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Glarus Canton, Switzerland
A Family Heritage

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larus, a canton in eastern Switzerland known as Glarnerland,  was the native home of Joachim Speich. Marianna Stocker was from the Simmental or Simme River Valley in Canton Bern. In the mid-1800s, they each came  to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with relatives. They married there and had six children, three with descendants:  Albert, Emma and Caroline.  Youngest daughter Caroline Belle Speich married Jesse Charles Bradley, grandson of pioneer carpenter Benjamin Church who arrived from New York in November 1835.

Here are the mountains, valleys and towns of Glarus, the Speich family ancestral home; genealogy resources for Switzerland, Glarus and the Speich family; plus Swiss immigration to Wisconsin.

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(Eyewitness Travel)


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Living and Working
in Switzerland


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Walking Switzerland
The Swiss Way


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Rick Steves' Switzerland 2006


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Mountain Inns:
A Walking Vacation
in a World Apart


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Fodor's Switzerland
(43rd Edition


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Alpine Views: Alexandre Calame
and the Swiss


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In Search of Your German Roots. The Complete Guide
to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe


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Swiss in


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Yodeling in
Dairyland: A History
of Swiss Music
in Wisconsin


Cultural-Map-Wisconsin.jpg (7309 bytes)
Cultural Map of Wisconsin:
A Cartographic
Portrait  of the State


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The Swiss

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Introduction   [ Top ]

Glarus Canton, also called Glarnerland, is a narrow valley in the mountains of eastern Switzerland with the city of Glaus its capital. Learn about Glarus democracy, history, foods, travel and sports.

Canton of Glarus:  discover its location in the Linth Valley of east central Switzerland, and its history, religion, maps, municipalities, more

Kanton Glarus: the official Web site in German

Swiss-Frommer.jpg (5743 bytes)

Translate German text or Web pages here

Canton Glarus Today with a rich industrial tradition, including a heritage in textiles, now the focus of a theme trail for hikers, tourists, showing the historic use of the River Linth for power

Swiss Culture including its several languages, religions, more

History   [ Top ]

Swiss History: including the Celts, Romans, Germanic peoples, the rise of the confederation, role of religion and more

Timeline of Swiss History: Glarus joined Swiss confederacy in 1352 while Bern joined in 1353; federal constitution came in 1848

Emergence of the Swiss Nation: including the defeat of the Hapsburgs, 1380s, more

Glarus Facts & Figures:  including history, maps and German as the language of the canton

Cantons of Switzerland: see Glarus in context, with detailed map

Maps   [ Top ]

Large map of Glarus with cities and towns including Glarus, the capital city, Luchsinger and Schwanden, as well as the Linth River, various lakes and links to 29 municipalities

Map shows cities of Glarus and Linthal, found in Glarus canton, in relationship to Zurich, with photos of Swiss mountain scenery

Glarus in Northeastern Switzerland, with map showing Switzerland surrounded by Austria, Germany, Italy, France

Swiss-Lonely.jpg (5900 bytes)
Lonely Planet

Glarus Map showing Schwanden, Luchsingen, Diesbach, more

Glarnerland with visitor information and map

1890 view of Schwanden where the Linth River Valley and the smaller Sernft River Valley join in Glarus Canton

Switzerland Atlas Map 2005: pdf map that can be enlarged, showing Glarus southeast of Zurich

Map of Switzerland: administrative districts with Glarus being No. 9

Maps of Switzerland:   see the country in the context of Europe, as well as a large map of the country with major cities, lakes

Topographical Map: see Glarus in the Linth River valley not far west of the Swiss border with Liechtenstein and Austria, and another view

Maps of Switzerland:  collection of maps for key cities and regions, including tourist regions such as Eastern Switzerland [2] with Glarus and the Bernese Oberland [6] with Zweisimmen

Bernese-Oberland.jpg (5364 bytes)
Swiss Bernese Oberland: A Travel Guide with Specific Trips to Mountains, Lakes and Villages

Cities & Towns of Glarus   [ Top ]

Elm: a town in the Sernf River Valley

Glarus, Glarus Canton, Switzerland -- an ancient city first settled by the Romans -- with maps, plus locations within Canton Glarus

Historic Glarus, a city in the Glarus canton, plus another description and history of Glarus

Luchsingen, on the Linth River, north of Betschwanden

Localities in Canton of Glarus: Betschwanden, Diesbach, Elm, Engi, Luchsingen, more

Schwanden, where the Linth River and Sernft River join.

Genealogy Resources   [ Top ]

Kanton Glarus Genealogy with history of the region, links to many Glarus family histories including the Speich family of the Sernf and later Linth valleys, the Speich article in pdf format

Other Glarus family histories include:
·  The Altmanns
and The Bablers
The Blumers and The Heftis
·  The Luchsingers
and More

Speich Discussion Board

Family Streiff of Canton Glarus - their intertwined histories, with reference to New Glarus and names of its original Swiss settlers

Family Wichser of Schwander, Canton Glarus

Families of Glarus with links to online information

CHE-GLARUS Mailing List

Switzerland Genealogy Forum

Swiss Mailing Lists: many cantons, surnames

Swiss Genealogy Resources: history, cantons, research

Tracing Swiss Ancestors: time-saving hints, advice

Swiss Roots including genealogy search

Swiss Immigration to Wisconsin: for 1826-1900, with the largest numbers arriving in the 1840 and 1850s. Project underway since 1980.

Genealogy-American.jpg (4729 bytes)
The Researcher's
Guide to American


The Swiss
Emigration Book

The Swiss In the
United States

The German and
Swiss Settlements
of Colonial Pennsylvania


Swiss-Green.jpg (4665 bytes)
Michelin the Green

Guide Switzerland
(English Edition)

Stories of Swiss Immigrants to Wisconsin: a collection of 54 articles concerning Swiss immigrants published between 1878 and 1935, with many on New Glarus, from the Wisconsin Historical Society

Speich Family in Wisconsin   [ Top ]

Michael Speich of Luchsinger said to be in Milwaukee in 1850

Legler and Speich ancestors of Joachim Speich who came to Wisconsin, married Marianna Stocker, their family living in Racine and Milwaukee.

Joachim Speich married Marianna Stocker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 31, 1857.  They both were born in Switzerland.  A biography of their son Albert Speich and his photo.

Marianna Speich, now called Mary, in the 1880 Census with children Albert, Emma and Carola [Caroline or Carrie], now living in Milwaukee, Joachim deceased.

Mathias Speich family of Racine, in the 1876 Racine City and County Directory. Joachim and Mathias were brothers from Glarus.

Caroline B. Speich married Jesse C. Bradley on November 24, 1892, in Milwaukee.

Immigrants in Southcentral Wisconsin including the Swiss in Monroe and New Glarus, Green County, with the story of Joshua Wild

Swiss Historical Village keeps alive the history and culture of New Glarus, Wisconsin, founded by emigrants from Glarus in 1845

New Glarus:  an 1883 article on the colony in [then] southwest Dane County, Wisconsin, noting a promise of a 22-acre farm rent-free for 10 years made to those who would pioneer there. The Glarner settlement, the first cows, expansion of farms and families, the fole of the Reformed Lutheran Church, and more.

Founding of New Glarus: 1926 article on this unique experiment in Swiss emigration and more on the history of New Glarus and the founding of southern Wisconsin's now famous cheese industry.

Swiss-Colony.jpg (7479 bytes)
The Swiss Colony (Images of America)

New Glarus Celebrations: a look at how 60th and 70th anniversaries in 1905 and 1915 celebrated homeland, the pioneer and progress.

Turner Hall of Monroe in Green County, said to be the only remaining Swiss Turner Hall in America. Monroe is 15 miles south of New Glarus.

Immigrants to Wisconsin  from England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Poland, and Switzerland.

Photographs & Images

Photos: Glarus canton: mountains, valleys, barns

Photos of Ennenda, a community just south of the city of Glarus, with homes, mountains

Klonthal Lake, Glarus, Switzerland in 1890, and Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland in 1890,  both color prints

Obersee and Brünnelistock, Glarus, Switzerland

Walensee and Glarus Views

Switzerland-KB.jpg (8690 bytes)
Karen Brown's Switzerland, 2007: Exceptional Places to Stay & Itineraries

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