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William George Bruce
A Family Heritage

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The Making of


uring a long and productive life, William George Bruce (1856-1949) of Milwaukee was a newspaper business manager, established and operated the Bruce Publishing Company, wrote articles and books on the history of Milwaukee, and filled a number of public service posts for the city.  He was particularly known for his efforts in developing and administering the Milwaukee Auditorium and his work on behalf of the Milwaukee harbor and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Due to his distinguished public service career, Bruce gained the sobriquet "Mr. Milwaukee."  His grandparents came to Wisconsin in 1839 with the Old Lutheran Migration from Pomerania in Prussia via New York. William's parents, August F. Bruce and Apollonia Becker Bruce, were both born in Germany.

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Cream City
Chronicles: Stories

of Milwaukee's Past


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a review
of Cream City


German-American-Family-Album.jpg (8048 bytes)
The German American Family Album
Many mentions and photos of Milwaukee

Biographies   [ Top ]

William George Bruce:  a brief biography in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History from the Wisconsin Historical Society

William George Bruce biographical sketch in the History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, City and County, 1922

William George Bruce: biographical sketch at Wikipedia, by the author of this webpage

William George Bruce biography starts with grandfather Frederick, an ocean sailor, coming to Milwaukee and includes his father Augustus and his uncles Martin and John, all Great Lakes sailors and ship builders; his mother Apollonia Becker Bruce; and his early life in the house on East Water Street, near the southwest corner of Johnson Street just east of the Milwaukee River. Also included are the nine Bruce siblings (William George, Albert P., Augustus I., Martin P., Emma, Ida, Clara, Emily and Apollonia), and William's own wide-ranging career in journalism, publishing  and in public service. See the book History of Milwaukee, City and County, Vol. II, published in 1922.

Schooners-Great-Lakes.jpg (4716 bytes)

(Great Lakes
Album Series)


great-lakes-great-ships.gif (8013 bytes)
Great Lakes and
Great Ships: An
Illustrated History
for Children

William George Bruce, brief biosketch of a Milwaukee leader, author

William George Bruce Papers: with the listing of his papers in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Archives is a biographical note tracing his life from birth on March 17, 1856, through his business career, his service to public and religious causes, his work for the Democratic Party, and his numerous books as well as his marriage to Monica Moehring and their children William Conrad, Frank Milton, and Monica Maria. He died on August 13, 1949, at the age of ninety-three.

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Short History of Milwaukee
By William
George Bruce

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Warships-Great-Lakes.jpg (5393 bytes)
Warships of the
Great Lakes,



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The German-



Bruce Family in Documents, Books   [ Top ]

Martin Bruss - ship carpenter at 363 East Water in the First or East Ward in the 1848-49 Milwaukee Directory was William's grandfather. His full name was Martin Friedrich Bruss, apparently called Friedrich in his family. His grandson called him Frederick Bruce.

August Brusz - ship carpenter at East Water, between Martin and Johnson, W.  This entry in the 1857-1858 Milwaukee Directory is surely William's father August Bruce whose surname was originally Bruss. This is the location of the Bruss or Bruce property, not far from City Hall.

August and brothers Martin and John filled in marshy land east of the Milwaukee River in the mid-1850s, obtaining lots there. Today that land is near the River Houses Condominiums. Note the top of Milwaukee City Hall showing in the above photo and this one for orientation.

August Bruce Household 1880:  the census record show that both of William's parents were born in Germany to German parents, that father August worked as a ship carpenter and William was recorded as a book dealer when in truth he was a bookkeeper at that time.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bruce were listed at 435 Hanover St. in the 1891-1892 Directory of Milwaukee Elite

Diary of a 1921 Trip & Scrapbook for William George Bruce in the University of West Florida archives and special collections, relating to family-owned drydocks founded by his uncle Martin near Pensacola.

Martin F. Bruce, brother of Augustus, married Margaret Ollinger on March 13, 1861, in Escambia, Florida, near Pensacola. By the time of the 1880 Census, Martin and Margaret had two sons, two daughters. Martin was born in 1833 while brother John -- a ship's caulker  in California -- was born in 1835. Martin died on 20 Feb 1894 and he and his son George are noted burials in the Bagdad Cemetery.

Ollinger House [ large image ] in Milton, Florida, built in 1871 by Joseph OIlinger whose brother William established with Martin F. Bruce the Ollinger-Bruce Drydocks there in 1858. The firm was burned during the Civil War but reopened in 1867. Martin's wife Margaret was Joseph and William's sister. More about the Ollinger family and the firm. The 1885 Directory for Blackwater, formerly  Bagdad, lists Ollinger & Bruce, Ship Builders & Sectional Dry Dock.

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German Milwaukee:
Its History ~

Its Recipes


German-Americans.jpg (8676 bytes)
Immigrants in
America - The

German Americans



Germans-in-Wisconsin.jpg (5311 bytes)
Germans in

(Ethnic Series)



German-Immigrants-America.jpg (7403 bytes)
German Immigrants
in America: An Interactive History Adventure


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Short History of Milwaukee
By William
George Bruce

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Coming-to-America-Germans.jpg (6810 bytes)
Coming to America:
The Germans


Bruce Family in Books by W. G. Bruce   [ Top

The History of Milwaukee, City and County (1922) is available in various for Volume I, Volume II and Volume III.

The History of Milwaukee, City and County
is a 3-volume set edited by William George Bruce. Volume I has 42 chapters of history, with Chapter 15, from page 179 on, narrating his memories of his childhood neighborhood whose "residents were in the main German-born" and his grandfather's two-story house with moss-covered roof.  Volume II and Volume III contain biographies including one for W. G. Bruce himself. Look up volunteers are available here and here [Books We Own].

Milwaukee-2007-Calendar.jpg (9985 bytes)

2007 Calendar

I Was Born in America: Memoirs of William George Bruce (1937) ranges from his youth in Milwaukee's German neighborhood  just east of the Milwaukee River to his adult career and family. This index to the book lists two dozen Bruce, Fowle, Moehring, Mueller and Rock relatives as well as many well-known Milwaukee citizens of his day.

Memoirs of William George Bruce Ch 1 & 2:  Chapters I and 2 on growing up in the thoroughly German neighborhood just east of the Milwaukee River -- and including the Bruce family story -- were in the June 1933 Wisconsin Magazine of History. William George Bruce was born March 17, 1856, in the house his grandfather built at the corner of East Water and Johnson streets in this neighborhood.

Memoirs of William George Bruce Ch 3, 4, 5 & 6:  Chapter III on German old Milwaukee -- 4th of July, music events,  beer gardens, German newspapers; Chapter IV on his early jobs; Chapter V on his time in newspapers including the Milwaukee Sentinel; and Chapter VI about his own entry into publishing were in the September 1933 Wisconsin Magazine of History.  They recount his work from age 12:  from cigar making and newspaper work to his 1891 launch of the American School Board Journal. See sketch of house built by Frederick Bruce, William's grandfather, between pages 6 and 7.

Memoirs of William George Bruce Ch 7 & 8:  Chapter VII on his political and civic service experience and Chapter VIII on MIlwaukee's Scottish immigrants was in the December 1933 Wisconsin Magazine of History. See photos of him at age 20 in 1876 and of his parents -- Augustus F. and Apollonia Becker Bruce -- in 1856.

Memoirs of William George Bruce Ch. 9 & 10:  Chapter IX on his experiences as a tax collector and Chapter X on famous politicians and U.S. presidents he had met was in the March 1934 Wisconsin Magazine of History.

Memoirs of William George Bruce Ch. 11:  Chapter XI on his experiences with eminent people, especially those visiting Milwaukee, was in the June 1934 Wisconsin Magazine of History.

Memoirs of William George Bruce Ch. 12:  Chapter XII on his work to advance the St. Lawrence Seaway Project to benefit Wisconsin was in the September 1934 Wisconsin Magazine of History.

Milwaukee's Name: in his book, A Short History of Milwaukee, Wm. G. Bruce noted that at one point in the 1830s, a local newspaper decided to spell the city name Milwaukee, not Milwaukie, and that settled it.  This bit of history is often cited on Web sites about the city.

American School Board Journal:  William. G. Bruce's role in its founding was recounted in his memoirs, which were excerpted in the journal's January 1991 edition, its centennial.

Children Remember the Civil War:  a passage from Bruce's memoirs on children playing soldier and visiting soldier camps.

Old Abe - Wisconsin's War Eagle: a civil war story recreated from William George Bruce's 1922 History of Milwaukee, City and County

Histories by W. G. Bruce are cited on politics among German groups and on the arrival of Polish immigrants in 19th century Milwaukee

Life with Grandfather: William George Bruce published annual books about his children and grandchildren, including these eight essays or letters. A highlight is Bruce Family Christmases from 1/1/1921.

Grandson Robert C. Bruce joined the Bruce Publishing Co. about 1940, continuing until it was sold in 1968. He passed away in 1997.

Germanic-Ancestors.jpg (7210 bytes)
Genealogist's Guide
to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors



German-Immigrants.jpg (7914 bytes)
German Immigrants (Immigration to the
United States)


American-School-Board-Journal.jpg (9184 bytes)
American School
Board Journal



German-American-Names.jpg (7731 bytes)
German-American Names



Search-German-Roots.jpg (7676 bytes)
In Search of Your German Roots. The Complete Guide
to Tracing Ancestors
in Germanic Areas
of Europe



German-Americans-The.jpg (6999 bytes)
The German
(The Immigrant


William G. Bruce in Milwaukee History   [ Top ]

Milwaukee Sentinel: in 1880, William G. Bruce was hired away from the business office of the Milwaukee Daily News by the Sentinel where he worked for 11 years before starting the Bruce Publishing Company. Includes a glimpse of Milwaukee newspapering of that era. Photos.

American School Board Journal recognizes William George Bruce as its founding publisher, 1891 to 1912 [page 8].  ASBJ, Sports Afield, Popular Science, others were 100-year old magazines in 1993 and Bruce's decision to leave the Milwaukee Sentinel to found it is told.   The founding of the journal, still published in 2007, is noted.

The Bruce Publishing Company of Milwaukee - a small sampling of religious and history works published:
  The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis [online book]
  The Catholic Reformation by Pierre Janelle [online book]
  Favorite Newman Sermons [online book]
Memoir: I Was Born in America by William George Bruce [Index]

Search Google Books for "william george bruce" to find online his School Board Manual: A Reference Work on School Administration Labors for the Use of School Authorities, 1904, as well as his History of Milwaukee, City and County, 1922. The History of Milwaukee is also online here.

Read William George Bruce's book Commercial organizations, their function, operation and service online here in several formats.

Find all of the books written by William George Bruce.

Bruce Publishing Company celebrated 25 years of publishing technical books in 1942. William George Bruce was still president of the firm he founded in 1891. In 1922, the publishing company was located at 129 Michigan Ave., Milwaukee. The firm's early records are in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee archives.

William George Bruce in 1892-1893 advocated for construction of the first South Side High School to serve that area. A Milwaukee school board member, he presided at the official opening January 25, 1894.

W. G. Bruce spoke about school boards and superintendents at the National Education Association's annual meeting in New Jersey in July 1894, and his remarks were reported by the New York Times.

In 1903, W. G. Bruce, School Board Journal editor, urged women teachers to wear dresses short enough to avoid sweeping streets and floors, thus not bringing germs into their classrooms on their hems.

At the National Education Association's 44th annual meeting in New Jersey in July 1905, William George Bruce  was secretary of the Department of School Administration and spoke at its meeting [p. 827]

A 1905 yearbook shows William C.. Bruce, at 447 Hanover St., Milwaukee, as an active member of the National Education Association [p. 221]. This is son William Conrad Bruce.

Merchants and Manufacturing Association: while secretary of this organization in 1906, William George Bruce assisted his lifelong friend William L. Pieplow in advancing the School of Trades in Milwaukee, today the Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School. In 1916 in that role, he spoke to the Old Settlers on the character of people and quality of location that helped Milwaukee thrive.

In April 1918, while General Secretary, Milwaukee Association of Commerce, W. G. Bruce wrote to the New York Times on the city's war aid subscriptions, its generosity and its loyalty -- read full story

Milwaukee's Harbor:  from 1910-1949, Mr. Bruce first chaired the Harbor Commission, then Board of Harbor Commissioners. Photo.

William George Bruce spoke on the St. Lawrence waterway and his recent testimony in Washington, D.C., in December 1932 at a Tau Beta Pi dinner at Marquette University. In February 4, 1927 in MIchigan, as a Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Tidewater Assn. member, he discussed the economic potential of a water link to the Atlantic, as reported in the Cass City Chronicle [now offline].

The Milwaukee Auditorium to which William G. Bruce devoted much time and energy -- with an interior view of the Auditorium in 1912, three years after opening in 1909, and an exterior view.

The Auditorium's development is described in The History of Milwaukee, City and County, Vol. I Chapter 27  [pdf] written and edited by William George Bruce. Interior and exterior photos included. On two fund-raising committees, he also was a director of the Auditorium Company.

In 2003, the Auditorium was renovated into the Milwaukee Theatre, its main entrance located at 500 W. Kilbourn Ave.

Milwaukee County Historical Society: William G. Bruce was a founding director in 1921. Includes his photograph [top].

Wisconsin Historical Society: W. G. Bruce was a curator and vice president of the society for many years.

Hospital Supporter [pdf] the name William George Bruce is listed among many Milwaukee people who, between 1863 and 1997, had their names listed on plaques in three hospitals that now are part of Aurora Health Care. The names are now on a Heritage Tree.

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Short History of Milwaukee
By William
George Bruce

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Making-of-Milwaukee.jpg (9050 bytes)
The Making of
Milwaukee (Wisconsin)


Cream City Chronicles:
Stories of Milwaukee's Past

Wisconsin-History-Highlights.jpg (8315 bytes)
Wisconsin History Highlights: Delving
into the Past

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Books, Family
Tree Software
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George Raab
, noted painter in Milwaukee, did a portrait of William George Bruce, likely during the 1920s. W. G. Bruce was friend to and wrote about Milwaukee-born artist Carl Von Marr.

Board of Trustees for a Memorial Union Building at the University of Wisconsin Madison included William George Bruce in 1921

Politics:   William G. Bruce was active in the Democratic Party and in 1924 was an alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Wisconsin. He ran for office as a Democrat several times, including for the  U.S. Senate in 1925, but was not elected.

On August 14, 1925 at Eagle Lake in Racine County, William G. Bruce was keynote speaker at a Holy Name Society meeting and picnic, news articles show. He was then president of the Archdiocesan Union of the Holy Name Society and had just returned from Rome where he visited the Pope and was made a Knight of St. Gregory.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Committee:  Mr. Bruce voted with the majority to place the memorial at the lake front.

They-Came-to-Wisconsin.jpg (7883 bytes)
They Came to Wisconsin (New
Badger History)


Wisconsin-Land-Change.jpg (3582 bytes)
Wisconsin, Land
of Change: An
Illustrated History


Irish-Milwaukee.jpg (5152 bytes)
Irish Milwaukee
(Images of America)


Richness-of-Earth.jpg (7253 bytes)
In the Richness of the Earth: A History of

the Archdiocese
of Milwaukee,


Byron-Kilbourn.jpg (6208 bytes)
Byron Kilbourn
and the Development
of Milwaukee


Centennial Speaker: known as a Milwaukee historian, William G. Bruce spoke at an April 1935 South Side celebration. Includes photo.

William George Bruce Elementary School in northwest Milwaukee, recognized his work to improve education. See building, located at 6453 N. 89th Street. See map.

Bruce Street  [former Park Place], was named in 1929 to honor William George Bruce for his efforts on behalf the city's harbor, the Milwaukee Auditorium [that includes Bruce Hall], and his publishing career. The street's story is included in the book at right, Milwaukee Streets.

Milwaukee-Streets.jpg (4690 bytes)
Milwaukee Streets:
The Stories Behind
Their Names

Marquette University Civic Service Award was presented to William George Bruce and 15 others between 1925 and 1931.

Distinguished Service Medal presented by the Cosmopolitan Club in 1935 to honor his work to advance Milwaukee, especially the Harbor. Mr. Bruce termed "Public Citizen No. 1" and the "dean of civic affairs."

William George Bruce in April 1929 gave congratulations from the laity at the silver jubilee tribute for Archbishop Sebastian G. Messmer.

Catholic Church Layperson: Mr. Bruce, who published secular and religious material, was a confidant to Bishop Stritch.

Laetare Medal:  Notre Dame University presented its Laetare Medal to William George Bruce in 1947, recognizing his work as a Catholic publisher for more than 50 years. This is the oldest and most prestigious honor given to American Catholics.

Bruce in Wisconsin Century: Milwaukee's archbishop recalls the life of William George Bruce, his contributions to city and church, including the donation of an Ivan Mestrovic statue "Valiant Immigrant Mother" in Cathedral Square [see here and here and also in the book Milwaukee Then and Now, p. 31, for photos]. His intention, as expressed in his will, was to help people remember the courage of immigrant mothers.

Funeral Services Announced for William George Bruce Aug. 14, 1949, in the Milwaukee Journal. Includes his obituary, list of honorary and active pallbearers, the latter including nephew Jackson Bruce.

Passing on August 13, 1949: William George Bruce, founder of the American School Board Journal, was remembered for contributions.

"William George Bruce: a maker of history" -- a eulogy -- appeared in Wisconsin Magazine of History, Volume 33, Issue 2 (1949-1950).

William George Bruce was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Milwaukee on August 16, 1949. Also buried there, in Block 4 Lot 37, is William's wife Monica who died in 1938 and other family members.

Elizabeth M. Heinz, caregiver for the William George Bruce family for 40 years and later for son William C. Bruce, passed away March 10, 2007, at age 98. [Link now missing].

Milwaukee's Early History   [ Top ]

Old Milwaukee: a sketch of Milwaukee history and culture by William George Bruce, published in Wisconsin Magazine of History from the Wisconsin Historical Society of which he was a curator. He noted that his father was a volunteer fireman  [p. 302]. His grandparents were thrifty, Grandfather working at the shipyard and Grandmother tending the garden and animals  [p. 305]. He described the Bruce family heritage in sailing and ship building [p. 306] and told of Bruce family lots and homes on East Water and River streets [p. 308].

Old Milwaukee's Yankee Hill, a sketch by William George Bruce of the early residential area between the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan where New Englanders and New Yorkers built their homes.

Introduction to Milwaukee: overview, history, recent developments

Letters from Early Milwaukee: Increase A. Lapham's 1836-1846 letters portray growth of the young city, German immigrants, more

Links to the Past for Milwaukee: history and genealogy

Timeline of Milwaukee History: from its founding to today -- follow links to the "bridge war," Socialist era, more

Find more history and genealogy resources on the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Family Heritage page

Milwaukee-Then-Now.jpg (9204 bytes)
Then and Now


Milwaukee-Wisconsin.jpg (6949 bytes)
Milwaukee Wisconsin

(Images of America)


Milwaukee.jpg (3713 bytes)


Wisconsin-Lighthouses.jpg (6058 bytes)
Wisconsin Lighthouses:
A Photographic &
Historical Guide

Wisconsin-German-Element.jpg (1723 bytes)


German Immigrants (Immigration to the
United States)


Great-Lakes-Region.jpg (7364 bytes)

Great Lakes Region: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin


Wisconsin-Office-Emigration.jpg (7005 bytes)
Wisconsin Office of Emigration 1852-1855 and Its Impact on German Immigration to the State


Germans-to-America.jpg (2761 bytes)
Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports


ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes) ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)
Nineteenth-Century Emigration of "Old Lutherans" from Eastern Germany (Mainly Pomerania and Lower Silesia) to Australia, Canada,
the United States


Finding-Roots-Online.jpg (6472 bytes)
Finding Your
Roots Online


Robert-Bruce-Scotland.jpg (5110 bytes)
Robert Bruce & The Community of the Realm of Scotland


Family-Tree-Online.jpg (8582 bytes)

Planting Your Family
Tree Online: How to
Create Your Own Family
History Web Site


Organizing-Family-History.jpg (6948 bytes)
Organizing Your
Family History Search


The German
Immigrant Press
in Milwaukee


Unpuzzling-Past.jpg (7534 bytes)
The Unpuzzling Your

Past Workbook:
Essential Forms and
Letters for All Genealogists


German Immigrants   [ Top ]

Arrival of German Immigrants - 1840s: Milwaukee became known as the German Athens due to its rich German culture

Germans in Wisconsin: including why Milwaukee was a German Athens

Germans and other immigrants influenced music and art in early Wisconsin.

Article: How Wisconsin Came by its Large German Element: during the 1800s and map of counties by % of German settlement

Immigrants to Wisconsin:  from England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Poland, Switzerland and more

History of the Milwaukee River Basin: view the Milwaukee area during periods of the Native Americans, European explorers, more

Milwaukee Ships & Shipbuilders including the city largest ship-yard, Wolf & Davidson, and Milwaukee known for shipbuilding

Milwaukee Architecture 1837 to Today: a wealth of photographs from early residences such as the Benjamin Church House and early churches to the Milwaukee Art Museum's world-famous Calatrava addition

Milwaukee Architectural Sites from the Pabst Mansion to the 1844 Benjamin Church House, the latter in Greek Revivial style. See photos of the Benjamin Church House.

by William George Bruce
History of Milwaukee, City and County
(Volume III)


Milwaukee Neighborhoods   [ Top ]

Picturing Milwaukee Neighborhoods: illustrated essay on the city's historic development and ethnic roots

Map of Milwaukee Neighborhoods with links to photos, and Eastside and Westside Milwaukee maps, indexed with historic and major buildings

Milwaukee Streets: name changes vital to understanding old records

City waterways are the Milwaukee River that flows from the north, Menomonee River from the west and Kinnickinnic River from the south. They flow into Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee's Harbor is an integral part of the city's history and a key force in its development was William George Bruce, the eldest son of Augustus Bruce and Apollonia Becker Bruce.

by William George Bruce
St. Mary's Church, Milwaukee:
History of a pioneer parish


Genealogy   [ Top ]

Search for Frederick Bruce:  W. G. Bruce wrote in books that his grandfather Frederick Bruce, his grandmother and their sons came to Milwaukee from New York in 1842.  Finding that their surname was originally Bruss, the search turned to Freidrich Bruss, to no avail.

His name was Martin Friedrich Bruss [see end], journeyman ship's carpenter who in 1839 emigrated from Pomerania with wife Marie Sophie nee Stiemke, and sons August, Martin and John. They were among the Old Lutherans fleeing Prussia for religious freedom. About half stayed in Buffalo, half came to Milwaukee.

Martin, Sophie, August, Martin and John sailed on the ship Echo, arriving in New York City from Liverpool on September 19, 1839. Their surname was recorded as Buss, in error.

Sophie died in the late 1840s of cholera, family history says. Martin Friedrich Bruss married Marie Elisabeth Gerschwitz in 1850. He is listed among the city's grooms, she among brides.

In the 1850 Census are Martin, surname Brass [sic], wife Mary, his sons Martin, a sail maker, and John, plus her son Herman Gerschwitz

Search for Apollonia Becker who came to Milwaukee from Zemmer, a village just south of  the Schoenfelderhof estate, both located to the north of Trier or Treves, Germany. She married August Bruce, son of Martin Friedrich and Maria Sophie Bruss. She was the mother of nine children including William George Bruce and Martin P. Bruce. Her older sister Catherine married John Miller [Mueller]; they lived in Mineral Point and Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

Surnames linked with Bruce: Brus, Bruss, Bruse, Brues, Brois, Bruice, Bruis, Bruwes, Bruys, Bruze, Bruc, more

Archaic Scots surnames linked with Bruce in 1375 A.D. - Broiss, Broyss, Bruce, the Bruce, Bruss, Brwce, Brwiss, Brwyss, Bryse

Scots in Prussia: by the 1600s, traders from Scotland settled in northern Germany and married into German families. Names were adjusted for German pronunciation including Moir to Muhr, Bruce to Bruss. See more on relations between Scotland and northern Germany, including Scots in Danzig.

Many Scots Protestants immigated to Pomerania in the 16th century [scroll down].

Scots in Russia played roles in Russian history, culture, including James Bruce and John Bruce who went to Germany, Russia

Bruss and Bruce surname message boards

Bruss and Bruce Family Genealogy Forums

Links to the Past for Milwaukee:  major source for genealogy and history

Milwaukee History & Genealogy, a guide

Milwaukee County GenWeb with surname lists, look ups, links, more

Wisconsin GenWeb - Milwaukee County with indexes for early Milwaukee histories, early census records, obits, more

GenForum for Milwaukee County

Milwaukee Genealogical Society

Milwaukee County Historical Society and the county's area historical societies

WCHS Research Library

Census Online: Milwaukee:  sampling

Milwaukee County Cemeteries

Milwaukee Library Photos: search database

Wisconsin Genealogy   [ Top ]

Wisconsin Historical Society:  Genealogy resources including Vital Records database

Wisconsin History Dictionary with many brief biographies

Wisconsin History & Genealogy, a guide

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

Cyndi's List for Wisconsin: starting place for the state and its localities

Rootsweb Resources for Wisconsin

Wisconsin-German-LL.jpg (4088 bytes)
Wisconsin German
Land and Life

Includes Calumet, Washington and Sheboygan counties


German-American-Urban.jpg (4863 bytes)
Urban Culture: Writers
& Theaters in Early Milwaukee


Spirit-of-1848.jpg (5123 bytes)
The Spirit of 1848:
German Immigrants,
Labor Conflict, and
the Coming of
the Civil War


Calatrava.jpg (6432 bytes)
Santiago Calatrava:
Milwaukee Art Museum,
Quadracci Pavilion


Women-Wisconsin.jpg (9373 bytes)

Women's Wisconsin:
From Native
Matriarchies to the
New Millennium


American-Genealogy.jpg (4729 bytes)
The Researcher's
Guide to American
Genealogy 3rd Ed.


Finding-German-Ancestors.jpg (6841 bytes)
Finding Your

German Ancestors:
A Beginner's Guide


Robert-the-Bruce.jpg (5999 bytes)
Robert the Bruce:
King of Scots


Genealogy-101.jpg (7160 bytes)
Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family's History and Heritage


Federal-Census.jpg (6992 bytes)
Your Guide to the Federal Census: For Genealogists, Researchers, and Family Historians


Roots-Magic.jpg (6594 bytes)
RootsMagic Family
Tree Genealogy


Latinos-in-Milwaukee.jpg (6975 bytes)
Latinos in
Milwaukee (Images
of America)

Danes-Wisconsin.jpg (6838 bytes)
Danes in Wisconsin:
(Expanded Edition)


Jewish-Milwaukee.jpg (8046 bytes)
Jewish Milwaukee
(Images of America)


Irish-in-Wisconsin.jpg (5394 bytes)
Irish in Wisconsin
(People of Wisconsin)


Milwaukee-Street-Map.jpg (8238 bytes)
Rand McNally
2006 Milwaukee
(Rand McNally
Street Guides)


CitySmart-Milwaukee.jpg (6634 bytes)
City Smart:


Cultural-Map-Wisconsin.jpg (7309 bytes)
Cultural Map of Wisconsin:
A Cartographic
Portrait  of the State


aps of Milwaukee   [ Top ]

Territorial Milwaukee Map: showing original Juneautown, Kilbourntown, Walker's Point

1878 Map of Milwaukee: click for a larger image and then zoom in to specific areas of the city in considerable detail - includes important buildings from city hall to schools to breweries. Version with sketches of city founders.

Milwaukee 1904 Map: with the original street names important for genealogy and history reseach

Collection of Milwaukee Maps: 12 maps from 1883 to 2000. Choose "view descriptive record" for medium-sized version and text

Milwaukee River Basin Map: showing the Milwaukee, Menominee and Kinnikinnic Rivers that come together at Milwaukee as well as the neighboring counties

Milwaukee Map - Downtown: detailed road map and major public buildings, rivers

Milwaukee County Map: map puts city in context of the county, and Lake Michigan to the east and neighboring counties Racine [south], Waukesha [west] and Ozaukee [north]

Milwaukee County Map in PDF format, from WisDOT

Milwaukee Satellite Image Map

Maps of Wisconsin   [ Top ]

1895 Wisconsin Atlas: state and county maps plus index to towns, cities

Historical Maps of Wisconsin: digital maps

Wisconsin History Reference Maps

Maps-Milwaukee-Neighboods.jpg (7995 bytes)
The Milwaukee

Neighborhood Map
(Maps & Atlases)


Easyfinder-Milwaukee.jpg (2671 bytes)


Milwaukee-Bike-Map.jpg (6152 bytes)
Milwaukee Bike
Map and Southeast


German-Americans-Spirit.jpg (5553 bytes)
German Americans

(Spirit of America)

German-American-Genealogy-Dictionary.jpg (5443 bytes)
Genealogical Dictionary

Antiquities-Wisconsin.jpg (5564 bytes)
The Antiquities
of Wisconsin

Milwaukee-Road-Depots.jpg (6573 bytes)
Milwaukee Road Depots 1856-1954 (Photo Archive)



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