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For the Love

of a Dog


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Bark If You

Love Me


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Merle's Door:
Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

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Brown Eyes


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Dog Love


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Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog


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Dog Is My Co-Pilot:
Great Writers on
the World's
Oldest Friendship


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From Baghdad, With Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava


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Therapy Dogs:

Training Your Dog
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The New Work of
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Power of Positive
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The love and affection between dogs and their humans are the stuff of legends and the topic of much exploration. Here we provide a sampling of articles, stories and ideas on training with affection to stimulate your own thinking on this importance canine topic.

Heart-Red.gif (889 bytes) Articles on Dog Love     [ Top ]

Does my dog really love me?  A thoughtful article about dog behavior and emtions by canine experts

Animals may not analyze their emotions as humans do, but they definitely do experience emotions, researcher Jaak Panksepp says.

Recognizing the emotions of dogs: Chapter One of the book by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson called Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs.

Human-Canine Bond:  archive of articles contained in the blog from the Land of Pure Gold, about golden retrievers

A Love Story: Our Bond with Dogs -- we work with dogs, we love dogs, parts of an ancient relationship. Article from National Geographic.

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Dogs Never Lie

About Love:
Reflections on the Emotional World
of Dogs


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Dreaming in Libro:
How A Good Dog Tamed A Bad Woman

An excerpt from Merle's Door, a new book on love and communication between a man and his dog, a book that also explores dog emotion, intelligence, domestication, more.

Dogs - More Emotional & Intelligent:  remarkable new research shows that dogs think before copying another dog's strategy to get food

Dog's love and devotion enhances human health, research shows

Puppy Love - Best Cities for Dogs:  people's love for dogs has led to dog parks and other dog amenities in cities ranked here for being dog friendly: Colorado Springs, Portland, Albuquerque, Tucson and Seattle. See a helpful interactive map with the 50 U.S. cities in these rankings.

Love of Dogs: it is the greatest love of all says a Belgian shepherd owner

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Video interview with From Baghad with Love author Jay Kopelman on what the puppy Lava meant to him and the Marines, plus video of Lava romping and in training

I Love Dogs Email -- a free account!

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Sandy and Garbo:
One family, one neighborhood, one
crazy dog

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Body Language and
Emotion of Dogs

Dog Love: an excerpt from Marjorie Garber's book of that name, where she offers a unique comparison dog love and human love, examining why the latter is harder.

Heart-Red.gif (889 bytes) Stories & Tales of Loving & Loyal Dogs     [ Top ]

Argos, the faithful dog of Odysseus, the Trojan hero, who returned after 20 years to find his dog waiting for him.

Dani: the moving story of a therapy dog who aided children and is much loved by Lauri.

The touching story of Hachiko, faithful Akita of Japan, who awaited the return of his master, Hidesamuro Ueno, a Tokyo professor, even after the man had died.

More about the story of Hachiko, with photo, and a look at the bronze statues of Hachiko and the festival held on March 7 to honor this faithful dog.

How the Wild Dog became the First Friend -- part of the Rudyard Kipling "Just So" story called "The Cat that Walked by Itself"

Stickeen: remarkable story of naturalist John Muir and the dog Stickeen, and the impact of an adventure

Love story: how Pendulum, the smart and active Australian shepherd rescue, who was trained and became Radar, a hearing dog and beloved companion of John McCormick

Emily Yoffe and her husband find dog love through a rescued Beagle named Roscoe --
the subject of her book What the Dog Did
[see book at right]

Read the story of the pup found by American Marines known as Lava Dogs as they searched Fallujah. And meet Jay Kopelman, the Marine and author, who rescued Lava from Iraq and wrote the book From Baghdad, With Love about this special dog [see book at left]

John Scott's Affectionate Pup:  a 1911 story by Ellis Parker Butler, an American author and speaker

Shep, the faithful sheep dog of Fort Benton, Montana, who came to the train station daily to seek his sheepherder and partner, and the Shep memorial there. Another look at Shep's story.

Visit Still Life with Animated Dogs, where you will meet Roosevelt, Ike, Johnson and Spinnaker -- the four endearing dogs important to the life and work of award-winning animator Paul Fierlinger. And enjoy Dog Tales from visitors.

The tale of Fred the Schnauzer who went from neglected to loved and loving, even working as a therapy dog with great pleasure.

Love stories of rescued dogs Chico, Shirley, Valentino, Blossom and more

Story of "Blue Dog Man" George Rodrigue and his wife Wendy who created the book about their love story called Blue Dog Love

Hachiko-Waits.jpg (7789 bytes)
Hachiko Waits


Just-So-Stories.jpg (6634 bytes)
Just So


What-the-Dog-Did.jpg (6801 bytes)
What the Dog Did:
Tales from a
Formerly Reluctant
Dog Owner


Shep.jpg (7491 bytes)
Shep: Our Most
Loyal Dog


Blue-Dog-Love.jpg (3670 bytes)
Blue Dog Love

The story of Hoover the Basset Hound, loyal dog and pal, and what happened when a baby arrived in the household - a cautionary tale.

Heart-Red.gif (889 bytes) Working Dog Affection      [ Top ]

Therapy dogs share canine affection, benefit patients emotionally and physically through lowered blood pressure, more

Pet therapy and the affection dogs and cats provide can heal patients, especially the elderly who have lost a companion and are lonely.

Heart-Red.gif (889 bytes) Dog Training & Care with Affection

How to Love Your Dog -- this popular site about dog care and training for kids is filled with stories, photographs, advice and more

What is love for a dog? And how does it affect the way we train our dogs?

Smart dogs love brainwork and time with their humans, what they crave the most

Dog training, to succeed, must include a good understanding of the nature of dogs as well as a real relationship between dog and human. Learn more about it.

Loved-Dog.jpg (6543 bytes)
The Loved Dog:
The Playful, Nonaggressive Way to Teach Your Dog Good Behavior

Clicker Training Lessons: step-by-step lessons to help dog owners learn to use positive reinforcement training, including an introduction to clicker training and its effectiveness

Positive reinforcement training is a humane approach to training and strengthens the bond between human and dog

When to give your dog love and affection -- and how to include it in training that includes exercise and discipline

Heart-Red.gif (889 bytes) Love of Dogs Web Site Awards      [ Top ]

WDW's Cool Canine Site Award included a Love of Dogs category. Read the criteria used in making this award. While the Cool Canine Sites awards are no longer given, past Love of Dogs winners include:
·  Most recent award recipients here
·  Previous award winners here and here
·  Earliest Love of Dogs Web site winners here

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Marley & Me: Life

and Love with the
World's Worst Dog
Illustrated Edition

Talking-Terms-Calming-Signals.jpg (7364 bytes)
On Talking Terms
With Dogs:
Calming Signals


Why-We-Love-Dogs-We-Do.jpg (7405 bytes)
Why We Love the Dogs
We Do: How to Findthe
Dog That Matches
Your Personality

A-Good-Dog.jpg (5578 bytes)
A Good Dog:
The Story of Orson,
Who Changed
My Life

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The Dog

Canine-Body-Language.jpg (8147 bytes)
Canine Body Language: A
Photographic Guide to the Native
Language of the Domestic Dog

DogLanguage.gif (15401 bytes)
Dog Language:
of Canine Behavior

Click link to order The Art of Training a Puppy
The Art of
Raising A Puppy

Click link to order How To Speak Dog
How To
Speak Dog

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