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Cammin, Pomerania, Prussia
A Family Heritage

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Journey through Mecklenburg- West Pomerania


omerania is an area that curves along the Baltic Sea in far northern Europe. Ruled by or part of different countries or kingdoms, including Prussia, over the centuries, it was Germanic in culture at one time, due to settlement by German farmers. Today it is split along the Oder River, the west part now in Mecklenburg, Germany, the east in Poland.

From Cammin in Pomerania and other areas of Prussia came a unique migration of "Old Lutherans" to America in 1839, searching for religious freedom. Many settled in and around Buffalo, New York, while about 60 families came on to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. Among them were several Bruss families from Cammin.

Here's more on Cammin, Pomerania, and the Old Lutheran migration.

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Mecklenburg and
West Pomerania.
Pictures of a Landscape


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Pommern (Deutsche Geschichte im
Osten Europas)

In German. Title in
English: Pommern
(German History in
Eastern Europe)


Pomerania-1945-Echoes.jpg (5980 bytes)
Pomerania: 1945 Echoes of the Past: A Teenager's Diary of Peace, War, Flight

and Expulsion

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Author Heinz
Chinnow's blog


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German American

Family Album

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German Amercan
Family Album


Address-Book-German.jpg (5863 bytes)
Address Book
for Germanic
Genealogy 6th ed.


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Germans to
America Books


About Pomerania   [ Top ]

Pomerania, or Pommern: its geography, subdivisions, peoples, and an historical timeline

Pomerania: introduction and color map, with key cities including Stralsund, Greifswald, Stettin, Cammin and more

Pomerania: description and history of this land along the Baltic Sea to the east of Mecklenburg, divided by the Oder River

Pomerania: basic facts, genealogy, geography, history, more, and the griffin insignia, logos and maps of Pomerania.

Pomerania Maps for mid-19th century, 1871 to 1918, and 1938. One shows it is 1/5th the area of Wisconsin. Pomerania stretches 175 miles east to west and 50 miles north to south. Since 1945, western Pomerania joined Mecklenburg, Germany.

Pomerania: its geography, agriculture and history as written in 1911

Mecklenburg-West-Pomerania-WK.jpg (7343 bytes)
Mecklenburg and
West Pomerania


Mecklenburg-West-Pomerania.jpg (9054 bytes)
Western Pomerania

Pomerania FAQ: information helpful to genealogists including history, legal and governmental structures, archives and more

Pommern Resources organized by kreis or county, and a guide to a listing of and descriptions of Pommern's villages

Hinterpommern or Farther Pomerania east of the Oder River

Vorpommern or Hither Pomerania west of the Oder River

History of Pomerania   [ Top ]

History of Pomerania: a region alternatively Germanic and Slavic, fought over by Denmark, Sweden, Vikings, Poland, the Holy Roman Empire, the Teutonic Order, Brandenburg, Prussia and Germany.

History of Pomerania, including the section west of the Oder River called Vorpommern now joined with Mecklenburg, and part east of the river called Hinterpommern. Mentions the Old Lutheran emigration.

History of Pomerania, including original peoples, settlement after 1181 by German farmers with new farming technology, trade and the Hanseatic League of cities, including Stettin, Stargard, Kammin, more

Short History of Pomerania, with 8 chapters, with one on Pomerania as a Province of Prussia, 1815-1945. Old Lutherans are mentioned.

Province of Pomerania: a part of Prussia starting in 1815

Pomeranian History: varied informational resources, and glimpses of a museum exhibit that show Pomerania's History

Duchy of Pomerania: history of Pomerania, 12th to 17th centuries

Bishopric of Cammin: this Catholic bishopric was established in Cammin in 1176 just Pomerania came under early Germany rule

History of Pomerania, its Christian churches and its church organs, including the one built in Cammin, 1669-1672.

In 1945 at the end of World War II, Pomerania was split between East Germany and Poland

Encyclopedia-German-Genealogy.jpg (8479 bytes)

Encyclopedia of



Genealogy of Pomerania   [ Top ]

Die Pommerschen Leute or The Pomeranian People: a newsletter, an online surname index of Pomeranian people who came to America with many Bruss individuals, a place name indexmaps, links, more

Pommern Genealogy: records, societies, maps, more, and more detail on where to find church records from areas of old Pomerania

Family Research in Pommern, genealogy resources in English translation. Original in German is Familienforschung in Pommern.

Kreis Cammin genealogy resources including Web pages, books, genealogy e-mail lists, more. And contact details for Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Wallschläger, noted author about Kreis Cammin.

Pommerndatenbank: search genealogy database for Pommern

Pommernkontakte: database of Pomerania family researchers

Kartenmeister: database of places, surnames, researchers for Eastprussia, Westprussia, Brandenburg, Posen, Pomerania, Silesia.

Pomeranian Family Histories: links to Web sites, many in English

Pommern-L is a genealogy mailing list for Pommern, messages in English or German. Pomeranian surnames and their researchers.

Prussia-Pomerania Message Board at

Prussia-Germany Genealogy Forum

Pomerania - A Province of Prussia: including photos of Stettin and other cities, family research bulletin board and more

Pomeranian Genealogy, Culture, and History, a book by Paul Sternberg, Janice and Jerry Savage

Baltic-North-Seas.jpg (4706 bytes)
The Baltic and
North Seas (Seas
in History)


Finding-German-Ancestors.jpg (6841 bytes)
Finding Your

German Ancestors :
A Beginner's Guide


German-Americans-The.jpg (6999 bytes)
The German Americans
(The Immigrant


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Germans to
America Books

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German Amercan
Family Album

Cammin, Pomerania   [ Top ]

Cammin, also spelled Kammin, overlooks the Dievenow River, a branch of the Oder River near its mouth at the Baltic Sea. It is or was the seat of the bishopric, the site of a cathedral built in 1175, a Hanseatic trading and shipbuilding city, and a health spa. See city photo and a city panorama.

Cammin or Kammin [1911]: a port city in Kreis Cammin near the Baltic Sea with four Lutheran churches including a Dom or cathedral.

Map of Pomerania, large. See Kammin just inland from Mth. or Mouth of the Dievenow River where it enters the Baltic Sea. Also a map with the city of Cammin in Kreis Kammin and large map of Kreis Cammin.

Map of Pomerania, 1871, with Kreis Cammin highlighted in blue, and a map of Land Kreis Cammin showing the city, the river, more.

Modern map with Kreis Cammin outlined, city of Cammin shown, and a map showing Cammin/Kamien Pomorski and Insel Gristow to the west, and maps of Land-Kreis Cammin and of Pomerania with Cammin to the far right, with Gristow Island with Gristow and Bunnewitz on it.

Cammin, once a Hanseatic League trading city, with photo. Kammin listed as a Hansa town on page x in the book The German Hansa by Phillipe Dollinger, D. S. Ault, H. Steinberg. View it on Google Books.

Hanseatic towns in Poland, some formerly in Pomerania, with history and description in words and photos, including Stettin/Szczecin, Cammin/Kamien Pomorski, Danzig/Gdansk, more. Another look.

About Cammin in the story of the Bruss family who came to Milwaukee

Cammin in Pommern [English translation]: brief history plus images of the historic cathedral and city hall. [Original version]. A brief history.

Der Kreis Cammin in Pommern with photos including Cammin in 1915 [in German] and Kreis Cammin in Pommern [English translation].

Dom or Cammin Cathedral. Dom exterior, altar and organ.

Kammin, Pomerania: once part of Prussia, Cammin or Kammin has been part of Poland, in its far northwest corner, since the end of World War II. It is now called Kamien Pomorski. A visit to Cammin today.

Search via Google Books for Heinz Chinnow's Pomerania: A Teenager's Diary of Peace, War, Flight and Expulsion. See p. 131 for a brief description of Cammin today and author's genealogy research.

Cammin today is Kamien Pomorski, known for its Gothic cathedral, spa, music festival, Gothic town hall and ancient city gate. See photos.

Kamien Pomorski, in English, with description of historic churches, the 1669 organ, Wolin Gate and Tower, St. John the Baptist Cathedral. Plus a sideview of the cathedral.

Map of the city of Kamien Pomorski today, with a photo gallery.

Photos: Wolin Gate and Piast Tower from the old medieval walls,, the Cathedral, the Cathedral's organ, another Cathedral view, a side view of the Cathedral , historic Rathaus or Town Hall, Staromiejski Hotel in the Old Town, views of St. Nicolai's Church [see bottom], and several Cammin photos including the Rathaus or town hall..

Northern Germany's famous Brick Romanesque, Brick Gothic and Brick Renaissance architecture, for a region without stone resources.

German-Immigrants.jpg (7914 bytes)
German Immigrants (Immigration to the
United States)


German-Immigrants-America.jpg (7403 bytes)
German Immigrants
in America: An Interactive History Adventure


German-Americans-Spirit.jpg (5553 bytes)
German Americans

(Spirit of America





.Old Lutherans   [ Top ]

About the Old Lutherans in Germany and America, and more resources about Old Lutherans

Old Lutheran Fever: a look at development of the passionate desire to emigrate from Prussia to America, Australia in the 1830s and 1840s for religious freedom

A total of 1,084 Old Lutherans arrived in America in the fall of 1839 on seven ships: Franklin, Caroline, Alfred, Britannia, Republic, Georgiana and Echo. Links to passenger lists included.

Emigration Index to Wilhelm Iwan's 1943 book "The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century." Search here. Martin Friedrich Bruss family from Cammin on page 250 here.

Old Lutherans: description and historical resources [Note that the first migration to America was in 1839, followed by others]

Old Lutherans in 19th Century: migration to Buffalo, Milwaukee

J.A.A. Grabau was a key leader, while Heinrich von Rohr was another. He brought the Old Lutherans to Wisconsin

Heinrich Von Rohr and the Lutheran immigration to New York and Wisconsin [see pp. 257-261]

Freistadt, Wisconsin north of Milwaukee was one of the places the Old Lutheran immigrants from Pomerania settled

Trinity Lutheran Church: Pomeranian German families founded it in 1839 in Freistadt

Freistadt Photo Gallery with church. cemetery, historic marker

Emigration-Old-Lutherans.jpg (24347 bytes)
Nineteenth-Century Emigration of "Old Lutherans" from Eastern Germany
(Mainly Pomerania and Lower Silesia)
to Australia, Canada,
and the United States


Germans-to-America.jpg (2761 bytes)
Germans to America: Lists of
Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports


German-Americans.jpg (8676 bytes)
Immigrants in America -
The German Americans


German-American Experience.jpg (5997 bytes)
The German-



Search-German-Roots.jpg (7676 bytes)
In Search of Your German Roots. The Complete Guide
to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe


Pomeranian Settlers in Wisconsin   [ Top ]

Pomeranian emigration to Wisconsin: a history of those who came from the Cammin and Stettin areas to the Milwaukee area in 1839. Most bought farm land to the north, but some stayed in the city. More came from Pomerania in the 1850s, 1860s.

Old Lutherans in Wisconsin: settlers in Friestadt, Milwaukee, more

Pomeranians were in the first colony of Germany immigrants in the Wisconsin Territory in 1839

Germans-in-Wisconsin.jpg (5311 bytes)
Germans in

(Ethnic Series)


1839 Immigrants from Pomerania: some settled in Kilbourntown, the village on the Milwaukee River's west side that became part of the city

Pommerscher Verein Freistadt preserves German Pomeranian culture in SE Wisconsin, offers large family pedigree database.

Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt of Wisconsin performs Pomeranian music, dance. See photo gallery showing costumes. Learn more about this cultural group, pronunciation of its name and related history.

Pomeranians to the Midwest: Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, more

German Pomeranian culture and traditions at home in Wisconsin

Pomeranian Culture, Events celebrated in Mequon, Wisconsin

Martin Friedrich Bruss, a ship's carpenter, and his wife and sons, from Cammin, Pomerania, Prussia, who settled in Milwaukee, listed among the Old Lutherans who came to American [see bottom of emigrants list]

Another Martin Bruss and his son's birth record from Cammin

Coming-to-America-Germans.jpg (6810 bytes)
Coming to America:
The Germans


Wisconsin-German-Element.jpg (1723 bytes)
German Element


German-Milwaukee-Sm.jpg (5617 bytes)
German Milwaukee:
Its History ~

Its Recipes


Wisconsin-German-LL.jpg (4088 bytes)
Wisconsin German
Land and Life

Includes Calumet, Washington and
Sheboygan counties


Germanic-Ancestors.jpg (7210 bytes)
Genealogist's Guide
to Discovering Your

Germanic Ancestors


German-American Context   [ Top ]

How German is American? A look at clubs set up by German immigrants, such as the Turnverein, and mentions New Berlin, New Glarus, New Holstein, Milwaukee, Plymouth, Watertown plus an  introduction to German-American identity, typically submerged rather than overt.

Timeline of German Groups in America: from Germans at Jamestown in 1607 through many groups that migrated including the Palatines in 1709, Amish in 1809, Old Lutherans in 1839 and many more.

German-Americans: the largest self-reporting ethnic population in America, at some 50 million in the year 2009. See chart for 2000. German was the No. 1 ancestry in 23 states in that census.

The top 6 states for German-American ancestry in 2000 by percentage of population were North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. Most German immigrants came between 1840 and 1920.

German immigration started an upswing in the 1830s and for 60 years was never less than 25 percent of all immigrants, peaking in the 1850s. Learn more and see chart of immigration by decade.

German Originality: about German- American heritage and immigration to America in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, 1900s and today.

Find Your Roots in Germany:  for help  finding German ancestors

German-Immigrants1820-1920.jpg (16223 bytes)
German Immigrants, 1820-1920
Coming to America)


German-American History & Heritage: includes biographies, books, more and German-American Historic Sites & Museums, by state.

Map of Northern European Emigration to America, including through Bremen and Hamburg, Germany

Midwest America   [ Top ]

The "German belt" states -- Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa -- have the most dense German-American populations.


Germans in Wisconsin and why Milwaukee was America's German Athens and Wisconsin history and genealogy including its important Germany settlers

How Wisconsin Came by its Large German Element in the 1800s, an 1892 article

Germans in Milwaukee: in the 1840s, Milwaukee was the "German Athens" due to rich German culture including Christmas traditions

A Bit of Germany in Early Wisconsin:  a 1927 article recalls the settling of New Holstein by Germans who sailed for America in April 1848. Their journey to Sheboygan and New Holstein is described.

German-American Dialects are outlined and shown on an interactive map with links between parts of Germany and areas of Wisconsin.

More for Wisconsin, Milwaukee, New Holstein and Sheboygan and German-speaking Swiss

Genealogy Products   [ Top ]

Visit our Genealogy Shop for family history and genealogy books, software and other products today. Check out the sections for German genealogy, Irish genealogy and more.

Milwaukee-Then-Now.jpg (9204 bytes)
Then and Now

Finding-Roots-Online.jpg (6472 bytes)

Finding Your
Roots Online

German-American-Genealogy-Dictionary.jpg (5443 bytes)
Genealogical Dictionary

German-American-Names.jpg (7731 bytes)


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