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he year 1848 saw revolutions in Europe, including in Germany, as people sought political and religious freedoms.   Also in that year, Wisconsin gained statehood.  And to the forests between Lake Michigan and Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin came German settlers from Schleswig-Holstein to found the Town of  New Holstein in Calumet County.

Among those who arrived in the town's first decade were Ferdinand Hermann Hachez, his wife Louise and their six-year-old son Ferdinand Hachez. They sailed from Bremen, Germany, and arrived in New York City on August 4, 1854. They came to New Holstein and engaged first in farming. Over the decades, Hachez family members played an active role in the business and civic life of New Holstein.

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They Came in Ships:

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Hamburg, Bremen,
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Family Coming to America & Wisconsin   [ Top ]

The Hachez family is in the Immigration database for passengers on the ship Robert from Bremen to New York, arriving August 4, 1854. Ferdinand was 35,  Louise, 30, and young Ferdinand was 6 years old. Due to transcription errors, the elder Ferdinand's name is given as Ferdinand Herman Hasher, his wife appears as Louise Harriet and their son's name is transcribed as Ferdinand Hackert. With them was Margaretha Wulff, recorded as a servant. She worked for them in New Holstein.

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Germans in
(Ethnic Series)

An Ancestry subscription is required to see the scan of the original ship's log document for the Robert, found via the above search. The names are correct in Germans to America, Volume 8, Page 2.

Hermann Ferdinand Hachez, born 20 September 1818 in Hannover, Germany, is the Ferdinand Hermann Hachez who came with his wife Louise and son Ferdinand to New Holstein in 1854. He was part of the large Hachez family [in German] of Bremen, a member of whom  started the famous Hachez Chocolate company  of Bremen in 1890. See also the Hachez family [in English].

Hachez chocolate firm in Bremen and more on Hachez [in German] and about  Hachez translated from the German, with photos of the firm.

Hachez entries in historic address books for Bremen include:
-- Joseph Jean Hachez, 1796 address book, owner, Erttel & Hachez, import firm operated with his father in law. He came  from Belgium to Bremen, founding the Hachez family there. He was grandfather to Ferdinand Hermann Hachez who came to Wisconsin in 1854.
-- Emil Hermann Hachez, 1860 address book, buyer and associate with Hachez & Müller, a cigar manufacturer. He was a grandson of the above Joseph Jean Hachez. His own son Joseph Emil Hachez in 1890 founded famous Hachez Chocolate Factory, still going today.

Hachez home and business was on Neustadtdeich -- the New Town dyke along the Weser River on its southwest bank, across from the old city of Bremen. 1773 painting by Wolfgang Christoph Myer. Source.   Location of Neustadt seen on map of Bremen.

Rudolph Puchner's History:  review of his Memories of the First Years of the Settlement of New Holstein, with a list of early residents who arrived in New Holstein by 1854 and are mentioned. Look-up offered The Hachez who is named is Ferdinand Hachez Sr. whose son Ferdinand Hachez married Eliese Boie. Surnames include:
de Roi
Hachez Hansen
Volquarts Witt.

Cecilia Tonner Boie with her father Claus Tonner, her mother Katherine Margaretha Suhr and siblings. Note that the Tonner family was not from Kiel but rather from Wewelsfleth, Holstein, Germany on the Stör River, a tributary of the Elbe River, downstream from Hamburg.

Boie and Hachez Families in 1855:  the 1855 Wisconsin State Census for New Holstein lists F. Hackeze, very likely Ferdinand Hachez, and N. Boge, likely Nicholas Boie or Boje. Each came from Germany in 1854 with a wife and an oldest child. Those two children -- son Ferdinand Hachez and daughter Eliese Boie -- later married.

Lühr Family Arrived in 1858: transcribed immigration records for the ship Main that arrived May 26, 1858, at Castle Garden, New York, with four Lühr individuals: J. N.   [mistranscribed as S. N.], Marg., John, and Peter. The Lühr surname with the umlaut was later spelled Luehr.

Family in New Holstein   [ Top ]

Boie & Hachez & Luehr Families in 1860: the 1860 Census for New Holstein, Calumet County, includes listings for Nicholas Boie, Ferdinand Hachez and John, Margaretha and Peter Luhr. The elder Ferdinand was 41 and a farmer; wife Louisa was 35, and the younger Ferdinand was 12. All were recorded born or from in Holstein.

The 1870 Census found the Hachez family including elder Ferdinand Hachez, 50, farming, with son Ferdinand, 22, working at home, with the latter's wife Elise, 19, keeping house and tending baby Louise, four months old. Margretha Wulff was still with them as a domestic servant.

Wisconsin-German-LL.jpg (4088 bytes)
Wisconsin German
Land and Life

Includes Calumet, Washington and Sheboygan counties

In that 1870 Census, the elder Ferdinand reported that he was born in Bremen, while the younger Ferdinand and Elise were born in Holstein, Prussia, and Margaretha in Lubeck, a city in Holstein.

About the year the railroad came to New Holstein -- 1872 -- the younger Ferdinand Hachez left farming as his main occupation. He built the Farmers' and Mechanics Saloon at the east end of town. For economic development, New Holstein invested $30,000 in the railroad, also on the east end.

After wife Louise died, Ferdinand Herman Hachez, immigrant father, moved New Ulm, Minnesota as seen in the Andreas Historical Atlas for that German community. He died there, and his obituary notes he worked as a farm manager in Germany before coming to America.

In 1873, Herman C. Timm, an 1848 German immigrant to New Holstein and later a grain dealer, built a Greek revival house at the east end of town, not far from the Hachez business. The house went on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The Timm House was restored, rededicated and reopened in 2007. Enjoy a Timm House photogallery.

Town profiles published in 1876 included one about the beautiful village of New Holstein, its stores, houses, public halls, the agricultural warehouses, tradespeople, and its Masonic, Odd Fellow and Turner societies. There were about 500 citizens, all of German ancestry.

Hachez Family in 1880 Census:  Ferdinand, 32, keeping a saloon and born in Prussia to parents born in Hanover, Germany. Elise is 29, born in Prussia. Children born in Wisconsin were Clara, 9, in school; Louis, 4, Cecilia, 3, and Adele, 6 months.   Elise was the oldest of Nic and Cecilia Boie's children. The family name was recorded as Hashez.

Boie Family in 1880 Census: Nicolaus Boie, 58, farmer, and Cecilia Boie, 49, wife keeping house, both born in Holstein, Prussia, and eight [8] children all born in Wisconsin: Johan or John Boie, 19, working at home; Mathilde [Tillie], 18, at home; Wilhelm or William, 15, Charles, 14, Annie, 12, Cecilia, 10, Lina, 9, and Minna, 6, all at school. Oldest daughter Elise had already married Ferdinand Hachez. The family name is mistranscribed as Baie.

Luehr Family in 1880 Census: Johan or John Luehr, 50, brick maker and farmer, and Magretha Luehr, 53, wife keeping house, both born in Holstein, Prussia, and sons Wilhelm or William, misrecorded as 45 [he was 19], and Eduard or Edward, 17, both working in the brickyard, and Athar or Arthur, 14, in school. Family name is mistranscribed as Luchr.
·  First son John Claudius Luehr had married in 1877.
Second son William Henry Luehr later married Clara Hachez.

John C. Luehr in 1880 Census: John , his wife Wilhelmina or Minnie, and daughter Lydia or Ledde, were in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa

On August 28, 1890, Clara Hachez, the granddaughter of the elder Ferdinand Hachez and daughter of the younger Ferdinand, married William Henry Luehr, John and Margaretha's son, in New Holstein.

On October 24, 1891, Lucille Marguerite Luehr, granddaughter of Ferdinand and Eliese Boie Hachez and daughter of William H. and Clara Hachez Luehr, was born  in Grand Rapids, Wood County.

1893 Calumet County Patrons Directory listed Ferd. Hachez as a Dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, his Post Office: New Holstein, Section: 10, Township: New Holstein. Soon after that, he sold the saloon and returned to farming, first in the township called Charlestown to the north and then in New Holstein.

By 1894, John Boie, Eliese's oldest brother, was farming SE ¼ Sec. 16 of Worden Township, Clark County, Wisconsin.

On June 7, 1899, Minnie Boie, Eliese's youngest sister, married Albert Arps in New Holstein. They lived in Ouray and Denver, Colorado. Albert Arp's biography is in a 1919 History of Colorado.

On August 24, 1899, Robert William Luehr, grandson of Ferdinand and Eliese Boie Hachez and son of William H. and Clara Hachez Luehr, was born  in Manitowoc.

Louis F. Hachez, Clara's younger brother, married Minnie Schafer on April 15, 1901, in Milwaukee County. He and Minnie settled in Spokane, Washington and had a daughter Irene and son L. Homer Hachez.

Lillian Hachez, one of Clara's younger sister, married Stephen C. Price in December 1901 in Pittsburg, Kansas. Previously, she had taught at the State Public School in Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin. They and their children lived in Missouri.

Adele Hachez, another of Clara's younger sisters, married Edward Kelm in New Holstein on October 8, 1902. They lived in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Edward was born in 1879 to parents August and Minnie Kelm of Calumet County as the 1880 Census shows.

Among their children was Erwin Kelm, by 1954 the operations director of Cargill and then president or chairman  from 1960 to 1976. He was a top business leader of the 20th century. His obituary mentions his mother Adele Hachez.

Cargill.jpg (4887 bytes)
Cargill: Going Global
Story of the
Erwin Kelm Years


1905 City and County Directory shows Ferd. Hachez as head of a household and son Arthur Hachez, both New Holstein, Route 2.

Clara Hachez Luehr died in 1920 at age 49 [see her obituary, below].

In 1923 in Spokane, Washington, Louis F. Hachez founded House of Hachez mining stock brokers. In 1928 son Homer began work for the firm and in 1936 became a partner. Louis was often quoted in newspapers.

Ferdinand Hachez and the Turnverein   [ Top ]

Ferdinand Hachez was an early member of the New Holstein Turner Society or Turnverein, according to his obituary. Turner societies were well known for gymnastics but also such cultural events as music and drama. Ferd. continued exercise regimes for all his life.

The Turnverein or Turner Society idea was brought to America from Germany  where it had been founded about 1809. It was the '48ers fleeing to America that brought it.

German-Revolution-1848-49.jpg (6399 bytes)
The German
Revolution of 1848-49
(European Studies)

Clara Hachez, daughter of Ferdinand and Eliese, in 1883 was in a turning class of 17 girls taught by Anton Weisenbach, photographed. Turn master Weisenbach also taught Edward Funke [see below].

Turner Society Saved Early New Holstein: 1926 article recalls role of the Turnverein in the early town settled by a university professor, several lawyers, several actors as well as farmers. Early settler J. C. M. Pfeiffer was a gymnast and first turning instructor. Edward Funke filled that latter role for 37 years, making the society among the state's best.

Turnverein Helped with 75th: New Holstein's Turner Society in 1923 hosted the state competition  as part of the town's celebration of the "sturdy band of 70 persons who set sail from the City of Hamburg" for Wisconsin, then settled the town of New Holstein.

New Holstein's Turners in 1937 celebrated the 70th anniversary of its 1867 founding and honored Edward Funke for 50 years as instructor. In 1941, Wisconsin Turners met in New Holstein, Funke the host.

New Holstein's Turner Society in 1946 celebrated both its 79th annual demonstrations and the 59th anniversary for instructor Edward Funke who in 1974 was inducted into the Turner Hall of Fame. Funke became a turning instructor for New Holstein in 1887 at age 16.

Biographies & Obituaries    [ Top ]

William Henry Luehr, son of John and Anna Luehr, a 1896 University of Wisconsin graduate, teacher, principal, superintendent, editor and publisher; married Clara Hachez, daughter of the younger Ferdinand Hachez and Elise Boie. Their children were Lucille and Robert Luehr.

Luehr Family of New Holstein starting with John Nicholas Luehr born in northern Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, a farmer and brick maker, plus his wife Anna and their four sons, and also his brother Peter, their parents Michael and Magdalena and their descendants. Anna was born in Hollingstedt, northeast of Heide. John and Anna's four sons were John C., William Henry, Edward and Arthur.

Historic Obituaries for New Holstein and Calumet County include the following:
-- Nicholas Boie - arrived in 1854, father of many children including
   Elise Boie,  wife of the younger Ferdinand Hachez
ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes) Ferdinand Hachez -- arrived in 1854 as a child with parents
   Ferdinand and Louise Hachez. He married Elise Boie, was father of
   many children including Clara, who married William Henry Luehr
-- John August Hansen, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Hansen, the
   husband of Lena Boie, sister of Eliese; purchased the Hachez
   business and residential property in New Holstein
-- Anna Groth Luehr -- wife of John N. Luehr, mother of four sons
   including John, William Henry, Edward and Arthur
-- Clara Hachez Luehr -- daughter of Ferdinand and Elise Boie
   Hachez, wife of William Henry Luehr, mother of Lucille and Robert
-- John C. Luehr -- oldest son of John N. and Anna Groth Luehr,
   husband of Wilhelmina Kroehnke, father of Arthur, Lydia and Viola.
   The family lived in Iowa and then in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
-- William Henry Luehr -- noted Wisconsin educator, husband of
   Clara Hachez Luehr, father of Lucille and Robert
-- Mathilde "Tillie" Boie Sebelein --  wife of Charles Sebelein, sister
   of Elise Boie. Includes her siblings and sisters' married names.

Ferdinand Hachez [1848-1933] and Eliese Boie Hachez memorials on FindaGrave including obituaries and photo of the Hachez monument. Their daughter Clara Hachez Luehr is buried with her husband William Henry Luehr, son of John Nicholas Luehr and Anna M Groth Luehr.

Obituary for Helen Greve Boie (1860-1894), wife of John Boie, a son of Nicholas and Cecilia Boie and brother of Elise Boie Hachez.

Boie Family in the New Holstein Cemetery, with nine records including Nicholas Boie, "Vater," Cecilie Boie, "Mutter," children, and Claus Tonner, the latter the father of Cecilie.

Louis, Minnie L. and L. Homer Hachez are buried in Spokane County at Fairmount Memorial Park. Homer died in 1984 at age 78.

Genealogy Resources: Hachez   [ Top ]

Hachez Surname located predominantly in Belgium and northeast France today matches family history of a move from Belgium to Bremen

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Genealogy Resources: Germany  [ Top ]

Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy including those who emigrated abroad with the Timm family including goldsmith Giesbert Timm and his relations who were among the founders of New Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy including a large emigrant database, a timeline of the complex history of this area fought over by Denmark and Germany, maps, towns, names, more

Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy Resources: with history, political divisions, maps, churches, the addresses of historical societies, more

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German Towns & Regions   [ Top ]

Schleswig-Holstein Place Names:  1908 index

Schleswig-Holstein Parishes

Schleswig-Holstein Parish Maps including one for the northern and southern parts of Dithmarschen, showing Heide, Weddingstedt and Wesselburen

Brunsbüttel in far southern Dithmarschen and north of Hamburg as seen on map of Elbe River and more on Brunsbüttel, important to the Boie/Boje family, with slide show and photo galleries [in German]

A large map showing Heide, Hennstedt with nearby Delve, plus Wesselburen, all located in northern Dithmarschen, important to the Groth and Luehr families, and Brunsbüttel in the far south.

Dithmarschen map showing Heide, Delve, Busum, Wesselburen, more, with the Elbe River at bottom.

Schleswig-Holstein Towns including Heide, the capital of Dithmarschen

Wewelsfleth: an in-depth guide to this village on the Stör River in southwest Holstein Germany.  A picture of Wewelsfleth on the Stör River showing shipyard, village and farm fields. History, size, location and industry of the town of  Wewelsfleth, important to the Tonner family, are described.

A view of the Stör River and a map showing the river entering the Elbe River just north of Glückstadt, which is 7.5 km from Wewelsfleth and about 30 km or 18.5 miles from Brunsbüttel. to the north. From Brunsbüttel to Hamburg is 88 km or 54 miles.

History of Schleswig-Holstein: from settlement by Saxons, Danes and Jutes c. 250 A.D. through many wars to division between Denmark, Germany

Schleswig-Holstein - Early 1800s: the conflict between Denmark and Germany that spurred people to migrated to America in the 1840s and 1850s

Genealogy: Calumet County   [ Top ]

Calumet County WiGEN Page

Calumet County Genealogy and History: census, business directories, cemetery records, more

Calumet County Census: online indexes

Family History Library listings for Calumet County including microfilms you can borrow

Genealogy Resources for New Holstein and Calumet County at New Holstein Public Library

Calumet County Message Board: genealogy resource from Rootsweb

WICalume-L: how to join the list or
-- browse archives by month WICALUME-L
-- search archives by year WICALUME-L

New Holstein Historical Society keeps alive the community's history and German heritage through:
-- books
-- Timm House
-- Pioneer Corner Museum

New Holstein Public Library genealogy resources including obituary index

New Holstein: a guide to the history, founders, genealogy resources, census records, more

German-Americans:  a guide to the history and genealogy of German immigrants who settled in many different areas of America

Wisconsin Ancestors: offers family group sheets, obituaries, news articles for all of Washington and Ozaukee counties plus some for Calumet and other counties. Search here for ancestors.

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German Ancestors:
A Beginner's Guide


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Picture Atlas North Sea Coast


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Germans to America:
Lists of
Arriving at
U.S. Ports


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Wisconsin German
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Wisconsin History Highlights: Delving
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Ach Ya!: Traditional
Music from Wisconsin


German-American-Genealogy-Dictionary.jpg (5443 bytes)


Germans-to-America-II.jpg (4608 bytes)
Germans to America
October1848-December 1849

SEE: Germans to America Books.

Wisconsin-Office-Emigration.jpg (7005 bytes)
Wisconsin Office of Emigration 1852-1855
and Its Impact on
German Immigration
to the State

Coming-to-America-Germans.jpg (6810 bytes)
Coming to America:
The Germans


German-Milwaukee-Sm.jpg (5617 bytes)
German Milwaukee:
Its History ~

Its Recipes


Discovering-Female-Ancestors.jpg (6468 bytes)
Genealogist's Guide
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Making-of-Milwaukee.jpg (9050 bytes)
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Wisconsin-Land-Change.jpg (3582 bytes)
Wisconsin, Land
of Change: An
Illustrated History


Germans in Wisconsin  [ Top ]

How Wisconsin Came by its Large German Element in the 1800s, an 1892 article

German Forty-Eighters: while this focuses on Germans to Texas, it was the same 1848-1849 upheaval that sent many Germans to Wisconsin

Germans in Wisconsin: including why Milwaukee was seen as a German Athens

Arrival of German Immigrants - 1840s: Milwaukee became known as the German Athens due to its rich German culture

Turnverein Movement: German immigrants called Forty-Eighters brought to America the turnverein or turner society movement to set up athletic, gymnastic and cultural groups

Carl Schurz noted his pleasure in migrating  to Wisconsin from Germany in 1854, and the lively German spirit he found in Milwaukee with its music, theater and turning societies

Map of Wisconsin counties in 1880 showing the percentage of settlers from Germany with Calumet, Manitowoc and Sheboygan among those in the highest category. 

Map using 1890 census data shows concentration of European-born German speakers from Pennsylvania through Midwest including Wisconsin

Milwaukee in 1882: German element had its beer gardens, music, Turnverein events

Milwaukee Genealogy   [ Top ]

Links to the Past for Milwaukee:  major source for genealogy and history

Milwaukee Genealogical Society

Milwaukee County Historical Society and the WCHS Research Library and details on the county's area historical societies

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: history, genealogy, maps and more to assist anyone seeking their MIlwaukee, Wisconsin, ancestors

Wisconsin Genealogy   [ Top ]

Wisconsin Historical Society:  Genealogy resources including Vital Records database and the Wisconsin History Dictionary

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

Cyndi's List for Wisconsin: starting place for the state and its localities

Rootsweb Resources for Wisconsin

Wisconsin Genealogy: history, genealogy resources, maps and more to assist anyone seeking their Wisconsin ancestors.

Sheboygan County: history and genealogy resources for Calumet's neighbor county

Becoming-Old-Stock.jpg (5424 bytes)
Becoming Old Stock:
The Paradox of



Kindred-Germanic-Origins.jpg (7685 bytes)
Of Kindred Germanic
Origins: Myths, Legends,
Genealogy and History

of an Ordinary
American Family


Cream-City-Chronicles.jpg (6899 bytes)
Cream City
Chronicles: Stories

of Milwaukee's Past


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Federal-Census.jpg (6992 bytes)
Your Guide to the Federal Census: For Genealogists, Researchers, and Family Historians

Genealogy-101.jpg (7160 bytes)
.Genealogy 101: How to
Trace Your Family's
History and Heritage


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Family-Tree-Online.jpg (8582 bytes)

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History Web Site


Germany-Map-Poster.jpg (8559 bytes)
Map Germany Education Art Poster Print, 23x30


Hachez Chocolate
Orange Leaves
77% Cocoa


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Mapping Wisconsin History:
Teacher's Guide


Cultural-Map-Wisconsin.jpg (7309 bytes)
Cultural Map of Wisconsin:
A Cartographic
Portrait  of the State


Maps-Milwaukee-Neighboods.jpg (7995 bytes)
The Milwaukee
Neighborhood Map
(Maps & Atlases)


Maps of Germany  [ Top ]

Map with Bremen and Hamburg within the  wider region key to Ferdinand and Louise Hachez as this area was once the province or state of Hannover, given as their birthplace.

Interactive Bremen Map: zoom to see Neustadt west of Weser River, home to the Hachez family and Hachez Chocolates

Map with Celle shown in relation to Bremen, Hamburg, more. F.H. Hachez born in Celle.

Map of NW Germany, with Bremen, Hamburg

Maps of Prussia, with Schleswig-Holstein added in 1864-1866, and Schleswig-Holstein photo maps - with town index

Maps of Schleswig-Holstein south of Denmark on the Jutland Peninsula, the North Sea west, the Baltic Sea east

Maps of New Holstein  [ Top ]

New Holstein Map: a large, detailed map showing streets, wards

New Holstein Map from Yahoo

New Holstein Map from Google, interactive

Topographic Map: New Holstein & Kiel

1878 Calumet County Map

Map of Calumet Townships showing New Holstein in the southeast corner and the city at the heart of the township

Calumet County Maps including a quick opening map and a detailed pdf map

Calumet County Map: detailed pdf format

Calumet County with a state locator map

Maps of Wisconsin   [ Top ]

Routes to Wisconsin: 1854 map

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Map of Wisconsin counties in 1880 shown by the percentage of German settlers

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Matriarchies to the
New Millennium

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Pickled Herring and Pumpkin Pie: A Nineteenth-Century Cookbook for German Immigrants to America

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Organizing Your
Family History Search


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Finding Your
Roots Online


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The Hidden Half of
Family: A Sourcebook for
Women's Genealogy

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The Researcher's

Guide to American
Genealogy 3rd Ed.


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