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Hi!  Here are links to dog coloring pages, digital greeting cards with dog pictures, favorite doggie cartoons, stories, books, advice on having dogs and kids get along safely -- and more.  Plus good dog breeds for kids. PLEASE BOOKMARK US!

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turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Featured Sites  [ Top ]

Ask Dr. Universe - Have a question about dogs? Ask Dr. Universe questions about dog health, genetics, more.
Best Dog FREE STUFF! - send free digital greeting cards with dog pictures, find dog screen savers, games, coupons, more!
  FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE! 
How to Love Your Dog (for kids only!) - enjoy tours, projects and dog info with 3 special collies, Cody, Kelly & Trouper.
FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE! 
Land of Pure Gold - live, love and laugh with Golden Retrievers. Enjoy fun activities, brought to you by guides Ollie and Darcy.

turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Kids’ Games & Activities about Dogs    [ Top ]

50 Most Popular Dog Breeds - color drawings plus printouts that
you can color
Activities about Dogs - 30 activity sheets for kids, in pdf format, including a quiz and crossword puzzles new3.gif (284 bytes)
Barking Buddies - Fun Games
Chazhound's Free Dog Page - stop in for the BigDog Award photo
contest, lots of animal and dog games plus dog care info.
Clifford the Big Red Dog - coloring pages, matching games and projects with your favorite character, ready to print out!
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Comic Canine Cartoons - All your favorites!
Cool Canine Sites - Check out these award winners!

Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs - a fun place for kids with stories, facts
about dogs, jokes & activities.
Dogs & Kids Contract: I love my dog!
- ready to print & complete.
Games & More - check out Best Dog FREE STUFF!

Graphics of Dogs & Puppies - ready to use on your web page
Kids' Corner Petpourri - many activities about dogs, pets new3.gif (284 bytes)
Kids & Dogs - a big guide from Dog-Play
Pet Puzzle - scramble picture, then solve!
Web Graphics for Kids - including Snoopy, Odie and Scooby dogs
World's Best Dogs - submit pictures of your dog!

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The Perfect Puppy

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Dogs and Puppies:
Sticker Stories


Dog-Mania-Puzzle.jpg (7766 bytes)
this NEW Puzzle

Dog Mania
(1000 pieces)


Click link for Comic Canine Cartoons!
at Snoopy and
all your

Click for Comic
Canine Cartoons


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turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Dog Projects, Play & Stories     [ Top ]

Angel Eyes - what's it like to raise a Golden Retriever puppy to
become a service dog to help others
Canine Playtime - best games to play with your dog

Dog-Play - fun things to do with your dog
Dogmandu - story of a dog who wanted to be a boy
Eddy the Eco-dog - games, jokes, more, lots of graphics
Magic the Service Dog - see pictures and read the story of training Magic, a puppy aiming to be a service dog
McGruff the Crime Dog - comics, games, tips, more
McGruff the Crime Dog Wallpaper - for safe surfing online!
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Meet the White House Dogs & Pets - canine and other pets in the White House throughout USA history plus Presidential Pets that include dogs

Sandy-and-Garbo.jpg (7304 bytes)
Sandy and Garbo:
One family, one neighborhood, one
crazy dog


Paper Plate Puppies - a fun project for play or home
Puppy Place - all about guide dogs including FAQs for puppy raisers and a puppy raiser's corner for more info
Learn about Sleddogs - try the Dogsledding 101 activity or learn the real story of Balto, the famous sled dog, more
Sports & work that dogs enjoy - discover agility, obedience, scootering, sled dog racing and much more, from WorkingDogWeb


HuskySoReal.gif (1307 bytes)

Click to see all the great toys
and games with a
dog theme at our


DogGame.jpg (3706 bytes)

.turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Dog & Puppy E-mail & Web Sites     [ Top ]

Free Dog E-mail - your name
Free Dog E-mail - your name 
Free E-mail @ The Puppy Place - sign up here
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Free Dog eGreeting Cards - nice collection from WorkingDogWeb new3.gif (284 bytes)
Free E-Postcards - huge collections of online postcards and greeting cards - check out Best Dog FREE STUFF!
Free Dog E-Newsletter - WDWNews with updates on dog training, dog free stuff, cool canine sites, more
Free Dog Web Sites - from

Click link to order New Encyclopedia of the Dog
New Encyclopedia
of the Dog

Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
Atlas of
Dog Breeds

Click link to order A Perfect Match
The Perfect

Click link to order Choosing a Dog
a Dog


LassieComeHome.jpg (6918 bytes)
Lassie Come-Home:
Eric Knight's
1938 Classic


Click link to order Dear Mrs. LaRue
Dear Mrs. LaRue:
Letters from
Obedience Camp


Click link to order Dog Training for Kids
Dog Training
for Kids


PuppySmarts-Video.jpg (6971 bytes)
Puppy Smarts
DVD.gif (1349 bytes)


turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Dog Breeds & Kids   [ Top ]

Breeds Good - and not so Good - with Children new3.gif (284 bytes)
Children & Dogs
- including observations on small dogs and
big dogs with children

Good Child Companions -
suggested breeds good with kids
Choosing breeds based on their work habits - the personalities of dog breeds are influenced by the work they were bred to do
Find a breed with Dog Selector - click on Dog Selector
Much More than the Breed - this thoughtful article suggests it is not the breed but how you train your dog and kids that matters  

Young Kids & Border Collies - a look at why an energetic dog bred to herd sheep by nipping their heels can be a problem with kids
What Do I Need to Know about Getting a Puppy?

turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Advice on Kids & Dogs     [ Top ]

Babies & Pet Dogs - helpful resources
Baby & Your Dog - help your dog adjust before baby is born

Children & Dogs: Advice for Parents - advice on health and safety issues as well as the benefits for kids of growing up with pets

Kids & Dog - what pets teach children, more
Kids & Dogs: Safety First
- good ideas from the Dog Owner’s Guide.
Kids & Dogs: A Common Sense Approach - understanding why dogs bite and how to prevent it from happening.

Kids Learning about Dogs - helpful resources from Dog-Play
Kids & Pets & Allergies - remarkably, children who grow up with pets have fewer common allergies, research shows

Living with Kids & Dogs - strategies for success
Safety for Kids & Dogs - articles & tips
Teach kids to avoid dog bites - many helpful resources
Training your kids to be "petwise" - ideas from the HomeVet
Why do dogs bite? - helpful information about kids and dogs

turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Kids Training Dogs     [ Top ]

Kids training dogs - puppies learn from kids for better or worse, so here are 2 scenarios to read before you buy a dog
Training dogs helps kids mature
Try Junior Showmanship says Emily and more on Junior Showmanship from the American Kennel Club

turq-cube.gif (351 bytes) Super Sites with Activities for Kids     [ Top ]

Ask Dr. Universe - Have a question? Curious?  Dr. Universe answers your interesting questions about the workings of our world.
FirstGov for Kids - links to projects and activities, many topics
Fun Sites for Kids - some of the best on the Web
Great Sites for Kids - links to fun sites and projects, more

KidsClick! - search engine for kids, created by librarians
Kids' Freebies & Projects - guide from Fabulous Freebies

Kid's Online Resources - first page of Fun & Favorites, plus another big collection from Kid's Online Resources
Kid's Place - guide to fun plus helpful resources including homework help and more
Zoos_& Animals - big guide to resources about the world's critters

wolf-julie.gif (5535 bytes)
Julie of
the Wolves

Click link to order Barron's Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds
Barron's Encyclopedia

of Dog Breeds


Click link to order Danger The Dog Yard Cat
Danger the
Dog Yard Cat

Click link to order Call Of The Wild
Call of
the Wild

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