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On September 11, 2001, terrorists using highjacked airplanes attacked the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., killing thousands. Search and rescue teams with special dogs worked in the rubble, a very dangerous job.

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

God Bless America &
Star-Spangled Banner

They sought survivors and victims, sadly finding mostly the latter. This page pays tribute to those dogs and their handlers. Click here for links to stories and pictures of their efforts.  Updated for 9/11 anniversaries.

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SAR Dogs: New York & DC, 2001

In Remembrance of the Canine Heroes   [ Top ]

·  In Recognition of K9 Officer Sirius - As the one-year anniversary of the
   September 11 tragedies nears, we share the story of a New York bomb
   detection dog, and a link to the tributes received in his honor.

·  Memorial to K9 Sirius - and meet Sprig, Officer David Lim's new K9
   partner plus see the salute to search and rescue dogs at the 2002
   Westminister Kennel Club Show.

·  Memorial Service for Sirius in Photos

·  DOGNY Statues Honor the Dogs that Served - project a tribute to all the
   search and rescue dogs, including five that lost their lives, plus more on
   this AKC project in New York to support rescue dogs 

·  In Honor of Heroes - a new tribute from the Dog Hobbyist 

Therapy Dogs Help Too   
[ Top ]

·  Therapy Dogs Lift Spirits at Ground Zero - Tikva, a Keeshound, and
   Kate, a yellow Labrador retriever 

·  Four-Footed Golden Therapy at Ground Zero - story of Nikie the
   Golden Retriever

Dogs Aid in the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks  
[ Top ]

·  Dog Heroes of 9/11 Slide Show - many photos from the WTC site of
   dogs in action

·  Search Dogs Continue Work at NJ Site - Quest, a German Shepherd
   worked at WTC site, continued in New Jersey to find remains 

·  Hero Dogs Comb Trade Center Rubble -- Porkchop is part of the
   largest deployment of working canines in history 

·  Four-Legged Rescuers  - a Photo Gallery from 

·  Search & Rescue Dogs in Action - FEMA photo collection

·  SAR Dogs at Ground Zero - photos from the American Kennel Club

·  World Trade Center's Heroic Rescue Dogs - a Photo Gallery

·  Pentagon's Heroic Rescue Dogs - a Photo Gallery

·  Search and Rescue Dog & Officer Rest  - in New York.  This photo
   story has a total of 11 pictures to view, including dogs patrolling
   airports and checking trucks going into the White House grounds.

·  FEMA Advanced Canine Teams include Goldens - diary and an array
   of photographs of Golden Retrievers in action in NY

·  FEMA-certified SAR Dogs and Handlers Work NY & DC

·  American & Canadian Dogs on Front Lines

·  Canines to the Rescue - a column from the National Review

·  Urban SAR Dogs Prepare for Pentagon

·  Rescue Dogs Refuse to Give Up

Stories of Dogs, Handlers & Veterinarians  
[ Top ]

·  Apollo's Work & the Westminster Recognition 

·  Bear & Sky - what these rescue dogs experienced 

·  Bear's Accomplishments - and the health impact, with photo 

·  Beyond the Call of Duty - interview with handler Laura LoPresti
   and others on the dogs' role, including informal therapy dogs

·  Unsung Heroes - an interview with handler Chris Christensen and
   his search and rescue dog Servus

·  K9 Team Describes its Experiences at Ground Zero - the K-9 Task Force
   from Savannah, Ga., talks about its experiences a year ago.

·  Smallest Urban Search Dog Thanked for WTC Work 

·  Veterinary Care & Bathing of the SAR Dogs in NY

·  WTC Hero Git Ander - A Sad Story  

Related Canine Stories & Resources  
[ Top ]

star-red.gif (874 bytes)   How You Can Help the Dogs - Don't try to send booties. FEMA, other
   agencies have not requested them, one webmaster says.

·  Golden Retriever Guide Dog Helps Man Escape World Trade Center

SAR Dog Links and Resources  
[ Top ]

·  Role of Dogs in Urban Search & Rescue - FEMA

·  Urban Search & Rescue Dog Teams - FEMA

·  German Shepherd: The Ultimate SAR Dog - and ultimate service dog as well

·  Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams - Role and Function

· & SAR Dog Links - USA

· & SAR Dog Links - USA

· - Search Dog Network Inc., USA

·  SAR Dog Organizations - by U.S. state, Canada, other nations new3.gif (284 bytes)

·  National Association for Search and Rescue - with updates

·  National Search and Rescue Dog Association - UK

·  Search and Rescue Dog Association - Southern Scotland

·  About Search & Rescue Dogs - from Dog Owner's Guide

·  Choosing a Puppy for Search and Rescue - by Cindy Tittle Moore

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