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Profile: Bernese Mountain Dog

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The Bernese Mountain Dog was the 48th most popular breed
in the United States in 2004, with 3,430 individual dogs registered. That compared to 47th the previous year, with 3,130 Berners registered.

The breed is a large, sturdy working dog with origins as a drover or cattle driving dog, draft dog and watch dog on the farms in the Berne Canton of Switzerland. It is one of four breeds of Swiss mountain dogs. Some believe the Mastiff type dogs of the Roman legions influenced the Swiss breeds' development more than 2,000 years ago, but others disagree. Click for breed resources.

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BerneseMountainDog-B.jpg (4684 bytes)
The Beautiful
Bernese Mountain
Dogs: A Complete
American Handbook


BerneseMountainDog-OG.jpg (6180 bytes)
Bernese Mountain
Dog: An Owner's
Guide to a Happy
Healthy Pet


BerneseMountainDog-OMD.jpg (7932 bytes)
The Bernese and
Other Mountain Dogs: Bernese, Greater Swiss, Appenzellers, and Entlebuchers


NoseToNose.jpg (4569 bytes)
Nose to Nose: A
Memoir of Healing


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Breed Resources  [ Top ]

Breed Profiles & Descriptions:

  Bernese Mountain Dog: a basic description and
  history, starting with the breed's role in protecting
  a farm and its animals, and droving cattle

  FAQs for Bernese Mountain Dogs

  Bernese Mountain Dog:  AKC Profile

  Bernese Mountain Dog:  CKC Breed Sketch

  Bernese Mountain Dog:  FCI Standard

BerneseMountainDog-PL.jpg (7182 bytes)
Bernese Mountain Dog (Pet Love)

  Bernese Mountain Dog:  Dog Breed Info Profile

  Bernese Mountain Dog: Profile

  Bernese Mountain Dog:   DigitalDog Profile

  Bernese Mountain Dog:    Canada's Guide to Dogs

  Bernese Mountain Dog History:  in relation to the Greater Swiss Mountain
  Dog -- two of the four Swiss Sennenhunds, and more history of this breed whose
  modern type was developed from dogs around Bern, Switzerland

  Historic & Modern Berners in Photos including puppies, adults and
  Berners in action carting, and a look at Breed History

  Archive of Articles on the Bernese Mountain Dog plus a collection of
  comments on the breed

  The Bernese Observed: a brief look at Berner personalities, and a breed
  summary called Bernese Mountain Dog at a Glance

  Breed Organizations & Groups:

  Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America:  AKC Parent Club for the breed

  Berner-Garde Foundation:  monitoring genetic diseases in the BMD

  Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada:  standard, events, more, and
  the club's Breeder Directory

  Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain:  many breed resources

Breed Articles: Care, Health, Nutrition, Puppies, More:

  Bernese Mountain Dog Care:   care, exercise needs, grooming, more

  BMD Health Issues:  eye, joint and other ailments in the breed

  Another Look at the BMD and its Health Issues: and a breed description

Berner Links   [ Top ]

  Berner Links: breeders, clubs, health and more links from

  Bernese Mountain Dog Links:  helpful links to the breed around the world

  Berner Quick Links & FAQ: a weath of resources including temperament, health

  Bernese Mountain Dog Sites:  more than 200 sites in 10 languages,
  at Open Directory

  Bernese Mountain Dog Sites:  including breeder sites, at Yahoo

Berners in Action   [ Top ]

  Berners as Working Dogs:  including carting, herding, awards

E-cards & Coloring Page with Berners

  E-Greeting Cards:  Berners, other breeds available

  Coloring Page with Dog Breeds: fun for kids

  Berner International Links: among the "B" breeds


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  Popular Dog Breeds - in the USA, Canada and UK, a section in
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