursing & Racing - with photos
Greyhound Racing 101
- basic introduction
Lure Coursing 101
- find link at left for basic introduction
Lure Coursing with Your Scottish Deerhound
- a helpful, in-depth beginner's guide
Lure Coursing Training
- first lessons

Training an Irish wolfhound for coursing

DogDriver.jpg (4279 bytes)
Dog Driver: A Guide
for the Serious Musher

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The Speed
Mushing Manual


  Training Sled Dogs  [ Top ]

Conditioning, Training Samoyeds for Racing
Fall Training Checklist - from SledDogCentral
Ideas from interviews with mushers
- from Sleddog Central
Sled Dog Exercise and Training
- from P.R.I.D.E.
Sled Dog Training Guide - a wealth of online resources
Sled Dog Training Wisdom
- from the journals of the famous champion, Roland "Doc" Lombard
Summer training
& Winter Training - at Salty Dog Kennel
Training Alaskan Huskies
Training and Conditioning the Musher
Training for Gig Racing
- pick Trail UK e-zine, then scroll to article
Training Lead Dogs and Training Dogs to Pull
- both from
Stephen R. Lee

Sleddog Equipment & Training FAQ
- Margaret Bonham, Sky Warrior Racing Kennels

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Theory & Training


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  Training Ring Sport, Schutzhund Dogs [ Top ]

French Ringsport Overview - including training tips
Protection Dog Training - links from Dr. P 
Schutzhund Overview
- including articles, discussion forum, chat
Schutzhund Q&A
including how to start a puppy for later Schutzhund training, and many more Training Articles
Schutzhund Training
- including picking a breed of dog
What is Schutzhund?
- FAQs from the Treasure State Working
Dog Association, including training phases

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  Working Dog Clubs, Equipment [ Top ]

American Dog Trainers Network
Equipment for Working Dogs
- sledding, carting, ski-joring,
packing, weight-pulling

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Best Dog Free Stuff
Best Dog

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Training Your Dog
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